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(Amu Pov.)

I could die right now. No! I'm not joking! I am literally going to die!

But why you ask?

Tadase...he kissed me. Only it wasn't like I thought it was going to be like at all! We were just in the park, talking, and he...suddenly...did that to me. It was my first kiss too! He even stuck his tongue in!

'We're not even dating...' I thought to myself as I walked home in the late evening.

'Is that what kissing is like? Or is tadase just...not good at it...Anyway...I'm NEVER doing it again!' I continued to think as my mind raced. My stomache flipped at the thought of it, and not in the good way.

"Ugh...I feel sick..." I said to myself and sighed. I decided to go to the convience store to get some snacks. I got this chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. Yeah, whatever, I have a problem.

"If you eat that...You're gunna get fat" I heard.

"t...that voice..." I turned and saw Ikuto, smirking as usual.

"IKUTO! I am...I am NOT in the mood!" I practically yelled.

He chuckled and said "Ehh? Did Tadase break up with you or something?"

"WE AREN'T GOING OUT!" I growled at him, to which he flinched.

'God must really hate me...there was that awful kiss earlier and now Ikuto is making fun of...me...' I thought and rubbed the tears away from my eyes.

Truly, a terrible day. Now Ikuto was watching my almost crying.

"Did something really happen?" He said and rushed over to me. He gently grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes. I couldn't help but look away, his stare was too intense!

He shook my shoulders after a minute of not speaking.

"You...w-won't laugh?" I asked him.

He nodded and smiled at me, for once it wasn't a smirk.


"What was that amu?"


"You and tadase did?"

"Idiot! No, it was you and me! Of course Tadase and me!" I shouted at him.

His grip on me tightened ten fold and I squeeked in pain. When I finally got used to his death grip, I looked at him. His look was terrifing...

"He...kissed you? Before I even got...to..." He said with his teeth together.

"e-eh? Before what, ikuto? Hey! You know that hurts!" I yelled.

'What is he talking about?' I thought and blinked at him.

He released me and stepped back.

"Ikuto...You're seriously mad? But why? I don't get it!" I looked at him and said as calmly as I could.

Then he was gone...

It was now tuesday and I hadn't seen Ikuto since he blew up. It was particularly bothering me since I felt guilty. Why? Since before Ikuto flew away, he put on this really hurt face. I don't know why...But it's been on my mind for about a week.

It was also odd that he hasn't stopped by to see me.

"Wait...why does he come to see me...why do i want him to? Dammit...make some sense of this!" I said to myself as I walked back to my house.

I had spent the day with my best friend Rima and told her all about my problem.

She gave the worst advice, well not advice, but she said something really terrible!

"Ikuto-san loves you, duh."

Just thinking about it, makes me blush! Ikuto loves me? YEAH RIGHT! I'm only in middle school...and he probably has millions of girls who flock to him. He is...really...handsome...

My face felt hot as fire the second I thought it.

Walking in my front door, I saw nobody was home, and a note was on our kitchen counter.

'Dear Amu-chan,

Papa, Ami-chan, and I have gone to visit Grandmother Hinamori.

I figured you wouldn't want to, so we left earlier.

We'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Please enjoy yourself any way you like.

Love mama~'

I crumpled the note in my hand and threw it away. Damn parents...leaving me alone...

I sighed and grabbed my purse and climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Walking down the hallway, I knew something wasn't right. There was a strange amount of noice coming from my bedroom...

Chills went down my spine and I thought to myself 'Burgler? Am I being robbed?'

I ran to my bedroom and opened the door, screaming "GET OUT BURGLER! I KNOW ORIGAMI!"

"Ehhhh? Look it's amu-chaaann!" A husky voice slurred.

I opened my closed eyes and saw Ikuto sitting on the floor of my bedroom, bottle in hand.

"N...No way...Ikuto why are you here?" I asked him.

He got up and stumbled his way over to me. He threw his arm over my shoulder and brought his face close to mine. He stunk of alcohol...either way, He was wayyyy too close!

"I missed you, amu-cchaaannn!' He said and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

"I-i-ikuto...s-stop messing around! Are you...really drunk? I didn't think you drank.."

"I ain't d-drunk!" He yelled.

I flinched at his loud voice and looked up at him...Ikuto can be scary sometimes...

"Didja go out with tadase again today? Haha make out time?" Drunk Ikuto teased.

"N-No...and we aren't even dating! Why...would we-" I shouted and was cut off by ikuto.

"A boy can kiss a girl and feel utterly nothing for her."

"Ikuto...how can y-you say that to me?" I yelled at him, tears in my eyes.

"T-though another boy can not kiss that girl and love her more than anything..." He continued and leered at me.

"It isn't fair, Amu-chan! You let that brat kiss you...but you repell all my actions...It..isn't fair!" He said walked foward until I was backing up and fell backwards onto my bed.

Before I knew it, he was leaning over me with a hazy look on his face.

I swallowed my spit and looked up at him, waiting for...something.

"I...Ikuto...I don't get what your saying...I don't get why you drank so much...I don't get..WHY YOU'RE HE-"

I stopped talking for some reason.

Ikuto...Ikuto's lips were against mine! He was kissing me...!

I tried to push him back but his hands pinned mine above my head.

'W...wait...this isn't like the kiss tadase gave me. This is...so nice...but why?'

He pulled back, to my dismay, and said "Don't...purse your lips...Open them a...l-little..." He said and kissed me again.

I did as he said, sort of numb now, and his tongue licked my lips.

His tongue entered my mouth and licked mine.

'T..this is a french kiss...yet it doesn't feel gross like when Tadase kissed me...ohhhh I'm dizzy...' I thought and drifted into...

He pulled back and looked into my eyes...

"Amu! I've loved you for a ...for a very long time...So don't let that Tadase kiss you! I love you too...I won't give you to anyone!" He shouted at me, shocking me more than any lighting ever could.

He buried his face into my breasts and I blushed seventy billion shades of red.

It wasn't soon before I heard his heavy breathing...or move or so.

Felt his breathing...

So he was asleep now...


Bewildered from everything that has happened in the passed...half hour..

I decided to go to sleep right there.

'Love y-you too...Ikuto..." I said and quickly submitted to sleep.

(Ikuto Pov.)

The light on the other side of my eyelids demanded I awaken.

I got up slowly and was quickly thrust back on the bed again. I had a MAJOR headache and it was killing me. I quickly noted that I was not in my bedroom anymore, more like I was in Amu's bedroom.

I also noted that Amu was clutched to my chest and using my torso as a pillow.

Well, shit, what did I do?

'I-I don't remember raping amu of her innoncence...I don't remember anything though!' I thought and started panicing.

She stirred and her beautiful eye lashed fluttered and her eyes slowly opened.

She looked directly at me and I braced myself for some sort of injury. I must have done something to her...last night...I really hope she doesn't get the police involved...The damn cops hate me!

She smiled at me, to my surprise.

"Good morning...Ikuto.." She said and got off her bed and stretched out her arms.

"U-Um...amu...This might be a strange question...But what did we, uh, do last night? Why does my head hurt so bad? Do you know how we got here?

"You brought yourself here."

I nodded.

"You drank a bottle of alcohol for some reason."

I nodded.

"Well when you got here, I was surprised to see you only had a hot pink thong on. You pushed me onto my bed and $%& my &*%# so hard that I %$#* but then you weren't done! You &*$ and &*#$ and &*#, boy that was tiring. Not to mention your big finale! You *&%$$%# your-"


(Amu Pov.)

'HAHAHAHAHHAHA he really believed that he did all that? Who is teasing who now? HAHAHAHAHA I am going to always remember this...but it is the morning after he told me he loved me. I can only hope his feeling weren't drunken ones...since I love him too now...

I guess it all makes sense...My loving him. I loved him all along. No wonder Tadase's kiss felt horrible. Ikuto's kiss on the other hand...'

I walked over to ikuto, still on my bed, and gave him a big, embaressing, hug.

"Amu?" He questioned.

I pulled back and blushed "I...Ikuto, you didn't do any of that stuff. I was just teasing!" I said and stuck out my tongue at him.

"Y-You're only in middle school! Act your age, dammit...How do you even know that stuff?"

He sighed in relief and looked up at me with a silly smile, odd to see of him, then looking down again and sighing again, sounding...dissapointed?

"You did...t-tell me you love me though...and kiss me..." I said, sort of mumbled since it was embaressing to say.

His head flicked up to looked up me. He blinked at me and his face got a small blush on it.

He stood up and looked down at me.

"Yeah, Yeah...I thought it'd be something like that...Sorry Amu...I even kissed you? I bet you'd rather kiss tadase huh?" He chuckled and walked to my balcony, his back threatening to leave.

I rushed and grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back.

"Ikuto, you dummy! Tadase's kiss made me sick! I thought I'd never want to kiss anybody again!Your kiss was amaz-" I said, then i suddenly...realized what I had just said.

"hahahahaha...j-j-j-j-just j-j-joking...y-you can l-leave now..." I said and walked away slowing from him.

He looked at me for a moment and smirked at me.

"What? What was that, amu?" He said and strolled over to me.

"G-Get away! I don't want to hear it!"

"Was it that good? I wish I could've saw the look on your face!" He said and laughed...

At me.

He laughed at me.

"Is...Is that any way to treat the girl you love?"

He stopped laughing and his eyebrown twitched.

"So? I...I do. I love you, amu. Now you can hear it...when I'm not drunk." He said and gently grabbed my chin with his fingers.

"I...do..." I said

"Are we getting married? You do what?" he teased.


He sighed and looked at me "I always imagined...the moment would be exactly like this.." With a chuckled.

"Well then...without any hesitation...or booze..."

He kissed me.

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