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(Ikuto Pov.)

It's been two weeks since my lovey dovey adorable amu told me she loved me.

I don't think I've ever been happy to have a hangover. But I was, since the fact I was drunk inspired amu to tell me she loved me.

Or something like that.

I swear, It was about time she knew I loved her. I don't think I could have been more obvious about it...I guess I just had to tell her.

So...Amu was the reason I drank, and the reason I want to stay sober the rest of my life?

Damn that little strawberry.

(Amu Pov.)

I was invited to a party late last week. It's only a small party and it's in a friend of a friend of mine's apartment.

Yeah I know, I smell rape already.

I sighed and looked over at Rima. She was the one who forced me to come here...I really wasn't have that great a time.

"Amu-chan~ Get me and Nagi some punch, okkayyy?" She asked and pawed at Nagihico.

I swear, they were too adorable for words. But... I don't like being their maid!

I walked over, mauling several people in the process, and got three cups filled with a red colored liqiud.

Punch, eh?

I shuffled back to where we had cornered ourselved. It wasn't easy carring three cups of punch, I'll tell you that.

I served them their punch and sat down next to them. I sighed and thought how badly I really want to get out of here...and see Ikuto.

It's already been two weeks since we started going out...We haven't seen each other all that much, since I was busy studing for exams.

Yeah, I know, How convienent.

I gulped down the liquid, which tasted good but EXTREMELY sweet. I went back and got more, just for me. Nagi and Rima can get their own...

I downed the who cup in five seconds.

(Ikuto Pov.)

I was currently happily walking to my GIRLFRIEND'S house.

Or rather known as Amu.

I reached her house, greeted her parents (who actually know me now!), and danced my way to amu's bedroom.

"Amuuu-koiiii~ How have you beeeennn?" I sang and looked around her room...Maybe she wasn't here? Her parents said she'd be up here? Was she in the bathroom...?

I thought that until I saw something...moving in the back corner of the room.

"Amu...? Is that you?" I called, slightly horrfied.

The scary ball huddled in the back turned around. It WAS amu! Only...she looked deshevled and her face was flushed.

"Eh...? Oh it's you! Iku...Iku..." She started to say, but stopped. I stared, in pure horror, as she twitched and then took on a wild grin.

"IKKKUTTOOO!" She called as she got up and ran towards me.

I, on instinct, turned around and started to make my escape. All the while thinking 'Oh my HEAVEN! What was that? W-well it's coming right for me!'

Before I could run away, Amu grabbed the back of my shirt and reeled me back into her bedroom.

"I...Iku-chan...Why did you r-run away from Amu?" She said, tears in her eyes, and a pout on her beautiful lips.

I turned around immediately and consoled her. I wiped away her tears and then hugged her close to me.

"I'm sorry amu. You scared me for a second there...Forgive me." I said, while breathing in her cool strawber-

Wait...that wasn't strawberries.

That smelled like booze.

I shot back and stared at amu, again in pure horror.

"Amu...b-by any chance...are you drunk?" I questioned.

She shook her head rapidly and countered with "AMU ISN'T DRU-DRUNK!"

I sighed and thought 'Well...that explains why she called me Iku-chan...and is referring to herself in the third person.'

I was currently sitting on my butt, leaning back with my hands supporting me from behind.

Amu, looked at me and blushed.

'Aw...Even drunk...she checks me out.' I thought and chuckled a bit.

She crawled over to me, until she was pratically on top of me, and then wrapped her arms around my waist.

I wasn't made of steel, I admit, so even I was proabably blushing at the sight of my girlfriend around my...my waist.

"Iku-chan...loves amu...doesn't he?" She questioned and looked up at me with those big...round eyes.

"Yes Yes...everybody loves you."

"Well...Iku-chan should kiss amu."

Ok...I love drunk amu.

I jilted upward and stared at her. Uh oh, this could get dangerous...

It felt like we stared at each other for hours. Until she finally took on that weird grin again an sat up. She pointed at my waist and yelled out "HAHA Ikuto's gotttt a hardd onnn!"

"I-I do not!" I yelled out and growled.

"HAHA you so got lost in the moment!" she yelled out and laughed.

Ok, I take that back. I hate drunk amu.

She looked at me again, with her innocent eyes, and stood up.

I did the same and looked down at her.

She ran up to me, threw her arms around my shoulders and placed her lips against mine.

'C-Cant she at least pick a drunk personality?' I thought as she kissed me.

I gasped at impact and she took advantage of that and slid her tongue into my mouth.

No complaining here, I kissed her back and wrapped my arms around to her lower waist.

Her fingers were playing with my hair at this point. The little strands at the edge...

I suddenly pushed her back and walked away. I couldn't be doing this...she's drunk!

A good boyfriend would lay her down to bed.

I turned around and saw she was sitting on her desk chair now, with her legs crossed.

"Hmph, You're pathetic. Getting all hot and bothered by just one little kiss?"

I twitched. It was teasing...mean amu again. Correction: Mean, DRUNK, amu.

I sighed and walked over to her. Looking down at her, I said "Yeah Yeah, I wanna hear those words tomorrow."

"Eh? Oh you'll hear them...Yknow, you must not have much self controll...kissing me then getting all excited..." She started.

"You kissed me!" I yelled out and felt a twitch coming to my eyebrow.

"HOW ABOUT THIS!" She said and ripped off her shirt.

'W-w-w-w-what did I do to deserve this!' I asked myself.

I took and deep breathe and glared at her.

"Iku-chan looks so scary! Kyaa!" Amu screamed out.

I picked her up and threw her over my shoudler, ignoring her...lack of a shirt.

"P-put me down Ikuuu-chaan!"

I threw her down on her bed and pulled the covers over her, TO HER NECK.

And all she did was look up at me innocently.

'This girl really has no self awareness. I could do anything to her right now...not saying I will. But I could. That means anybody could...Jeez this girl will have me worring like an old lady.' I thought and ruffled her hair.

She smiled at me and said "I love you Iku-chan~"

I smiled back and took out my cellphone.

I pressed Record.

"So, Amu, How are you?" I asked.

"I'm happy as long as you're by my side." she answered.

"Want to have sex?" I asked and grinned, of course joking. I wouldn't make love with a drunk Amu.

I have a feeling it would be terrifing.

"Not...not right now. I have a feeling you'll be good at it though. You're so sweet iku-chan. Amu loves you so muchhh~" She slurred. I felt my face get warm. Dammit...I think I'm blushing. She thinks...what?

"Oh? And what did you do to me before?" I asked again, trying to distract myself.

"I kissed you. You really are a great kisser..." She stated.

"IN FACT...How about we kiss right now?" She asked and sat up suddenly. My cellphone dropped out of my hand and onto the bed.

Amu kissed me moments after that.

And the camera recorded it all.

It also recorded her not having a shirt on.

Truly...A great night.

(Amu Pov.)

I opened my eyes slowly, only to be blinded by the harsh sun.

Not to mention I had a splitting headache.

When I regained eyesight, I looked around my bedroom, which was in shambles.

I quickly noticed Ikuto, who had his head down on my bed, though he was sitting upright.

I smiled and ran my fingers threw his hair.

"Ik~u~to~" I sang as I poked his cheek. His eyes twitched and then they opened.

"Oh, Amu. Good morning."

"Nice for you maybe...I have a horrible headache." I sighed and said.

"Not to mention, I don't remember I thing! How did I get back in my room? I was at a party with Rima an Nagi...at least that's what I remember." I said and narrowed my eyes at him.

"You...didn't do anything to me...did you?" I asked.

He got up, ruffled his hair, and sighed. "No, amu. It was what you did to me."

"Hah? What do you mean?" I asked.

"You got drunk, silly little girl. I came over for a visit and you pratically molested me. You did everything but grab my-"

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I WHAAAT?" I interjected.

"Yeah. You french kissed me, ripped off your shirt, and teased me." He continued.

'N...no way. I don't believe it! Well...I don't remember anything from last night! But I didn't even dri...oh...my...gosh...somebody m-must of...spiked that punch bowl. God I hate my life.' I concluded.

"In faacccttt~" he sang as he proceeded to dig into his pocket.

He got out his cellphone.

He turned it to me, then a video started playing.

It was me...I was in bed.

Ikuto was a-asking questions...

"Want to have sex?" Ikuto asked in the video.

"Not...not right now. I have a feeling you'll be good at it though. You're so sweet iku-chan. Amu loves you so muchhh~" I slurred, again in the video.

I suddenly felt my face heat up to a million degrees and I screamed out and covered my face, not wanting Ikuto to see my morification.

He chuckled.

Then he snickered, while covering his mouth...trying not to laugh any harder.

Now, he's laughing his ass off.

Ikuto was laughing at the video, which was now me kissing Ikuto shirtless.

The video ended.

I was cowering in a ball.

"C-come on, Amu...i-it's not..that b-bad..." Ikuto said, in between laughs.

"Not compared to the other stuff you did." He mumbled, then smiled at me

I looked up at him.

He cupped my chin, and brought his face close to my own.

"No more drinking for you~" he sang.

"Only...only if you forget this ever happened." I whispered.

"Only you can forget what happened last night...I'll remember it forever." He said and brought his lips on mine.

I blushed but kissed him back.

I don't know whether to be horribly embarrested or blissfully happy.

My stomache gurgled and I broke the kiss.

And I ran for the bathroom.

'UGHHH! I'm never drinking agaiiiin!' I thought to myself.

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