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Summary/Preview: Kim and Doc are at the station house stocking their ambulance when someone from Kim's past shows up. Who is it and why is she here? Why does she look so familiar to Doc? Read on and you'll find out.

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It's still light out and Kim and Doc were back at the station restocking a few things they ran out of on their last run. "Kim, I'm going to run up and get something to drink. Do you want anything?" Doc asked.

"No thanks. I'm alright." Kim answered back.

As Doc was walking away he passed a girl that looked to be about 18. He wondered what she was doing at the station. He turned to see where she was going and saw that she was approaching Kim. The more he thought about it, he thought that she did look a little familiar to him. Doc let the thought slip from his mind and continued on to get his drink.

The girl approached Kim who was still in the ambulance from behind and said, "Hey Kim."

Kim turned around and had a shocked look on her face. "Oh my god! Kelly! How are you doing? Why are you here? " she said as she climbed out of the ambulance and gave Kelly a hug.

"I'm good. And I'm here to look for an apartment. Do you have any suggestions for me on where I should look?"

"You're moving here? That's great. It's been awhile since I saw you last."

"Yeah, it has. " Kelly said quietly.

"Well, where are staying until you find a place?" Kim asked Kelly trying to lighten the mood and to change the subject because she too, didn't want to talk about the last time they saw each other.

"At a hotel."

"You can come stay at my place if you like." Kim offered. "It'll save you some money."

"Are you sure?" Kelly asked. "What about Joey? I don't want to be a bother."

"Don't worry. You won't be and I'm sure Joey will be glad to see you. You know about our new custody arrangement so I don't have him around as much."

"Yeah. Ok, sounds great."

"Why don't you come upstairs and I'll introduce you to everyone?"

"No, it's alright. I don't think I'm ready for that. Anyway, I've got to get going. I have an appointment to see an apartment. When should I bring my stuff over to your place?"
"I'm done at eleven tonight, so if it's not to late for you, you can meet me back here then and we'll go to my place and get you settled." Kim said as she was closing the doors of the ambulance.

"That sounds good to me." Kelly said as they were still standing there.

Doc had returned and was now heading towards Kim and Kelly. "Doc this is Kelly. She's an old friend." Kim said as she introduced Kelly to Doc. "And Kelly, this is Doc."

"Hi. Nice to meet you.' Doc said to Kelly.

"Same to you." Kelly said as they shook hands. "Well, I've got to get going now. I'll see you later Kim."

"Bye." Kim said to Kelly.

After Kelly had left Doc turned to Kim and asked, "How long have you known her?"

"For a few years now. She babysat for Joey once in awhile." Kim said to Doc, not telling him how she really knows Kelly.

A few seconds later Kim and Doc got a call, so they let the conversation about Kelly drop.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's now about ten after eleven and Kelly was waiting for Kim outside of the firehouse while she changed. While she was waiting for Kim, Kelly stood in the shadow of a near by building watching everyone leaving from the firehouse and the police station across the street. After about five more minutes Kim emerged from the station. She stood there for a minute looking around for Kelly before she spotted her standing nearby. Kim approached Kelly and asked her "Why are you hiding over here?"

"I don't want Jimmy or anybody else to recognize me." Kelly responded.

"Ok well, lets get back to my place and get you settled." Kim said to Kelly as she grabbed one of her bags as she saw Kelly struggling with them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About fifteen minutes later they had arrived at Kim's apartment. Kim said to Kelly "You can put your stuff in the spare room. It's the second door on the right. Do you want something to drink?"

"Water's fine." Kelly said from the other room.

Kelly had returned from the other room and sat down on the couch next to Kim as Kim handed her a glass of water. "We haven't talked much since Bobby's funeral or since you got here." Kim said quietly. "So how have you been?"

"Alright I guess." Kelly said.

"Did you decide what you are doing about school yet?" Kim asked.

"I think I'm going to take another year or so off. I don't really know what I want to do yet." Kelly responded. "It's been a confusing time since Bobby died. Even though he was only my cousin, he was the only real family I had left after my parents died. It's been hard for me. I know it's been hard for you too."

"Yeah." Kim said quietly, Kelly and Kim kept in touch since the funeral so they knew how hard it had been on each other and they had grown close. "Your welcome to stay here as long as you want. Joey was really happy when you babysat him so I'm sure he won't mind having you here."

"I would love to stay here since I haven't found anywhere to live yet. I know I have the money my parents left me, but it will be nice to not be alone. Are you sure you don't mind?" Kelly asked. "I could pay some sort of rent if you want."

"No don't worry about it. I think it will be good for the both of us to have each other because we were both so close to Bobby. No one else besides you has been able to truly understand how I felt when Bobby died."

"I still don't know how you still go to work at the same place you used to see Bobby every day."

"It's hard, but everyday it gets a tiny bit easier." Kim told Kelly.

"I guess it would. It took a lot for me just to come see you at the station. I was glad to see that you were outside because I was dreading having to go inside. Plus I didn't really want to see anyone else. Someday soon though I do want to go there again. It was the last place that I saw Bobby alive. It was when I had come to visit and I was leaving and wanted to say bye to him. It was only a few weeks before...you know."

"Yeah, I do know. Whenever you feel ready to go to the station, let me know and I'll come with you. Jimmy will probably recognize you from the few times you were here but I'll introduce you to everyone anyway."

"Ok. That sounds good. I'll let you know when I want to go. It's getting late and I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning and thanks again for letting me stay here." Kelly said as she stood up.

"Sure, no problem. I think I'm going to go to bed now too. It's been a long day. Goodnight." Kim said to Kelly as she headed off to the spare room, which would now be hers. As Kim was getting ready for bed, she was thinking to herself about how she was going to introduce Kelly to everyone at the firehouse. She new Kelly wouldn't need much of an introduction, because everyone would know as soon as they saw her that she was related to Bobby. Kelly had the same eyes that he had and she resembled him in other ways too.

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