Following Orders

Headmaster Severus Snape looked up from his desk, his gaze cool as he stared at the woman who had just fallen out of his fireplace.

"Snape," she cried, picking herself up off the floor and dusting the soot from her already midnight black robes. The green flames flickered in the fireplace behind her and then died down, back to their original amber glow.

"Bellatrix," replied Snape, not sounding pleased with the intrusion. "What brings me the... pleasure of your visit?"

"The Dark Lord sent me to watch you," Bellatrix said with a high pitched giggle, circling the desk.

The hairs on the back of Snape's neck stood up on end but he resisted the temptation to turn and see what she was doing behind him.

"I don't need watching, Lestrange," he sneered. "And I thought the Carrows were the ones positioned here? At least, they've been in the castle, teaching. Where have you been?" he said sarcastically.

He felt skin touch his bare neck and he couldn't repress the shiver of disgust that ran through him. He wanted to shake her off, but he wouldn't let her lewd behaviour affect him.

"The Dark Lord thinks you do," Bellatrix said with another giggle, caressing his neck gently. "You're so powerful, Severus. So strong."

Snape stood up and Bellatrix's hand dropped to her side. She smirked as she watched him lose his temper.

He turned to face her, his pale face flushed slightly from rage.

"Get out," he said quietly. So quietly that she could hardly hear him, despite the room being silent aside from their voices.

"I have my orders," she said angrily, the pitch of her voice rising yet higher.

"Orders?" Snape laughed. "Orders to what? To flirt? To compliment? To act indecently?"

Bellatrix whipped out her wand.

"You're nothing but a weak legged traitor, Severus Snape," she snapped, pointing the thin wooden beam at his chest.

Snape didn't flinch.

"What happened to the power and the strength?" he asked sarcastically, letting a smirk play around the corners of his mouth. "What happened to all of that, Bellatrix? Would the Dark Lord be happy if you killed me, his number one man watching over Hogwarts?"

Bellatrix screamed.

"Shut your mouth, muggle lover!"

"Then get out of my office or do your job properly. Watch me if need be, but I can assure you, you're wasting your time."

Bellatrix slipped her wand back into her robes, a smug smile appearing on her face. She moved away from behind Snape and into an armchair on the other side of the round office, causing Snape to have to turn around and sit down again just to see her.

Snape leaned over the desk in an attempt to see her face more clearly. He was unsure what had caused this... reaction, but then again, the woman was insane.

After a long pause, Bellatrix said 'So is the Dark Lord wasting his time by watching you?" She grinned, a wild, feral grin like you might see on a wildcat or a wolf.

"I don't have time for this, Lestrange," said Snape, keeping calm. "Do your job and I'll do mine."

Bellatrix let out a wild giggle to match her grin. "Oh don't worry, Sevy, I will."

She stood up, stumbling a little as she made her way over to the desk. She leaned over and gave the stunned Snape a quick kiss on the lips before throwing powder into the fire.

"Malfoy Manor," she cried, and disappeared into the green flames.

She was gone before Snape had even got his wand out of his robes.

The End

AN: This was written for Round 3 of the Your Goal: 34 Stories, Our Gift: 106 Reviews challenge in the HPFC forum.