(Mikayla's point of View)

As I walked toward the castle I heard shouting coming from Brady and Boomer.

"No, I get to go get her!"

"You went last time Brady!"

"Well she's my best friend!"

"She's mine to!"

I walked over to Miranda who was watching with amusement.

"What are they fighting about?" I asked her looking at the scene before me.

"Devon." She said amused.

That's right it's summer again and this is the one of the many times Devon comes including: Fall, Spring, and Summer Break.

After that one time summer break she came back again fall break, and I explained to her why I was acting so weird that pass summer. She laughed and said back in Chicago her and Brady used to get mistaken as a couple all the time.

"Hey Guys, why don't you just go get her together." Miranda and I said together stepping in between the two brothers. Two grumbles of

"Okay." Were heard.

"Well were going out." Brady said intertwined our hands together a few minutes later.

I smiled as he kissed my hand. Did I mention that Brady and I are dating?

"So, Girlfriend of mine what would you like to do tonight?" Brady asked while giving me his dorky, but cute smile.

"Go to the beach and look at the waves."

He smiled then started leading me to the beach.

"So, I need to talk to you about something." I said turn to face Brady.

By this time it was night and we were lying in the sand staring at the stars.

Brady also turned and asked "Your not breaking up with me are you?"

I shook my head.

"No, it's just I'll be gone while Devon is here."

He raised an eye brow.

"My mom wants me to visit her." I said.

"Okay your not going to be jealous right?" He asked.

I knew he was teasing. I rolled my eyes in reply.

I yawed, and tried to cover it up before Brady heard, but he heard.

He stood up.

"Come on we it getting late and your tired." He said offering his hand.

"Piggy back?" I asked because I was way too tired to walked.

He bent down and I laced my arms around his neck. He was stronger then he looked. Then I blacked out.

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