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Sakura was so ready for this.

It was a Tuesday morning, and her mom had packed her favorite onigiri for lunch. Her bubble gum pink hair turned out wavy and shiny because of the braid she had attempted to put it in the night before, and her red dress was neatly folded, ready to be worn.

Today was the day she would tell Sasuke-kun she was in love with him.

She was ready, and no one could change her mind. Even though Sakura was only 5, she knew it was love. Love isn't a feeling that is only present when youre an adult. Sakura was most definatly head over heals.


Little Sakura wanted desperatly to be a ninja for two reasons: to protect those she loved, and to protect herself.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura might've been ready to pour out her heart, but that didn't mean she wasnt nervous. What if he thought he was too young to be in love? She knew Sasuke thought of her as a friend, as she had been over there on more than one occation to play ninja. When her father was in the hospital, she even stayed at the Uchiha Compound after Sasuke's parents heard of what happened.


As the two small children were quietly whispering to each other, Iruka-sensei prattled on about how kunai were supposed to be used. Being the wonderful students they were, however, they had already studied ahead.

Quietly reprimanding herself for losing her nerve, Sakura responded. "Can we talk during recess? Please?"


The two friends ended their conversation and caught up with their notes.

"So what's on your mind, Sakura?" Sasuke was slightly suprised that his closest friend has something upsetting her. While her homelife wasn't ideal, Sakura was usually quiet about it while leaving her mother to get involved. "I want to be a ninja so I can protect my mommy when dad comes home." Sasuke was shocked when he heard those words from her two years ago, when they were only three. He still didnt understand the exact situation, but it probably wasnt anything like his home. Therefore, when Sakura seemed so frayed, even if she looked cute, during their small conversation, Sasuke had assumed that something had happened and she needed to stay with him for a few days.

"I...I think-no, I know I'm in love with you, and I needed to tell you Sasuke-kun." Sakura's face turned as red as her dress. "Please say something. Please. I need to know you love me too." But Sasuke had waited too long, and his closest friend took that as a rejection.

"Of course he doesn't like me. I'm stupid and ugly, and Sasuke-kun could've had so much better as his friend. I'm worthless."

She ran off before he could even respond, effectivly leaving him alone by the small swingset.

Meanwhile, a light pink colored blush dusted the young Uchiha's cheeks. He just didn't know how to say he had a crush on her for the last few weeks.

Sakura was not ready to be rejected.

She was a smart kid, and understood that there was always a chance, but it never seemed to cross her mind what would happen if he did reject her.

So she ran.

Sakura ran into the forest, and hid under an old tree. She always came here when her father came home drunk and her mother told her to hide. Hiding felt like it would be a good idea right now.

No one was out here, as far as she knew, so it was safe. After climbing up the tree rather half heartedly and tripping on some odd branches more than once, the young girl finally broke down into tears.

Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go.

Let it go.

Naruto was not a happy camper. The small boy was just sitting in a tree, minding his own bussiness, eating a squirell and such, when this little girl, though a beautiful one, tries to climb up, and for a second he thinks shes trying to be his friend, until she drops down and cries.

Granted, this pink haired girl might not have even seen him. Maybe she did want to be friends...if she met him that is. Willing to take this chance, Naruto jumped down from his comfertable branch and softly kicked some leaves, meaning to make a bit of noise, that way his pressence wouldn't startle her. On the way down though, the young boy fell on his arm, leaving a swollen red wrist in need of attendance.

"Hi! My name's Naruto Uzumaki! What's your name?" Even though his wrist was hurting, Naruto thought the girl was in more pain. "I wonder why" he thought, "She doesn't look injured."

Sakura wiped her eyes and glanced Naruto. "My name's Sakura. But my mommy told me not to talk to strangers. Are you a stranger?" She really hoped she wasnt a stranger. Naruto looked really nice.

"Nope! Do you want to be friends?" "Please say yes. I dont want to be alone." By this time Naruto's wrist was healed, neither of the two even noticing.

A small tear of happiness dribbled out of the young girl's eye. "Sure. I kind of lost one of my friends cause I liked him too much. Can we be best friends?"

"Yeah!" Naruto was estatic. He made a best friend. He'd always protect her. She was like a flower. Maybe thats why her name suited her so much. "How come you were crying though? I'll take care of you so you'll never be sad again." Sakura leaned on her new found companion while she shared her home made onigiri.

To say Sasuke was pissed was an understatement.

Why was Sakura with this other boy? Weren't they best friends? "But I like Sakura..."
Sasuke frowned, but didnt move from his spot.

"This dobe might steal Sakura from me."


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