"Sakura. I love you. The term girlfriend sounds too juvinial, but thats the best I can come up with. Don't leave me." His hands trembled. Dark eyes stared into her face, almost porcilain, too strong to be that dainty though. Her features were hardened from weeks of therapy that told her to trust no one until she was sure. Sakura could trust him. Of course she could. No exceptions for anyone though.

Not even Sasuke.

The boy grabbed her hands and felt his heart pound inside his chest, almost about to jump right out. He loved her.

She cried. This was too hard. Sasuke isn't her father. He was always there for her when she needed him. This was not his fault. He actually cares about her. He's the exception to everything in her life, it seemed. After leaving, he came back. When it seemed like he never liked her, he was in love. Sakura wept harder, and Sasuke rubbed her back.

"I feel better, Sasuke-kun."


So what do we do now? The story has been told. The perfect fairy tale ending turns into a marriage, then a family. Sakura Haruno improves, right? Eventually, everything goes back to normal. Mr. Haruno will die. Naruto will find Hinata, and will marry her later in their future. People will be happy.

But who ever gets a happy ending?

The therapist tapped her pen against the wooden desk. Sakura Haruno had followed all her orders to a T. Journals were filled up with feelings, thoughts, dosages, and emotions. Nothing was missing. She just couldn't understand this girl. Who was Sakura Haruno on the inside? These journals...

They were edited.

Laughter sounded throughout the walls of her bedroom as Sakura brushed her hair for the night after her shower. "You honestly think this relationship will last? You're not capable of love, darling." Sai walked up behind the girl until he was right behind her head. "You aren't able to be happy. I made sure of that. There's a reason you tell people I don't exist."

"You don't exist." Pink lips recited the phrase as if it were said thousands of times before.

"And you're still crazy."

Sakura and Sauske went steady for a few years after these events had occured. Sakura had written down most of everything that happened during this time in one real journal, and one fake one, with events that were fictional and she wished happened. This story is true. These thoughts have happened. Sakura goes to therapy twice a week for support, and Sasuke still holds her at night when she cries and has nightmares of cutting again. Team 7 is still a family, just not always whole.

The scars faded, but nothing really disappears forever.


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