"You're awfully quiet."


"Aren't you on a case? Usually when you're on a case you don't shut up."

"Uh huh."

John frowned, but went back to watching telly. He figured Sherlock was distracted by his need to intently analyze each medical or scientific article he came across. An hour passed, two.



"You haven't talked in two hours. Is something wrong?"

"No, John."

"Then what are you doing that's got you so captivated?"

Sherlock drew a big breath. "I'm on Facebook, John. This is fascinating. The virtual interaction between close friends and relative strangers, the information that can be read in their grammatical and spelling errors, their syntax. Each relationship between each user holds a different sort of tone. Everyone speaks differently to one another, and yet there is always some similar cadence. There are so many secrets, so much information being withheld here, and yet at the same time people are giving away their most precious information; their names, birth dates, addresses. It's incredible."

Another big breath. John was amazed Sherlock had gotten all of that out in one go.

"Yes, of course, fascinating. But shouldn't you be working on the case?"

"Oh, that? I finished that hours ago. Just waiting for Lestrade to call."

John turned back to the glowing television, slightly exasperated by his brilliant but incredibly strange friend. "Right."