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Summary: Matthew Williams just wants to be noticed. He wants someone to see him and remember him. He wants to know that he isn't just a fixture in the background. In enters Gilbert Beilschmidt, a cocky guy who just moved to town with his brother (Ludwig) and two supposed step brothers (Francis and Antonio). He has a mysterious past that seems to be filled with blood and violence. He also seems to have taken a liking to Matthew. Is this a good thing of a bad thing?


Blood, violence, gore, cursed words and at least shounenen-ai

Beautiful broken souls


I've written songs
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
I've felt inspired
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
I hide myself
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
Used to be afraid
Of the dark, of the dark, of the dark, of the dark
Those in the light know we die
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark

'In the Dark' by Flyleaf.

The boy gasped for breath, the thick smell of smoke still clung to his cloths even in the rain. He was glad it was raining. It hid his tears well. Pain still ripped through his trembling body. He couldn't walk anymore. He collapsed next to an old oak tree. If he was lucky maybe it would be struck by lightning and end his existence. He couldn't live with the guilt anymore.

He looked at the charred flesh on his arm and legs. They stung like hell but it could have been worse. He could have died like… oh god he couldn't bear to remember what had just happened. It was the worst thing he had ever seen; screaming people, burning flesh, random explosions and the bodies. The whole thing made him feel like he was going to be sick. He was so afraid of what would happen now.

He rested his head against a tree and cried harder. He just wanted his suffering to end. "Please." He whispered to the heavens. "Please. I know you can hear me. Just please… kill me. Kill me. I want to die. Please."

"That would be impossible, da." Said a voice. He looked up to see a man standing in front of him. He had platinum blond hair, purple eyes, wore a tan trench coat and a light pink scarf. He seemed unaffected by the torrential down pour.

"Who the hell are you?" He growled. The man smiled childishly at him.

"I'm Ivan. It is good to see you Gilbert." Ivan said with a hint of false happiness.

"How the fuck do you know my name?"

"I know more then you know Gilbert." Said Ivan. "I know how the fire started. I also know all about you and your brother and your friends."

Gilbert didn't like this at all. No one should know anything about them. "Like hell you know anything." He growled.

Ivan laughed again. "I know all about you because I'm in the same situation as you and the others." Gilbert looked at Ivan in disbelief. "I guess it is a little strange to meet someone like you, da?" Gilbert slowly stood up and bit his bottom lip to stop himself from screaming in pain.

"What the hell do you want Ivan?"

"I want to make a deal."

Gilbert laughed. "What could you possibly offer me?"

Ivan smirked. "A second chance." Gilbert stopped laughing. Could he possibly get a second chance? He already lost it years ago, and he so desperately wanted it back again. He would do anything for a second chance at it.

"What do I have to do?" He asked.

Ivan smiled. "You just have to answer a little riddle okay?"

Gilbert nodded. "Let's hear it."

Ivan chuckled. "I am a word. I am a sad word, such a terribly sad and lonely word. I mean anger, pain, malice, suicide, murder, death, wrath and jealousy. I can occasionally mean love, happiness, life and beauty. I'm said almost every day but no one truly knows what I mean. What am I?"

Gilbert glared at Ivan. "How the hell am I supposed to know that?" Ivan chuckled.

"If it was simple do you think that there would be many in our situation?"

Gilbert pouted. Ivan did have a point. "What's in it for you?" He asked. "I figure out the riddle and then what? Are you going to steal my answer and use it for yourself?"

Ivan shook his head. "I don't want another chance. Being here is way more fun than being there."

"How long do I have to answer?" He asked.

"You have until the day you die." Said Ivan with a smirk. "The others can answer as well. It's more fun to solve riddles with friends, da?" Ivan turned and walked away from Gilbert.

"Wait! How will I find you again?"

"Oh, I'll find you!" He called over his shoulder as he disappeared into the rain.

Gilbert shuddered and slid back down the tree trunk. Answer a riddle and have a second chance. He was so excited and terrified at the same time. Could he get a second chance just by solving a stupid riddle? The thought was just too amazing. He could finally end this vicious cycle of never ending torture. He had to solve that riddle a soon as he could.


Shinigami-cat: Hope you all like that. And please if there is anyone kind enough to tell me how the high school system works in America I would be very grateful. All I know is that there are sophomores and seniors.