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Familiars of the Void

Chapter1: Destiny

Konan's Hideaway

Naruto stared down at the defeated Deva Path as Konan started wrapping him in layers of paper for transport and ultimately burial in Amegakure no Sato. Naruto remained silent for as he thought over all that had happened and what Pein, what Nagato had said to him before his death.

"You're taking him too?" Naruto asked her.

Konan nodded as she kept her eyes on the body, "this Deva Path was constructed from Yahiko's corpse...he was someone very special to us."

"So that's Yahiko," Naruto mused before turning his head towards the blue-haired woman. "What about you? I don't want to think that you'd just return to the Akatsuki..."

"I'm through with Akatsuki," she responded venomously. "Yahiko and Nagato were everything to me; Yahiko's dream and Nagato's dream...if they've entrusted their dreams to you then you are their inheritor and the only one capable of fulfilling their wishes. Nagato believed in you so I will too; you have Ame's support Uzumaki Naruto."

If I can't find the answer then it will be up to you to do so.

I will believe in you Uzumaki Naruto.

"The name Naruto and the guts to never give up...that's what Nagato and Ero-Sennin gave me. I won't fail them...and I won't fail you," Naruto told her.

Konan let a small smile grace her features and handed him some paper flowers, "then take these...I hope for you that these flowers of hope will never die."

Naruto smiled as he watched her disappear in a swirl of papers; after she had gone he placed the flowers on the ground near the center of the battlefield where they would remain as a memorial to the heroes who have fallen. The moment she left, he stared down at the paper flowers for what felt like an eternity before turning away and started walking in the general direction of the crater that used to be his home.

During the walk his thoughts couldn't help but drift to the people he had failed and he was a little hesitant to return to them after all that had happened. He may not be the sharpest kunai in the pouch but he had become an expert on human nature and knew that he would most likely be blamed for the Akatsuki attack on Konoha just like he was blamed and hated for the Kyuubi's attack sixteen years ago.

And then there was that whole business with the 'masked man' his father had spoken of, supposed the man behind the Kyuubi's attack and most likely behind Pein's too. All things considered if he wasn't a Shinobi of Konoha then the Akatsuki wouldn't have attacked and he wouldn't have come so close to releasing the Kyuubi. Sometimes he thought that things would have been better if he was never there...

Almost as a reply to the thought, the ground lit up around him and forcing him to cover his eyes. "What the-" he yelped as he disappeared into the light.

Tristain Academy of Magic

Hiraga Saito AKA Saito Chevalier de Hiraga was originally from a world called Earth which only had a single moon. A year ago he was summoned to this world with no name other than the 'Magic World' he had called it by his 'master,' a member of nobility called Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere. When he first arrived the only thing he wanted to do was go back to his homeworld however as time went on he eventually developed feelings for Louise and decided to stay to be with her.

During his time on this world he'd fought in the recent war between the Kingdom of Tristain and the floating island nation of Albion. At the end of the war he fought against an army of seventy thousand with nothing but a sentient sword and died in order for his now wife Louise to live. He was later resurrected by the half-elf Tiffania whom used her mother's ring to restore his life and body. He then returned home to the academy and reunited with Louise.

Because of his actions during the war he was rewarded by the Queen Henrietta whom made him a nobleman and Vice Captain of the Knights of Ondine. After being sent on a mission to recover both the half-elf Tiffania and his powers of Gandalfr he eventually returned to the Magic Academy with Louise and Tiffania. The latter of which had decided to join the academy to learn how to control her own magic and more importantly, to make friends.

So it was during evening practice that the story begins with Saito and the Captain of the Ondine Knights: Guichi de Gramont, another veteran of the war were locked in combat. The other Ondine Knights were also sparring against each other however these two were recognised by everyone as the best swordsmen at the academy though Saito was known as the best swordsman because of his unique powers.

"Guichi, is that all you've got?" Saito grinned holding his sentient sword, Derflinger in both hands.

The blond-haired knight, Guichi simply grinned back and held up a rose which quickly turned into a sword. "My speciality is earth magic," he lunged forward forcing Saito to step back and parry the oncoming strike.

Further away a large number of female mages, their classmates stood watching and cheering. Among them were the stunningly beautiful Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst, a fire user from the neighbouring allied country of Germania and Montmorency Marigarita la Fere de Montmorency, a water user native to Tristain.

"Recently they are just playing this knight game from morning to night," Montmorency commented. "Yet they still dare to call it practice."

"It looks fun so it's okay, right?" Kirche asked amused. "Well here is a person who is unsatisfied," she added turning her gaze on the pinkette beside her.

"What?" Louise scoffed.

"I'm not blaming you," Kirche shrugged. "Saito is just busy with the knight's squad every day."

"I-I don't really feel unsatisfied," Louise stammered. "I admit we returned from the war safely with great difficulty, but we do not have time to talk properly. Although it's not like I don't understand," she muttered the last part and turned away.

"Saito!" a female voice called, catching theirs and everyone else's' attention.

"Tiffa?" Saito blinked as she approached. Everyone stopped to stare, mesmerised at both her academy uniform and more importantly the sheer size of her bust. Seriously, how the hell did that girl not have back problems?

"Saito," Tiffania smiled as she approached, only to trip over a discarded sword on the ground and fall on top of Saito.


"Why is it always Saito?" one of the knights cried.

"It's painful...Tiffa," Saito tried to breath but the magnificent bust was pressing down on his head, stopping all circulation.

"Sorry, I am so..." she quickly got off of him and after making sure he was breathing again he stood up.

"Its okay, it's okay," Saito reassured. "Besides that, have you decided to join the academy?"

"Yes," Tiffa nodded with a smile. "It is all because Saito encouraged me to be brave...though I must keep it a secret that I am half-elf, okay?"

"Don't worry," Saito smiled back. "I made a promise right? I will protect you."

"What are you smiling for? That dog," Louise gritted her teeth as she watched on.

"If she's going to learn magic then she should try summoning a familiar," Guichi spoke up as his sparkling illusion surrounded his form. "I will of course offer my services as a tutor to this lovely lady, as a noble I guarantee you will have your familiar by the end of the week."

"Laying it on a bit thick, aren't you Guichi?" Saito asked with a smirk causing Guichi to face-fault.

"You're ruining my introduction here," Guichi waved him off.

"Summon a familiar?" Tiffa asked.

"Yes, all nobles have one," Guichi nodded.

"Besides me," Saito added.

"Technically that sword of yours is you're familiar even if you didn't summon it," Guichi countered.

"I prefer the term partner, thank you very much," Derflinger said indignantly.

"What must I do to summon one?" Tiffa asked the question.

"I'll teach you tomorrow," Guichi replied.

"It's getting late," Saito said looking up at the now darkened sky. "Everyone pack up, we're calling it a day."

The next morning Saito woke up in bed with Louise at his side and sighed at remembering the things that had happened over the last few months. He sat up and turned away knowing that Louise was always asleep at this time. He stood and quickly got dressed before heading towards the door. Once at the door he looked over and smiled at Louise's sleeping form as he remembered their brief 'non-wedding' before the final battle of the last war.

"I'm going," he whispered and turned away.

Louise's eyes snapped open at his words and she bolted from the bed. "Wait Saito!" she shouted and dashed towards him, tackling him to the ground. "Where do you plan on going without your master's permission?" she questioned.

"Going where? To practice with the Knight Squad of course," he answered as he recovered. "Yesterday and the day before yesterday were also the same, right?"

"You should report once a day," Louise told him.

"Yes yes," Saito nodded. "I'm going to practice now, master," he made to stand only for her to pull him back down to the floor.

"Wait, I haven't finished yet," Louise started but Saito quickly pushed her off of him.

"Why are you angry so early in the morning?" Saito asked her.

"I'm not angry," Louise denied.

"Then what is it?" Saito asked further.

"Hm...I want..." she said nervously.

"What do you want?" Saito asked again.

'I want you to accompany me more, just like before,' Louise thought but didn't say the words. 'Why don't you notice it, you slow dog.'

"What?" Saito asked her after a moment of silence.

"Come...come back earlier," Louise said finally.

"Have you got something to do?" Saito asked confused.

"Yes," Louise nodded and he sighed.

"Got it," Saito said as he stood up. "I will come back earlier today," he exited the room and closed the door behind him.

Saito arrived at the training ground to find the rest of the Ondine Knights there along with most of the male academy students and even a few females. In the center were Tiffa and Guichi going over the summoning spell with the other knights adding in their own input once in awhile.

"How's it going so far?" Saito asked as he approached.

"Oh Saito," Guichi acknowledged. "She's just about ready to start the summoning...whenever you're ready milady."

"Saito..." Tiffa started.

"You'll do fine Tiffa," Saito nodded with a smile.

"My name is Tiffania Westwood," Tiffa started and the ground around her began to glow blue. "The pentagon which holds the five powers, in front of my familiar and I, open the gate."The light expanded and a large circle appeared on the ground in the shape of pentagon with a star in the center. "Appear before me! My familiar!"suddenly a green sphere of energy appeared in front of her which everyone recognised as a portal.

"Is that supposed to happen?" one of the knights asked confused.

"Not normally, no," Guichi replied honestly.

"I've seen it happen before," Saito said, catching everyone's attention. "When Louise summoned me...the second time."

"W-wait—you're not saying that-" Guichi started as a figure exploded out from the green portal and knocking Tiffa to the ground. The portal collapsed a second later and a loud groan as the figure. He had blond hair, blue eyes and wore a black jumpsuit with numerous orange patches on it.

"It's...a human," Kirche said in surprise.

"What the hell just happened?" the newcomer asked as he pushed himself up and felt something soft in his hands. "What the hell?" he looked down and saw that he was on top of a rather beautiful girl around his age and his hands were on her...oh shit. He immediately jumped off and raised his hands in defence. "Please don't hurt me; I didn't know what I was doing or where I am."

"You speak Japanese?" Saito asked.

"Japanese? Who are you and where the hell am I?" the newcomer asked.

"I'm Saito...it's kind of hard to explain where you are," Saito replied.

"Saito? Can you understand what he's saying?" Guichi asked.

"Yeah, he's speaking Japanese," Saito nodded.

"I can speak your language too," the newcomer spoke up in perfect French. He blinked and frowned afterwards. How did he know how to do that? "My name is Uzumaki Naruto...now where the hell am I and which one of you summoned me?"

"You know you were summoned?" Saito questioned.

"Yeah, I know the feeling and that was definitely it. A little warning would have been great though," Naruto replied.

"Well you're kind of...on another world," Saito started. "Tiffa here was trying to summon a familiar...she ended up summoning you...not really sure how since the last human to be summoned was me."

"...So I'm no longer in my world anymore," Naruto commented. "Like I'd believe that, who the hell do you think I am?"

"This world has two moons," Saito added.

"...Seriously?" Naruto asked after a moment of silence.

"Unfortunately I am," Saito shook his head.

Dozens of thoughts were swimming through Naruto's head at this; the first was denial at being in an entirely different world and the next was worry about the state of his friends back home. Then his eyes saddened at the realisation that even if he went home he would probably be blamed for Pein's attack and hated even more than he already was. Even if Nagato did resurrect the dead then he had to ask himself how many more people would die because of disease, hunger and thirst because their homes were destroyed.

Getting back was one thing but what if he actually succeeded in getting back?

"...Well I've got nothing to go back to anyway," Naruto stood up sadly before putting on a smile and holding out his hand towards Tiffa. "Sorry about knocking you down...I didn't really know what was happening...Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you."

"Tiffania Westwood," Tiffa responded. "It was my fault for summoning you to begin with so please don't apologize."

"Do you agree to become her familiar?" Saito asked.

"What's a familiar?" Naruto asked curious.

"Basically a servant though more akin to a partner," Derflinger answered.

"...I don't answer to anyone," Naruto said simply.

"You won't answer to me," Tiffa responded. "I...I'm sorry about this, I'll send you back-".

"I'm not going back either," Naruto interrupted. "Alright I'll be your familiar but the moment I want to leave, then that's it, I'm gone."

"Being a familiar is kind of a lifelong commitment," Saito added.

"Then I'll take her with me," Naruto shrugged. "Either way it doesn't matter to me...not now at least."

"Tiffa, start the incantation," Guichi told the hat-wearing girl.

Tiffa brought her wand to Naruto's forehead where his hitai-ate was still worn and began the spell. "My name is Tiffania Westwood, pentagon which holds the five powers, bless this individual and make him my familiar," she then leaned in and kissed him full on the lips making his eyes go wide at the contact.

As she pulled away he felt a surge of chakra course through his coils that was not his own and neither was it the Kyuubi's. It was something else...something that made its way through the chakra coils with the only destination in mind being his eyes. He suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed backwards as his eyes shifted colour from blue to a darkened gray.

"I was expecting him to pass out...but where is his rune?" Guichi asked.

"His eyes," Saito replied as he knelt down beside the unconscious blond. He opened one of the blonds' eyes and saw that they were gray with circular lines around his pupils. "Come on, let's get him inside...I know personally what it's like to wake up after falling unconscious like that."

"Was this a mistake?" Tiffa asked the two.

"No...after everything that's happened to us I think everything happens for a reason," Saito told her. As both he and Guichi helped the unconscious Naruto into the academy another thought couldn't help but pass through his mind. 'Louise is a void mage and so is Sheffield's master...both of which have human familiars...so does this mean that Tiffa is a void made too?'

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