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Familiars of the Void

Chapter18: Epilogue

Tristain: Des Ornieres

With the end of the battle and the death of King Joseph, the war ended in Tristain's victory. Following this, a pregnant Princess Charlotte quickly ascended the Gallian throne and became the new queen. As her first act she married Naruto for both love and to solidify her position as the leader of her nation. After everything calmed down the now King Naruto de Uzumaki des Gallia began construction of Uzushiogakure no Sato on the border of Tristain as a joint project between the two countries.

Beatrice Yvonne von Guldenhorf, having graduated the academy quickly took her father's place as the ruler of Grand Duchy of Guldenhorf and married Naruto to finalise the alliance between the nations. Of course Tiffania also married Naruto, as his master and lover she was the one that was always by his side and refused to leave despite their still being some lingering fear of her from the humans of this world. However after so many centuries of staying away from each other, humans only had their engraved fear of the unknown which was being swept away by Tiffania's presence in their society. It would take years and the religious faction would fight him every step of the way but Naruto promised her that he would create a better world for both humans and elves.

In Tristain, Saito de Hiraga des Ornieres was granted a portion of land to call his own by Queen Henrietta for services to Tristain. After settling into their new house (and the discovery of a hidden room with a certain magical mirror) Louise finally relented to her queen's request and allowed Saito to grant her an heir and marry her. Following this, Saito became the recognized king of Tristain though there were still some factions of the nobility that didn't like the idea of a 'commoner' sitting on the throne but they were a minor irritation. With the likes of General Guichi de Gramont, his wife Montmorency and the Knights of Undine whom were recognized as the personal guards of Queen Henrietta backing him, the nobility were annoyance instead of a threat to his rule.

Five years later...

"A monument?" Saito asked as the two familiars-turned-kings sat down at his mansion's dining table. "To the last war?"

"I was thinking we should build it on the border like Uzushio," Naruto explained. "The students capable of Doton could help and this might an opportunity to improve their skills."

"Guichi seemed to agree otherwise he wouldn't have asked Malicorne to calculate the exact cost for something like this," Saito nodded as he leaned back in his chair.

"We can cut the costs in half if Guichi and a few of the minor nobles helped out. I'm sure the Tristain Academy could supply a few students whom are trying to look good," Naruto reasoned.

"I'd have to talk to Headmaster Colbert," Saito mused as the door to the side opened.

"Master Saito," it was Siesta looking every bit as beautiful as always. "Mistress Louise's carriage has just arrived."

"Thank you Siesta," Saito nodded with a smile before turning back to the blond king opposite him. "It looks like we'll have to call this meeting short," he said as he stood.

"Its fine," Naruto waved it off as he followed suit. "How is Lady Louise these days?"

"With child," Saito replied as the two entered the corridor.

"Congratulations," Naruto grinned at the news.

"We just found out last week," Saito nodded back with a smile of his own. "We have been trying for over a year now so we were beginning to worry that something might be wrong."

"Well, I'm happy for you both," Naruto told him before he grimaced. "Though I have to warn you, I suggest you keep her wand away from her from now on or she really will kill you."

"Yeah," Saito nodded. "I learned how scary pregnant women can be after Henrietta threatened to castrate me."

"You think she's scary, at least she wasn't threatening to use ice swords like Charlotte did with me," Naruto shivered at the memory. "I was honestly considering asking Tiffa to erase my memory of it all after it happened."

"What about Tiffania?" Saito asked since he knew that the two already had three children.

"I don't remember," Naruto replied calmly.


And so the years passed as peace reigned for a time, but the nature of humans is a volatile thing. Eventually there would be war again however that is another story for another time; in the end it seemed that 'Madara' didn't make it to Halkegenia in their lifetime. As the years passed, Naruto and Saito together with their loved ones brought about the first true peace between humans and elves that the world had ever known. The centuries passed and these heroic figures of what would later become known as the revolutionary era became legend.

But what happened to the Kyuubi?


Elemental Nations: Mountains' Graveyard

A millennia had passed since his 'apprentice' had failed, damn that Obito! He couldn't do anything right! In the end he had let the Kyuubi slip through his fingers and had even allowed that Uzumaki kid to convert Nagato. He had respected Mito as the strongest Kunoichi of all time and he had known that underestimating the Uzumaki clan was suicidal but even he had never planned for having such a large wrench being thrown into his Moon's Eye Plan. Uchiha Madara was a patient man but even he had limits; he had taken a young and disillusioned Uchiha Obito as his apprentice and the young man had done his job of collecting eight of the Biju. However because of unforeseen circumstances the Kyuubi had escaped thus forcing the real Madara to postpone his ascension.

By a thousand years...

It was only thanks to the idiocy and delusions of grandeur that the little upstart Hebi-Sennin had that he was able to return to this impure world in order to try and recover the Kyuubi. Edo Tensei had granted him limited immortality and damn near unlimited chakra though it wasn't powerful enough to complete his plans like the chakra of the Juubi would. After Obito had died of old age, he'd been forced to recover his Rinnegan and keep it in storage until he could locate the Kyuubi.

Now that he had finally located his wayward pet he had again transplanted the Rinnegan on a young descendant of the still scattered Uzumaki clan in preparation for becoming the Juubi Jinchuuriki. Everything was ready, he'd forced the Uzumaki to fully resurrect him with the Gedo: Rinnei Tensei no Jutsu at the cost of the Uzumaki's life. Now all that was left would be to summon his Kyuubi and have the Gedo Mazo devour it to trigger the Juubi's resurrection.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Madara spoke clearly as he slammed his palm down on the ground and a large collection of seals spread out across its surface. This was soon followed by an explosion of smoke though to his confusion he didn't feel any kind of demonic chakra. "What is this?" he asked as the smoke cleared to reveal a tall man with blood red hair dressed in old style grey shinobi armour and a sword of some kind strapped to his back. "Who are you?"

"Hello Madara," the man spoke with disgust. "Still trying to play god, huh?"

"...You must be the Kyuubi's current Jinchuuriki," Madara narrowed his eyes when he saw the features the man's face possessed. The red hair was a dead giveaway to the fact that the man was apparently an Uzumaki, couple that with the blood red eyes, slitted demonic pupils and the six whisker-like marks on his face and it was easy to see that this man was a descendant of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki that escaped the Akatsuki War.

It was completely wrong though...

"The first time we met you never did ask my name," the man chuckled darkly. "You called me an unstable force, lacking intelligence or sapience; you said that I required a guide to show me my purpose."

"That's..." Madara trailed off as the words he spoke so long ago echoed through his mind. "It's not possible...you can't be...why are you-".

"Human?" the man laughed. "My last Jinchuuriki unlocked the Rinnegan and at the end of his life he turned me into this in order to both protect me and allow me to blend with the humans."

"Kyuubi," Madara narrowed in his eyes slight anger at yet another surprise. "I told you once before that the Biju are but slaves to those with blessed eyes, obey."

"Damn partner," a voice spoke up from the man's back. "I know you said he was an ass but I thought you exaggerated a bit," it was a talking sword.

"He hasn't realised that Genjutsu doesn't work on me anymore," the man replied. "I've been waiting for the moment when I can kick his ass for millennia, Derflinger. So please don't interrupt me, I want to enjoy this."

"Sure thing partner," Derf replied.

"Uchiha Madara," the man spoke clearly as he drew the sentient blade. "Listen well because I'm going to say this once you delusional human; my name is Kurama and I am the strongest of the nine Biju. You won't be leaving here alive or dead because once I'm through with you, not even the Shinigami is going to want anything to do with you."

Author's Notes:

I'm ending it here on a cliff-hanger because at this point both Naruto and Saito (being the main characters) are no longer alive and as such this story has reached an end. I wanted to leave it like it started with both Madara and Kurama facing each other showing that Kurama no longer belongs to Madara after Mito to him from Madara. As for the notable difference in Kurama's character, please remember it has been roughly nine hundred years since he was released from Naruto and was given a human form so I think his personality could change a bit in that length of time. I hope you all enjoyed this and though it had a few problems I'm glad I wrote it.


Hebi-Senninn = Snake Sage
Edo Tensei = Impure World Resurrection
Gedo: Rinnei Tensei no Jutsu = Samsara of Heavenly Life
Kuchiyose no Jutsu = Summoning Technique

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