"Carpe Diem"
by: tlgirl


Rating: PG-13
Category: Zane/Sam
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Note: Deals with premarital sex. (oooh scandalous) *wink*
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She's got me whipped. I freely admit it. These verbal games we play, they're never-ending. She's been my best friend my whole life, it was only three years ago we started these mind games. Since then it seems like our relationship has remained stagnant. It's the same thing everyday - day in and day out. We banter, we flirt, I confess my undying love for her and she casts me aside, reassuring me that our relationship is strictly platonic. She says that we're too young to know what love is. She's wrong. I might be an immature, stupid kid but I know what love is. When I look into her eyes, I see it. When she touches me, even in the most innocent way, I feel it burn my skin.

It's funny how much power she has over me. She's been going after every guy she sees, every guy but me. She doesn't know how much that hurts. She can be a complete bitch sometimes and I get so angry at her. But I can never stay mad at her for long. She gives me this look that says "Hey Zane, I know that my ego is bigger than this island and I'm too good to say 'I'm sorry'' but let's be friends again." Okay, maybe she doesn't put it exactly with those words, but that's how I feel. She snaps her finger and like a fool, I come running. She makes me feel cheap and used.

Despite everything, it all comes down to one fact, I love her. It's as simple as that. If all she wants from me is a friend, I'll settle for whatever I can get.

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