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The haziness was starting to seep out of me.

My muscles, which started to feel quite cramped began to flex slightly, my fingers feeling the sheets surrounding me and the sun becoming brighter through the curtains was starting to heat up my bare back, making me feel like staying wrapped up here for the rest of the day – the rest of the week even.

My eyes flutter open slowly and the smile on my face becomes bigger; my hair is falling down around my face which is buried into one of the softest pillows I had slept on in years.

My muscles start flexing more and I feel a need to turn over and start my day; before I get a chance to do anything the bed dips and there's a different warmth that suddenly appears on my back. Hands start gently caressing up my side, brushing my hair away from my face and kisses were laid on my bare shoulders.

"I didn't want you to wake up while I was gone, I went for a run and bought back coffee and breakfast" His voice is like a whisper, it sounded like he wasn't even sure that I was actually awake and my 'mmmhhhmmmm' answer probably didn't help. My haziness was slowly wearing off and I turned over to face him, the smile on my face more apparent , one on my hands held onto the sheet to cover my chest and the other reached out to touch his face as he leaned over me.

We exchanged our 'Hi's' and we continued to caress each other, our smiles matching. He slowly moved his face closer to mine and I lifted my head to meet his lips, he lowered himself to press his body against me – my hands moved to wrap around his neck, to play with his hair as our kiss continued my mind went back to the memories of yesterday; lots of white and pink, lots of smiles, hugs, lots of dancing.

There was two memories that stuck out from yesterday – one was pretty obvious, the other I wasn't expecting. You know how during your life you have several different loves – the way you love your family or your friends, the way you love shoes, the way you love your dog, Your first love and the way you love your husband.

Jacob had been my first love and when I had left him because I wasn't ready for commitment he had moved on quickly – within 3 months he was engaged and became an expectant father and within 3 months I had realised he was supposed to be 'the love of my life'. I had spent the next two years moping about pretending to have an interest in a few guys, but my heart belonged to Jacob. That changed when I met Edward at a boring as hell conference when we both reached for a tomato free sandwich (which is considered a very rare find), He made me laugh, we split the sandwich and went out for a tomato free dinner after the close of the conference, dinner turned into desert and desert turned into weekly café meetings for lunch and you get the idea.

Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life and that was made even more special by a visitor. Jacob had managed to save me from another dance with Charlie where he told me the best thing we ever did when we were together was to separate – his wife was pregnant with their fifth child and he wouldn't have it any other way. Since meeting Edward 3 years ago this was the first time I had thought back to my past relationship with Jacob and I couldn't help but smile, Yes Jacob had been my first love, But I couldn't compare that to the love I felt for Edward – My Husband.

The reality of the moment came flooding back to me, here I was wrapped in Edwards arms kissing passionately just over 12 hours since we married and I was truly happy. My stomach however was not and chose this heated moment to make its self known. A not so subtle grow emitted from my abdomen and Edward immediately stopped our little make out session and smirked – there was no use denying what we had heard and without a word he slipped off our bed and held his hand out for me to follow.

I scooted over to the side of the bed and slowly climbed out, and continued stretching trying to gain as much movement in my body as possible. Edward, who had left to get our coffee and whatever breakfast he had managed to pick up earlier was now leaning against the bedroom door watching me – a twinkle in his eye was apparent and although I was stark naked I couldn't help but smile sweetly at him, walk seductively to our suitcase and pull out one of his shirts that was about 6 sizes too big for me and put in on; leaving the first few buttons precariously open to show off my breasts a little. My hips continued to sway as I walked over to him took the coffee and what turned out to be a pastry, made my way past him into the lounge and sunk into the 3 seater sofa. My coffee was still hot and the pastry still warm, in fact they were both so delicious and I was just so hungry that Edward was forgotten about – well for a few moments at least.

After breakfast Edward joined me on the sofa and we spent the rest of the morning talking, touching, smiling, kissing. It was as if the world was on pause, giving us time to get used to the Mrs in front of my name; the world wasn't giving us all day however when a swift phone call from reception reminded us check out was half an hour ago, we were packed and out the door shortly after that – we had a plane to catch.

Our decision about where to go for our Honeymoon wasn't something either of us had control over – as a Doctor in a busy surgery Edward only managed to have 4 days off – including our wedding day. I wasn't much better only managing a week away – It just wasn't fair being a Nurse manager in another busy little clinic. There is always something to do and as a nurse manager I was already having a mini stroke with all the worry about how my clinic will cope without me in the next few days.

It was decided that with the little time we had left that we'd fly to San Francisco for two nights – we would probably spend those two nights and most of the days tucked away in our Tower Suite at the Fairmont – the views of San Fran without actually leaving the sanctuary of our private 'love den' . If I could possibly tear myself away from a naked Edward I might be interested in visiting Alcatraz.

Are arrival at San Fran was uneventful and without delay we were within the confines of our room – Champagne on ice and Chocolate dipped strawberries awaited us. Edward had offered to pop out to organise our dinner while I enjoyed a nice hot bubble bath; I was just getting out when there was a knock at the door.

I if had known what would have occurred after I opened that door, I would have never opened it.

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