Welcome to my story Healing. This fanfic is unlike my other ones. This story is serious and contains intense moments. If you do not like stories where people are depressed, angry or highly emotional this fic is not for you. Here it is, please enjoy and don't forget to favorite and review.

Chapter One: Implied Death

A bullet ripped through his chest.

He stumbled backwards, dragging his capture with him.

He felt himself hitting the large window and the glasses braking behind him.

He slid out the window, his feet dangling in the air. The only thing holding him up was his captive's wrist.

Looking down at the ground, he calculated he had to be over thirty stories up.

Lifting his head, he saw the captive's husband rush forward and try to help his wife.

Despite the pain, he lifted the gun and aimed at John McClain's head. If he was going to die, he was going to take that American Cowboy with him, Hans thought to himself.

He lifted his finger to pull the trigger. Then John McClain managed to break the watch off his wife's wrist.

He lost his grip and plummeted downward.

The wind rushed past at an alarming rate, closer and closer the ground came towards him. His last thoughts were how he had failed.

Unbearable pain exploded all over his body and he knew no more.