All characters and their personalities are based upon people I know, but for their privacy sake, none of the names in this story are real.

I do not own the Power Ranger Universe, they belong to Saban and Disney. Any similarities or actual depictions are the sole copyright of Saban & Disney.

Please enjoy...

Unknown Base of Operations

In the depths of the Earth lie a room of darkness, only to be lit by the dim lights of the powered consoles as the sole occupant of the room was hard at work, scanning the Earth for the remaining items on his list. In front of him were 4 colored coins, pink, black, blue, and purple. If one stood as closed as the occupant had, they could feel the raw energy emitting from the coins. As the occupant continued their search, each passing second created more frustration as the scans had been very unsuccessful. In a bout of utter frustration, the occupant let out a frustrated scream, startling the only other sentient being in the room.

"Sir, are you alright?" a mechanical voice inquire.

"Yes Morph, I am. The strain must really be getting to me. The longer I'm connected to the green coin, the worse I feel."

"I warned you of the consequences of using powers that were not suited for you. You should have given all of these powers to their rightful owners. You can't carry this burden alone."

"I don't want any of them to take on this burden. In fact, if I didn't accidentally stumble across the green coin in the first place while hiking, I wouldn't have this burden either."

The mechanical voice stayed silent for a moment, not liking the argument it was having with its own master, "Be that as it may, I find it hilarious that you of all people would think you finding the green coin was an accident, as well as thinking that your friends will not be taking up this burden with you."

The master sighed, "so you're telling me all of this was fate? Destiny?"

"Isn't that what your faith tells you? Isn't that what you are taught to believe?"

The master shakes his head, "If I can find the remaining two powers, I can finally link with the one that is compatible with my DNA and be at full power to take care of Necros and his undead army by myself."

"You still won't involve them in this? Even after you find the last two coins?" the mechanical voice ask in disbelief.

"No. They're lives are complicated enough as it is. They all have dreams and goals and I'm not about to sacrifice seven for this world when only one of us needs to do it."

Sir, I don't think that..."

"I understand what you're saying Morph, I really do, but if I can keep them out of this for the long run, I will."

"Is this also because of..."

"That has nothing to do with this!"

"If that's what you choose to believe sir, if that's what you choose to believe."

The man stared at his mechanical companion, "And what is that suppose to mean?"

"That you have lead yourself to believe in two lies that are connected. One that you do not need your friends help in carrying this burden and that you don't want to seek their help because you're trying to protect one of them more than any other."

The man sighed as he sat down, weary of the long sleepless night he had endured, "I hate it when you are completely honest with me. In any case, are we done with all the preparations?"

"Yes sir. The last file has been downloaded and all settings have been placed. I just hope that the scenario never presents itself."

"Neither do I Morph, neither do I."