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Command Chamber

"I can't believe we just got fooled like that! All this time, she was evil?" Jesus ranted as he paced back and forth, steaming at the fact that they had just let his friend being taken by what they had thought was one of their own. He looked over at Megan, who was still in shock over the incident and shook his head. Vincent would definitely want me to look after her, but I'm not the type to deal with that kind of situation.

"Jesus," Jamal said as he stopped his friend from pacing, "look, it's not going to help us right now with you just pacing up and down like that. Vincent made you the leader for a reason, now you need to act on it. What do we do now? I mean, besides Alicia, Megan, and Vincent, we know what our powers are. Can we actually use them?"

"Excuse me gentlemen," Morph interrupted, "but I believe I can answer that question. Remember when Ms. Yee came out of the hologram with the map and the fans?"

"Yeah," Jesus answered, "I remember seeing those in her hands. Are you telling me that Vincent transferred the powers to us while we were in those recordings?"

"That is correct," Morph answered, "the four of you already have your powers. You just need to learn how to activate them."

"Okay...well Vincent never told us how to do that," Monique said as she got herself into the conversation, leaving Jamal to do his best in consoling Megan.

"It's very simple. Each one of your powers actually ties to an animal spirit. That is why the powers had to choose their owners. The powers wanted to make sure that not only were your DNA compatible, but your personalities as well. You are each tied to an animal spirit based on your personalities. Mr. Lopez, you are the wolf, cunning and loyal. Ms. Crawford, you are the bear, protective and fierce. Ms. Hassan, you are the monkey, cheerful and full of heart. Mr. Jones, you are the tiger, stealth and powerful. All you have to do is shout out "Animal Spirit" and say the color and animal spirit that you possess and your powers will be activated. Along with your weapons and powers, you will also have robotic machines called zords. When the time arises, all you would need to do is to combine your zords to form the Wild Megazord. Do not worry about not being able to handle these machines, your powers will guide you."

"Okay that's all good, but we need to start trying to find Vincent and Alicia as well," Jamal said, much to the surprise of Monique.

"I understand that you want to find our captured friend, but why the bitch as well?"

"We really don't know what happened to her. For all we know, Alicia could be under some kind of evil spell or some thing. I really can't see her as someone who was evil completely," Jamal argued.

"Don't you get it?" Monique responded with increased anger, "THE BITCH PLAYED US! How can you stand there and tell me that she has an ounce of good in her when she took your best friend? Who the hell can be good in that case?"

"We really don't know the whole story. I for one want to hear her side of things before we do any thing else. At the very least, we'll have captured one of Necros' generals right?" Jamal argued back.

"Guys guys," Salena said getting in between the two bickering friends, "fighting won't solve any thing right now. You are both correct. Monique's right that we can't exactly trust Alicia right now, but Jamal's right as well. Until we find out what exactly happened to her, we can't be the judge of any thing. Plus, the powers did choose her, right Morph?"

"That is correct Ms. Hassan, Ms. Smith was suppose to have received the pink power that is still in our possession. Please understand that these powers are inherently good and would never bond with anyone that was ever truly evil. That is why I have started my search for both Ms. Smith and Mr. Sun. I am also trying to do a magical and physical analysis of Ms. Smith to pinpoint the source of her evil."

Monique sighed, "I guess I went all mother bear on you guys again. I'm sorry, but the fact that Megan is over there grieving over the fact that her best friend just took, well I don't need to say any more. All that matters now is to find them and bring them home."

"I'll see what I can do to help Morph with the search," Jesus said as he began to look over the controls and scanners along with Jamal.

"While you guys do that," Megan said for the first time in a while, "Morph can teleport me to our last location on the trail. I got a promise to fulfill."

Jesus looks at Megan, "Are you sure it's wise for you to go by yourself? I mean, what if Necros decides to attack you?"

"If that happens, I'm sure you guys will be alerted to it right away. Look, finding the last two powers not only ensures another fighting member on this team right now, but will make sure that once Vincent awakens, he can claim his destiny as well."

"I understand that, but are you sure you don't want one of us to go with you?"

"I'm positive. Some thing just tells me that I need to go on this quest alone. I'll be fine," Megan said as she held up her fans, "Plus, I've never known Vincent to not be prepared."

"She's right about that," Jamal commented as he was the first to give Megan a hug, "Be careful alright? Vincent may have taken precautions, but he's not God. He could never predict every single event."

"I know, but I'm sure I'm prepared enough," Megan replied.

"I trust Vincent's judgement," Jamal answered.

"Don't make me have to come out there and save your butt," Monique said as she was the next one to hug Megan.

"If you do, blame Vincent for being careless," Megan replied with a big smile.

"Oh trust me, that boy will have a lot to answer to when he gets back."

"Stay strong out there. You know you got everyone's support," Salena said as she was next.

"I will. Make sure Jesus doesn't over do it alright?" Megan replied.

"That I will," Salena responded with a smile.

"You be careful out there, alright? Also, Megan...he..." Jesus began before being silent by Megan's tightening hug.

"I know. He and I will talk when things are more settled."

"Whatever you choose, he's not going to leave your side. You can count on that," Jesus answered.

"I know, he never has, and he never will."

As she said her final goodbyes, Megan was teleported out of the Command Chamber and onto her journey.

Space Base

Deep in a darken room with only the flickering lights of candles, a lone figure is walking around a bed, which is currently being occupied by an unconscious human being. Attached to its skull were nodes, linking them to a computer read out that shows any sign of distress in brain wave activities. As the figure stalks around the bed, she would look on her captive with interested eyes as she continues to talk to the person as if they could hear her ever word.

"I bet my twin right now is crying her eyes out, wondering how her close friend could betray her like this. She must be completely distraught and you had the stupidity to trust her with the quest of finding the other two powers. HA! I wonder if it was your heart that possessed you to give her such an important mission. Oh don't act so surprised that I know, everyone did. You didn't exactly keep it a secret either. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret that I'm sure you don't know about."

Alicia, or as she was now, Scorpina, leaned down and had her mouth to the left of Vincent's ear as she began to diverge a little secret that Vincent doesn't know.

"She never saw you that way..." Scorpina said as she smiled, noticing the small change in Vincent's brain pattern, showing that her little secret worked.

Scorpina smiled at the reaction, "So you can hear me even in this state huh? Well I guess now that you know this little secret, you can start grieving over the fact that you'll never have twin. Who knows, maybe this little event can help my lord in his effort to turn the leader of Earth's only defense...evil..."

Once that little nugget was out, Vincent's distress level sky rocketed, showing how much his enemy's true intent was causing him pain.

"Well I guess I struck a bigger nerve. Now don't try to fight Necros' power. He will brainwash you and then, you'll be fighting against your friends, especially your precious..."

"SCORPINA! ENOUGH! I DIDN'T REVIVE YOU JUST SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE THE PLEASURE OF TORTURING MY GUESTS AWAY FROM ME," yelled Necros as he entered the room with Goldar, "Now is every thing set for the ritual?"

"Yes my lord," Goldar answered, "Soon you'll be able to strip this human of all the good instincts and teachings from him and leave him with nothing, but an evil shell at your command."

"Excellent," Necros said as he scans the Earth one last time, "And it looks like our other powerless brat is currently trying to find the other powers. What do you think Goldar? Shall we give her a little "help" with her search?"

"You know what they say my lord, the more the merrier."

"Indeed, except it won't be a pleasant experience for her," Necros said as he turned to his undead henchmen, "Go my Soulless, go and give that little brat all that she can handle."

"Wait my lord, to make it even more unpleasant for her, why not send a bug monster with the soulless?" Scorpina suggested.

"Ah yes, as I recall, she absolutely hates bugs. Good suggestion my general," Necros said as he used his sword to transform a small spider in the space base into a giant black widow monster. With black skin and a big red hourglass symbol on it's back, the spider monster was simply standing there, eagerly waiting for its master to give it a command.

"Now my Widow Maker, go with the Soulless and make sure that powerless brat does not retrieve the last two powers!"

"Yes my lord!" Widow Maker said as he and a group of 5 Soulless disappeared, making their way towards Megan's location, intending on making her life as difficult as possible.

"Shall we begin the ritual my lord?" Goldar asked.

"Yes, before this day is over, we shall have two potential rangers as our slaves," Necros declared as he laughed at his triumph.

Mountains of Arcadia

As Megan continues on the trail, she was doing her best to search for the last two powers. As she looked at the map, she saw that she was only about another half a mile away from them.

"Just a little more," Megan said as she sat down to rest, "and then I'll be able to help the others in this fight. Hopefully by the time I get back, Jesus and them will have a lock on Vincent and Alicia. Who knew every thing between me and him would come out this way. He was never really subtle about things, but I did wish he would have talked to me sooner about things. If this doesn't get him to talk, I will be one very pissed off woman."

After talking to herself a little bit, Megan realized she rested enough and continued her search for the powers. As she finally got close according to the map, she felt a pull towards some bushes off the trail. As she went towards the off trail site, she felt a strange tug towards the ground. Megan got on her knees as she began digging, using her fans as shovels, she didn't need to dig far before finding two coins, one shining in yellow and the other in red.

"I found them...I can't believe it! I FOUND THEM!" Megan shouted in excitement as she took the two coins, putting the red one in her pocket while the yellow coin disappeared in her hands.

I guess this means the powers were meant for me, Megan thought. Before she could do any thing else, Widow Maker and the Soulless appeared right in front of her.

"Oh darn it! We're a little too late, but that doesn't mean we'll let you get away with the two coins either," Widow Maker said as he and the Soulless began surrounding Megan.

"Oh great! Of all the types of monsters Necros can come up with, he sends down a damn spider! I guess now would be a good time to try these new powers."

"Go ahead little ranger, you still won't beat me."

"We'll just see about that spider breath!" Megan said as she raised her right hand, " ANIMAL SPIRIT! YELLOW PENGUIN!"

With a flash of bright yellow light, Megan transformed from a regular young woman into a suited warrior, with a yellow armor around her body and a full helmet that was shaped like a penguin's head. As Megan took her stance, she was holding both of her fans, opened and ready for battle.

"Now Widow Maker, let's dance..."

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