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She chased her target along the lightless alleyways, dodging past drunks and what other obstacles hid in the shadows threatening to distract her from her mission. She was intent on catching her prey; she couldn't afford a distraction, not now, not ever. Her life didn't call for such things.

The man who she'd been chasing for god knows how long took a turn around a corner, she got there just in time to see him dash inside a wrecked building. Following after him being light on her feet so as to not alert any that could potential be an enemy. She slipped inside like a shadow, she was sure he didn't know she was so close. she didn't hear rustling, like someone trying to escape from a different exit. She searched all downstairs for the man, finding nothing she made her way up the stairs, sliently, the darkness hid her. She found him alright; cowering in the corner, pouring his eyes out. Absolutely terrified, how pitiful.

She took one step foward, his eyes darted up to her his fear very evident. He moved into the corner more, wanting to escape.

"Don...don't kill!" He begged.

She gave him merciless look, she hated cowards. His pleas meant nothing, all she had to do was do what she was commanded to do.

"Do you have any connections to a man named Mech?" She inquired, keeping emotion from her voice, resulting in a cold sound.

Recognition did not appear, the man seemed confused. He didn't then.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, just let me leave!" He screamed at this mysterious woman, hiding herself in the cover of darkness.

"Really then?" He wasn't lying, that was clear. But none the less she had proof that he had done some bad things that had been missed by the police and should have recieved punishment long ago.

"Then you're of no use" She chuckled, further scaring the man, "Goodbye."

She fired her gun at his head, his eyes turned lifeless instantly, the corpse dropped to the ground with his blood flowing openly onto the floor. She left the house without feeling bad for the deed she had commited. Later she would be congradulated for this.

And as she knew that it would happened, it was so. The other assasins were happy for her kill, her last target was proving to be a pain, they were glad he was out of the picture.

After all this, one held out a piece of paper, she inspected it closely, it was the information for a new mission. And the other woman decided to have a laugh, informing her that for this one, she couldn't run in with guns blazing and shoot on first sight, no this would take longer. She had to get as much information as she could before when it was decided her new victim had been squeezed dry of information, would she end his life.

Yuna woke up to the sound of loud snoring coming from the next room.

"Aw, I was having the nicest dream. Damn Wakka "Yuna mumbled to herself. Looking down she saw that she had fallen asleep doing her math homework.

"Oh no."

She quickly picked up her pen and began writing down answers, but stopped when she noticed that they were quite obviously wrong.

"Ok, I need to slow down."

She got up and walked over to her CD player. She popped in one of her Taylor Swift CD's and began to listen to it. She flipped to the song 'Fifteen' then sat back down again.

Noticing on the clock that it was only 6:33. It was still half an hour before she had to get ready; she still had plenty of time. Yuna calmed herself down and rewrote the answers, making sure that they were right this time..

As she finished she lifted her head to check the time on her clock.

" 6.57, time to get ready then" She got out of her chair, pushed it back under her table then opened the door and ran down the staircase.

Walking into the kitchen she noticed Lulu already there, sitting at the table reading the morning newspaper with a plate of toast next to her.

"Hi sis" Yuna said as she walked past Lulu putting two slices of toast in the toaster.

"Wakka's snoring woke you up too?" Lulu asked.

"Yep, for the millionth time this month" She replied while opening up the fridge and reaching for the butter.

"I've been up since 6.30" Yuna giggled.

"I've been up since 5"

"What?" Yuna turned around with the peanut better in her hand to look at her grinning sister.

"You'd think he would try to be nicer to his pregnant wife wouldn't you?"

"He's trying his best to stop snoring as much, failing horribly, but at least he's trying. I've tried to make him stop by throwing a pillow at him, but that helped none so I came down here."

"You still could've tried to get more sleep" Yuna told her she started to butter her toast.

"How? If his snoring can wake someone who is in a room on the other side of the hallway, how the crap am I supposed to sleep when I'm right next to him?"

"True" Yuna answered as she took a seat next to her sister.

"Hey, Yuna is there any reason why you are still wearing your clothes from last night? Were you too lazy to get into your PJs?"

"No, actually I just fell asleep doing my math's homework"

Lulu burst out laughing. "You're kidding right? I know math's is boring as hell but you fell asleep doing it?"

"I know I know, it's dumb"

"But come on Yuna" she was turning serious now. "You don't want to fail again"

Lulu was right, last year Yuna failed every class but English so she had to repeat year 10.

The only good thing to come from it was that her and her best friend (and cousin) Rikku, were now in the same year. But that didn't make up for the embarrassment she had to suffer for repeating, she got bullied more than she ever did.

"I'll try harder this year sis, I promise"

"You better"

Yuna finished her breakfast in silence. She went over to the fridge and poured herself some orange juice.

"Rikku still won't shut up about Gippal"

"Why doesn't she just give up on the guy, she doesn't have a chance with him, does he even know of her existence, there is entire armies of girls after him"

"He does know that she exists, they were friends in primary school, but when he got to high school, he became apart of the popular crowd and their friendship stopped"

Yuna took a sip of her juice. "I think she's in front of the army of rabid fan girls though, they were friends so she can't be nothing to him, even if they are completely different now"

"So why don't they just go out?" Lulu asked.

"He doesn't want a girlfriend right now."

Lulu put her newspaper down "what? A jock that doesn't want a girlfriend, my god! The impossible has happened"

"Sis I think you're going overboard"

"Guess I am, only a little. It's that that the popular crowd is all ways full of those retarded meaningless relationships. It's near impossible to find a popular with no boyfriend or girlfriend"

"But if Gippal and Rikku went out it wouldn't be meaningless."

"But Rikku isn't popular"

"Yeah, if she was it would be a meaningless relationship because if she was popular she would be shallow like the rest of them and only go out with guys for their looks."

Lulu picked her newspaper back up.



Yuna got up and went to Lulu's side.

"Aw, someone wrote a love poem and put it in the newspaper!"

"That's so adorable; does it say who wrote it?"

"No it only says anonymous, but whoever this guy is, his girlfriend must be a lucky girl"

After reading the poem multiply times Yuna remembered to look up at the clock.

"Oh fayth! It's 7.20. I gotta get ready."

She finished her drink then ran back to her bed room. She picked up her bag and shoved her books and home work into it. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror. What she was wearing was alright. Pleated blue skirt, black tights that ended at her ankles.

But her pink top had a peanut butter stain on it so she opened her draw and pulled out a blue button up top. She put it on then got out some socks and a yellow belt. She gave a look at her shoes and chose a pair of black knee high heeled boots with pink laces. She tugged them up her leg then raced out of her room after she had given her hair a quick brush. She put her dirty top in the laundry and ran down the stair skipping some steps she could get down faster. As she got to the bottom step she saw her bus out the window, driving away.

"Damn it"

"You just miss your bus?"

Yuna turned to see Lulu smiling behind her.

"You should learn to be faster, I'm getting sick of driving you, wait here for a sec"

Lulu went upstairs to get dressed. Yuna sat down on the couch and waited for her.

A few minutes later her sister came back down wearing a long black dress with a red rose pattern on the bottom.

"Let's go then." Lulu grabbed her car keys then walked out the door, Yuna followed.

They got in Lulu's car, lulu taking more time than Yuna because of the size of her pregnant stomach. Halfway down the street lulu asked Yuna a question.

"Do know the worst thing about being pregnant?"

"All the vomiting?"

"No, I can't wear any belts"

Yuna laughed, lulu just wanted to joke. Probably getting a little bored because she hadn't been doing much lately, she was five months pregnant after all. As they drove, Yuna started to look out the window, she looked back at her sister for a second then smiled, Lulu was always so happy and cheery. Partly because when Lulu was in high school a boyfriend of hers had died so she had to take anti-depressants, they sort of got stuck in her system. Sometimes Lulu was almost as hypo as Rikku.

Lulu droved right up to the school gate before dropping Yuna off, she waved goodbye then drove off. Yuna started to make her way to the school doors. She heard some people laughing hysterically so the turned her head to see what they were laughing about. She saw a humongous crowd gathering around someone dancing on a table. In a chicken suit? What?

She decided to walk over to them to find out why on earth it was happening. But before she could the bell for the start of school rang and the person the in the chicken suit ran away laughing like a mad man. That was certainly the weirdest thing that I've ever seen was Yuna's thought as she walked toward the school doors.

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