Harry Potter and the road to revisit.

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Chapter One: A unexpected surprise.

Voldemort had raised his wand. His head was tilted to one side, like a curious child, wondering what would happen if he proceeded. Harry looked back into the red eyes, and wanted it to happen now, quickly, while he could still stand, before he lost control, before he betrayed fear-

He saw the mouth move and a flash of green light, and everything was gone...

Until he heard Voldemort scream in agony. Confused, Harry looked up to see a white being, it had no shape or face, it just was. He could hear a familiar song. One he had not heard for a year. The Phoenix song. The light focussed itself into a woman's shape and Voldemort was afraid.

"No.." He said with a tremor of fear. "No. I killed you." His voice left his as the woman stood her ground.

Lily Evans was pissed.

"TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE!" She cried her voice sounding like it was her and the phoenix combined. The death eaters didn't know how to react. "HOW DARE YOU! NOT ONLY DO YOU KILL MYSELF AND MY HUSBAND, BUT YOU TRY TO TURN MY SACRIFICE INTO SOMTHING TO GAIN FROM!"

Harry was amazed, he didn't know how this was happening. The killing curse was supposed to drain all the magic in a person, but here she was. He had seen her only moments before but he knew in his heart of hearts that that was not really his mother. Voldemort knew it too.

"Avada-" He began, but his wand suddenly exploded as Lily waved her hand.

"I think not, little boy." She said her voice now more resembling something human, as she turned to Harry.

"Son." She said softly. A small white orb enveloping her and Harry. "Your father and I are so proud. You tried your hardest, even though you had enemies at every turn." The world around the two started to shift. "But we can fix it. Voldemort should not have had the advantage he did, and Dumbledore shouldn't have kept so much from you.." She finished with a hint of sadness tinting her tone. "I'm sorry I won't be much help to you, but I can tell you some things that may help you."

Harry just stared at the mother he never knew and longed to stay with her longer, just so that he could have a mum for a little while.

The scene changed and they were in Dumbledore's office, except not.

"Mum where are we?" Harry started.

"Don't worry honey, we aren't really in Hogwarts. This is just a place your mind chose as to sort out serious business." She added with a smile. Her body still glowed white, but her eyes were green like his, and pierced his very soul with their gaze. "Now. I bet you want to know how I am here right?" She said with a smirk. Harry just nodded and let her do the talking. "Well, I have been watching over you for your entire life. I know, sounds weird, but really it wasn't every moment." She said with a small giggle at her son's embarrassed look. "I was outraged at how my sister treated you. How even when you were at Hogwarts you weren't safe, and how Dumbledore would force you into situations beyond your ability. He didn't do it himself but manipulated the situation for his 'Greater Good'. Barmy old fool." She spat, and Harry just looked even more confused.

"So as to how I am here. When Dumbledore died Fawkes left, yes?" She asked and Harry nodded remembering the sad song that was heard at the funeral.

"Well here's the thing. Most magical creatures are born from fate." She started. "Take goblins for example. They like gold, and deal very heavily with the monies of all peoples. They are fates of fortune.. Or at least were anyways." Harry stared in awe, he never would have known this and wondered where his mum had found it out.

Lily saw the confusion and smiled. "Just like your father, he wouldn't get anything I tried to explain to him either." She said with a sad laugh. "But when you die you can hear the very magic of the world itself. Fawkes was the one to tell me. Phoenixes are creatures that live outside of time and space itself. In fusing my magic with his I was able to stay and look out for you. But this has gone too far. Harry. I'm going to send you back to your first year. I would send you back earlier but I don't want to have you live your horrid life with the Dursley's again. You can do this right Harry. Don't let old Dumble's push you into anything, and be with someone who really loves you.." She trailed off for a moment as Harry gasped at the last part.

"But Ginny loves me-" He started but Lily held him back.

"No, she loved the boy who lived." Lily stated flatly. "The Weasley's are good people, but they were being pushed into having you marry Ginny. You deserved a lot better and I hope that you'll find the right girl. Just be yourself and she'll come to you and you'll know." She said with a small sigh. Also If I were you I'd look into getting your rights as the head of the ancient and noble house of Potter recognised, it would mean that you wouldn't have to ever go back to the Dursleys and the faulty wards on the house."

Harry jumped at that last part. "Really!" He said with shock and happiness filling his voice. Lily smiled at her son and laughed as he jumped into her arms. "Thank-you Mum, I love you, you're the most amazing mother anyone could ever ask for." Harry said into her hair as the both started crying at something they had both wanted for so very long.

After a time they broke apart and looked at each other. "Harry... I'm so sorry, for everything you had to put up with..." Lily didn't know where to start in telling her only son how much she loved him and how deeply ashamed she was that her love wasn't enough to fix all Harry's scars. "It's ok Mum." Harry said with a small smile. "Just knowing you were there, and knowing of your sacrifice to me is enough to know you loved me."

"It's not enough though, so I think I can give you something.. Something that would help in the very long run." Lily said with a mischievous smile. She was the wife of Prongs after all. She snapped her fingers and a tome appeared in her hand. "This should help you get through everything that has to come your way. There are some spells and some information of various cultures that you may need to know. Especially the bit on the Goblin nation." She added with a smirk. Goblins were hard to get along with, unless you had the gold.

"It's time to go Harry. Go make the world better, make your father and I proud and mostly have fun." Lily said with the biggest smile and tears in her eyes. The tome shrunk in Harry's hand and a chain came from it and wrapped itself around his wrist.

"Mum what if I can't do it?" Harry asked. He was scared. He didn't want to do this on his own.

Lily soothed her son. "You can and you will. Just be everything I know you can be."

The room spun around Harry until everything was just black. He didn't know what was happening until his body was changing as well. The various scars he had were disappearing. He was shrinking, and he was feeling very tired and hungry.

Suddenly he was thrown onto a dirt floor and all around him was a vicious storm.