A/N: I was reading Midsummer Night's Dream, and that's how this came about. WARNING: Twisted!

Something happened last week that none of us speak about. Of course, it was my fault. (Don't talk back to scientists!) And anyways, here's what happened:

It was a perfectly normal day until I saw Iggy. And fell madly in love with him. 'How did this happen?' some nice sympathetic people may say. Well, I don't know, but he was drooling over Nudge. Nudge hadn't noticed. And then she saw Fang.

And was like, "OMG! You're, like, the hottest guy in, like, ever!"

Thankfully, though he looked surprised, he didn't see her, instead, seeing Angel.

You heard me. He fell in love with Angel, who fell in love with Gazzy(ewwwww!), who fell in love with, *gulp*, me.

We have our twisted love hexagon. Suddenly I was thinking, "Damn! What did I ever see in Fang? Blond, blind guys are love, man!"

Nudge was babbling to Fang, who looked horrified. I was probably making a fool of myself to Iggy, who didn't care, cuz he was trying to get Nudge's attention.

Fang was just staring at Angel, which is slightly perverted. Angel's trying to get Gazzy's attention, which isn't going to be easy, because he's eagerly telling me about bombs.

This is going to be the most insane thing ever.

A/N: Yeah, I'm sick. Reviews will pay for the cure! And it's short, but the next will be longer, I swear.