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So, this was bad enough with just us. It didn't need to include, say, other people. Now, they weren't all lovey dovey like us, they were just annoying.

"Hi, guys!" Ella said, bouncing in the door. Not a single head turned. She tapped Iggy on the shoulder. He didn't look up from Nudge. I don't know why. It's not like it would have made a difference.

Then Ella came over to me. "Hey, Maxie, why's everyone being so bogus?"

"Shut up, and go away." I told her.

"Al-right… Nudge! Whassup, girl?" she tried.

Eventually she had tried everyone. With no reaction. Then Total came. He's not exactly 'other people', but he's worse.

"Good morning." he said to Angel. No response, she just kept talking to Gazzy.

After he tried everyone, he did something rather unexpected.

"Arf! Arf! Bark! Bark!"

That made everyone stare at him.

"Alright, so what's the deal here?" Ella asked.

"OMFG, isn't Fang so bubbly?" Nudge asked/stated.

"Yeah." Ig said, going along with her. Normally that would have cracked me up, but this isn't normally.

Fang didn't say anything, but Angel said something to Ella telepathically, judging by the look of horror on her face. She opened and closed her mouth a few times and looked terrified.

Gazzy, who was the most forward about it, said, "I love Max."

Ella looked like she was either going to laugh or throw up. Or both.

"Iggy's pretty hot." I said. God, what a state I was in.

"Oh no, you di'int!" Ella said, "He's mine!"

"No," Iggy started, "I'm Nudge's!"

"Like, no, you're not." Nudge said, "I'm Fang's!"

"Angel." Fang said, making Ella gag.

"It will always be Gazzy." Ange said. Ella closed her eyes.

"No, it's freaking Max!" Gazzy yelled.

"Oh, God." Ella muttered.

And that kinda summed everything up.

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