During Fights

1. Throwing a sign

"come back"

2. a wave

"I will"

3. a growl of your name

"That better be a promise"

4. a grin

"It is"

Casual Walks

1. stares

"I see you"

2. a frown

"I'm doing business right now"

3. a charge towards you

"I'm jealous"

4. a flick of a blade

"can't we do this later?"

5. throwing a client through the sky

"no, I want you now"


1. a snuggle

"Your warm"

2. arms wrapping around your waist

"and your mine"

3. rolling over

"I'm dreaming of chasing you"

4. a pull of the covers

"I'm cold now"

5. a yank back

"now i'm cold, give me the covers back"

6. a laugh

"make me"

7. a grunt of discomfort

"Oh i'll make sure of it"

8. a roll to the edge of the bed

" oh, really?"

9. a grab that pulls you and the covers back to him

"Yes, now i've got you and the covers"

10. a struggle

"let me go , I don't want to share with you"

11. a kiss as he presses you against his body

" like i'll ever let you go"

12. a yelp

"fine!..you can have the covers i'll just use you!"

13. another kiss

"I love you"

14. a blush with a hug

"I..I love you too"

Text messages

1. a smilie face

"good morning"

2. an angry face

"It's three a.m. in the morning"

3. a frownie face

"I missed you"

4. a winking face

"I'd be surprised if you didn't"

5. a shocked face

"that was unexpected"

6. a happy face


7. a question mark

"..huh?, I don't get you"

8. an angry smilie face

"I love surprising you"

9. a blush face

"y..you're ridiculous !"

10. a laughing face

"you love me anyway"

11. stares and blushes

"stupid Shizu-chan!"

12. a extremly happy face

"I findly got you quiet?"

13. an angry embarassed face

"no!, shut up! I hate you !"

14. another winking face

"love you too"

Author's note: Some Shizaya fluff~. It was fun to write xD.

Hope you liked it :)

Disclaimer: If I owned the anime it would have been covered in fluff BD... but it isn't D'; and so I don't own it ;)