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The first morning of spring was different for the Kagamine residense as it meant new things had to be bought and the entire manor was due for its seasonal cleaning. With this in plan, the whole house and its residents were piled up with work. The only one without work would be the youngest, the head of the house so to say, Rin. With the silkiest blond hair that anyone had ever seen, and the deepest blue eyes that a child would have, she ruled the house with an iron fist, despite being a girl.

She walked over to her chair and sat down, looking at all the papers on her desk. "M'Lady?" A knock came on the door.

"What is it, Teto?" Rin asked without even a glance at the red head.

"U-uh, we need the schedule for the cleaning," the maid replied.

Rin grabbed a paper and held it out to Teto, her long sleeve moving enough to show the bandage on her left arm. Teto sighed and took the paper. "You still hide that under your sleeves, M'Lady?"

Rin spun her chair around to face the window. Clutching the bandaged arm she said to her maid, "I need not know what happened that long time ago. Covering it up is the best thing I can do for now." She snapped her fingers. Teto stood up straight. "Dismissed."

Teto bowed and walked out of the room. "It's also a memory," Rin called out to her, startling the red head. "Of whatever I have lost."

"That brother—"

"Do not speak of him. I don't want to remember the face of someone I had lost," Rin replied, clutching the arm harder. "Dismissed, Teto. Get to work now."

"Yes, ma'am," Teto bowed again, walking out of the room and into the hallway, listening to the chair creak a little, which meant that her master had leaned back on the chair to think. Thinking was all Rin ever did after someone mentioned her bandage. A long piece of darkened skin lies hidden under it, the symbol of her loss. Her old house was burned down to rubble, and she was most likely the only one still alive in the Kagamine line. Her brother was a person she was unsure if she even had to begin her life with. Most of her memories were erased with the fire, so she couldn't even remember her so-called brother's face, or even if he ever existed.

She ran a hand over her face and sighed. "I can't believe that I'm thinking such thoughts when I promised that I wouldn't. I want my food for today," as she said that, the loud bells rang indicating that someone was at the front door. "Now?" Rin looked at the clock, before leaning her head back. "Can't they wait until a later time?"

Sitting for a few more minutes seemed agonizing, but it soon passed when another knock on her door sounded. "Whoever you are," she began. "You better have brought some food with you."

"Terribly sorry, M'Lady, but I did not," the man replied.

The deep voice caused Rin to turn around with a gasp. In front of her stood the man who directly paid for almost all her expenses, Kaito Shion. He was a scary man with a lot of money, and his wife was no exeption. She loved money more than anything in the world, most likely more than her husband! But they found a way to resort their differences and marry almost three years ago. "Little darling, Rin, what a surprise."

"What do you want?" Rin asked suddenly, and she managed not to choke on her words.

"Money, of course. Isn't that what everyone wants?" he asked, trying to make a joke.

"I'm being serious, here, Shion. What is it that you want from the Kagamines?" she asked again, her teeth beginning to clench as she spoke.

Kaito noticed this. "Getting angry, Rin, that's not good for your figure. I want you to be happy."

Rin crossed her arms and stood up. "I'd be happy if you'd tell me what you are doing here."

Kaito 'tsked' her. "My wife said that the police had found a lead."


"On the burning of your previous mansion."

Rin gasped as the images of burning wood flashed through her mind. She exploded with rage at the older man. "Impossible! Ten years of searching without anything, and suddenly a lead will pop up? That is highly unlikely!"

"A victim of the crime told us everything he knew," Kaito said simply, taking a seat in an empty chair across from Rin, who had began thinking of all possibilities.

"What did he look like? Perphaps he was a servant that had been out of the house."

Kaito crossed his arms and watched Rin as she sat down. He let out a deep sigh, as if not wanting to explain anything any further. "He looked an awful lot like you. Blond hair and blue eyes. It looked like he was your twin or something."

Rin froze. S-same hair…s-same eyes…it can't be… "No. He can not look almost exactly like me. And if he does, there is no way that we are related. I have no brothers or sisters." She clenched her fist and slammed it on the desk, causing everything on it to jump up. "I am the only Kagamine left in our line!"

"Incorrect," Kaito said simply, pulling out a folder from his suit.

"What? You're telling the head of this house that she is incorrect? That is—"

He opened it to show a young boy about Rin's age with the exact same features as her. From the angle of the picture, there seemed to be a dark brown spot on the back of his neck, and right next to it was a bandage. Rin spent a fair amount of time staring at the dark spot. "Staring at the white bandage, are you not?"

"Where did he obtain it? What is hidden under it?"

Kaito fixed the papers so that they were even. "When asked, he said that he suffered a great trauma."

Rin listened on.

"His house was lost to a large fire. His memory was almost erased. All he could remember was the flames engulfing his house."

With wide eyes, Rin stared at the picture layed out in front of her. "And one more thing remained in his memory," Kaito continued and the blond girl looked up at him. "He faintly remembered a young girl with the same hair and eyes as you. The team and my wife have come to the conclusion that you two are in fact related."

"But I don't even remember having a brother!"

"That's what we found abnormal. He may remember having a sibling, and yet you do not. The reason for that is that you might've suffered a greater mental trauma than he did—"

"Enough!" Holding the burned arm, she stared down at her desk. "I don't think that my body can take the pain any longer."


"Whenever someone speaks too much of my lost life, my burn begins to do its worst to me. Burn. It's like a curse on me," Rin concluded sadly. "Please, my Lord, can you leave?"

Kaito stood up slowly. "Lady Rin, if we find anything more, either my wife or I will report to you, alright?"

Rin crossed her legs and rested her chin on the knuckles of her hand. "I'll be expecting you," she said with a smirk.

"Of course you will," Kaito said, bowing, "my Lady."

He walked out, and Rin let out a deep sigh. She sat back in her seat, and all of her servants ran in. "Lady!", "M'Lady!", and many other cries buzzed into her head as she covered her ears.

"Alright, what do you all want?" she asked.

"We heard a little of the conversation!" Teto cried.

"Evesdroppers," Rin mumbled under her breath.

"Do you believe that a possible brother was found?" Teto asked, and everyone crowded around the large desk that Rin sat at.

"I…" she began, placing a hand on her chin in thought. "I don't believe it completely, but if it is true than I shall take it upon myself to watch over him, considering that he might be younger than me."

Gumi, a green haired maid, seemed to jump with joy. "Ah, family love, how I adore it!"

"Gumi, I really enjoy watching your crazed happy dances, but don't you and the other servants have something to do?" she turned her chair around to look out the window and into the yard.

"What? We do?"

Rin ran a hand over her face again. "You have got to be kidding me…"

The next morning, Rin awoke to the sound of the doorbells. She sat up in bed and looked at the old clock that sat in the corner of her room. Seven, she thought. Too early for me.

She let her head hit the pillow and tried to fall back asleep, but a knock that was louder than the day before's pounded on her door, causing her to jump up in surprise. "Rinny, dearest, I have some news!"

"L-Lady Meiko?" Rin asked surprised, as she threw the covers off and went for the bells on the wall. "What brings you here?"

"I heard from dear Kaito that you don't believe that your brother was found! So I brought a surprise!"

Rin ran the little bell from the servant room, which meant that she needed a bandage. "I don't mind it, but is it this important to come while I'm still sleeping? Do you know how much work I have to do? Spring started yesterday and most of the manor is yet to be cleaned," Rin explained, opening her drawers.

"I understand, honey. Relax, it will only take a second," Meiko replied from behind the door.

Rin stripped her night dress off and put on her dress that she had planned out the night before. Blue like her eyes, she quickly opened the door when she heard her servant, Mikuo rush in. He held a white piece of cloth in his hand. She beckoned Meiko to come in as she sat on the bed herself. "Lady Meiko, what kind of surprise to you have in store for me?"

"A really adoring one, Rin. It will be fantastic."

Mikuo walked over to Rin and lifted her hand. He pushed back the sleeve to show the large burn on her arm. Meiko raised and eyebrow. "So you still hide it."

"I don't see a real problem as to why I shouldn't," Rin replied. "It's a memory."

"A real bad memory, Rin. I mean, that night—"

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. That night was and is in the past. Mikuo, thank you," she said to her servant, and he walked out of the room silently. She turned back to Meiko, who was staring at a portrait hanging on the bedroom wall. It was of Rin and her parents. The corners were slightly charred and one large portion was competely burned off. From the way the picture was now, it seemed like Rin was throwing her arms around an unknown figure, but Meiko had a hazy idea that it was her so-called brother. "I want to see that portrait whole again, Meiko. Not like how it is now."

"I understand that, hon, but it's not like they can paint it all over again. They'd need to see the missing part."

"So what was there? My brother? The one I don't have?"

Meiko stared at her. "Rin, don't try to make this hard on everyone. You keep denying the truth and everyone hates it."

Rin's teeth clenched but she refused to say anything more. She just sat on her bed in silence, until Meiko said, "I will go fetch that surprise for you now."

"I don't want—"

"My my," a new voice said, sounding like hers in a strange way. "You look the same: flat-chested."

Rin's face flushed a deep red and she looked up at the figure, who had moved his way to her knees and bent down so that he was at her face. "Who are you?" she spat out angrily.

"Your non-exsistant brother."

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