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Len could easily tell she was mad. Of course she was mad, Miku had just walked in on them the morning after they had sex, threw the covers off and then left them on the floor. At moments, Len had to just say to himself, What a bitch. In reality, all he wanted to do was just get out of bed, calmly walk over to the Hatsune heir, and slap her across her dainty little face. But he knew that his own sister probably wouldn't allow that. She instead reached over and grabbed the edge of the fallen covers, covering the two with it. Her previous explosion toward Miku had scared Len senseless, but nonetheless, he still wrapped his arms around the girl's slim waist. And then he noticed that it was about time for that morning's meal.

He groaned and untangled himself from his sister. In return she whined, but he turned around, one hand reaching and swatting the air, looking for his boxers, and said, "I have to get your breakfast up here. Don't worry."

Rin pouted. "Fine," she said, crossing her arms. "Hurry."

Len, knowing his manners as a butler, bowed and quickly got dressed to leave. Swiftly, he helped Rin into a dress and then left the room. The head sat on her bed, taking the pillow Len had his head on and hugging it close to her chest. When she took a deep breath, that banana scent filled her nose. He always smelled so good. And she would usually tell him that.

She took in another gulp of air. But along with the banana scent, the putrid smell of smoke filled her nostrils. She only brushed it off thinking of Piko making his way into the kitchen and burning part of her breakfast. But when she took another breath, the smell wasn't coming from her door. More directly, it was coming from outside her slightly opened window. Were they grilling something outside? Did they even have a grill? She went over to her balcony window and threw it open, her eyes widening at the sight below her.

Flames rose before her eyes, bringing back memories of her previous mansion burning down. It was happening again. Without a further thought she ran to the wall and rang all the bells that hung there twice, signaling an emergency evacuation of the manor. Already she could hear the screams of the servants as they saw the extent of the fire. She rushed back, noticing that if she didn't hurry, the flames would engulf both her and her precious manor.

The door to her bedroom busted open as she ran down the hall. Luckily, Len had picked out a small dress the night before, so it didn't flow behind her like an oversized cape. And she was glad that she hadn't put on any shoes before she left her room, but the floor beneath her was steadily getting warmer as the flames drew closer. When she made it to the main staircase, Rin skidded to a stop, facing the flames below. She turned and ran down the hallway to her right, where it was clean and fire free. She knew that another set of stairs was somewhere there.

She then thought about Len, who was probably running around looking for her. "Len," she called out, ripping the bandage off her arm. "I order you to wait outside with the rest of the house members!"

She heard a faint call of her name as she saw Len outside when she passed by a window. Without looking, she had slammed face-first into a wall, and stumbled backwards, losing her balance. As she sat on the ground rubbing her nose, she noticed the flames coming closer from behind her. She quickly stood up—too quickly—and a burned piece of the ceiling fell. Her arms instantly went to cover her face, but a large chunk of flaming wood still managed to graze the left side of her face. It stung, and it was terribly hard to see anything, but she kept running down hallway after hallway, until she reached a staircase. Looking down, she muttered a curse as she saw flames creeping up the stairs slowly, eating them up. Behind her, the flames were reaching for her. She glanced at a window next to her. The final choice.

Glass shattered as Rin jumped, covering her face with one hand and holding her dress down with another. From the corner of her right eye, she could see the red and orange flames get higher and higher. She let out a shriek as she landed in a pair of arms, and shook as she was set softly on the ground. When she looked up, she saw Gackupo looking down at her sadly. He trailed one hand over the side of her face that was burned and let out a sigh, "You can't get out of anything without getting hurt, can you?"

She swatted his hand away and took a few deep breaths. Len jogged up to her and wrapped his arms around her. He hadn't seen her face just yet. "What was that order, Rin? I was so worried…"

Rin didn't hug back, she was in too much pain. The shards of glass from the window were lodged in her arms, and she could smell the ugly scent of blood running down from the wounds. Len pulled away and his eyes widened at the sight of her face. The entire left side was bright red, and some of the skin was already peeling off her face. He let his fingers trace the outline of the burn, and she winced, tears springing into her eyes. He quickly took his hand back as she looked away. Gackupo put a hand on Len's shoulder, "You and Lady Rin need to be separated for a while, Master Len."

Rin turned to look at him as Len turned around. "What? I can't be away from her now! She needs me!"

"He's right!" Rin added, standing up and forcing herself to walk in front of Gackupo. "I need him! Please, Gackupo, reconsider—"


Rin was sent to the ground by Gackupo, whose hand was still raised. He had slapped her, hard, on the left side of her face so that she would be able to feel it. Tears streamed down her face as she curled up and held her bleeding face tenderly. "I hate you all! You're all so useless!" she cried out, refusing to look up.

"Lady Rin, it is time to go. You need to get looked at by a doctor," Teto said, taking Rin's arm and helping her stand. Quickly, they took her away as Gackupo held Len back, making sure that he didn't run after them.

"Master Len, you will stay with Lady Meiko and Master Kaito for the time being. Please don't ruin your stay by running away," Gackupo said, sending Len a serious glare, of which Len evaded by looking away. Gackupo then turned, and followed the rest of the house, leaving Len alone. The blond turned around and stared at the flames, his wish of revenge greater than ever before.

Is it what you want? Such power for a young head such as yourself. Are you prepared to take this as your own?

"Enough feeble questions! I want this to be done! I could finally take Dell's life with my own hands if I take this power in."

You do understand that once your wish of revenge is granted, you must come down to where we live.

"I understand. Turn me, now."

Who do you think was talking at the end…?

Hm…I'll reveal it at the end of the sequel…or will I?