Grimmauld Place

The members of the order of the phoenix had just finished their weekly meeting, the ones who were staying in Grimmauld Place were busy preparing dinner due to Molly's directions, all but one.

Sirius Black, Marauder and owner of said house, was simply put pissed that Dumbledore still refused to let Harry, his beloved godson, come and stay over the summer, because according to the old coot he was safer at the Dursleys.

Not only did Sirius not believe this for a second, but he also wanted to stay true to the promise he made to his pup, when they had met 2 years ago, that the two of them would be able to live together.

''Padfoot.'' He turned his head towards Remus. ''Mmh what?''

''He will be fine, Harry is tough, he's not going to stay the full summer at the Dursleys.'' Remus gave him an encouraging smile, that turned evil when he continued. ''After all, marauders always celebrate their birthdays together, right Padfoot?''

''Right, Moony.'' And he smiled for the first time that day. If Old Dumbles refused, they would have to take matters into their own hands.

Dinner was uneventful, simple conversations about work and Quidditch around the table, the upcoming war was discussed during meetings, no need to do it during meals as well.

After dessert Ron, Hermione and Ginny went to their rooms to play chess, while Fred and George went to secretly work for their own joke job.

The adults stayed for a drink, when the kitchen was filled by a glowing golden light, that had all of them shield their eyes. When the light had faded, they looked around to find the source, but didn't see anything at first.

''What the hell was that?'' Asked Sirius, only to be reprimanded for his language by a small 8-year-old with blue hair and grey eyes standing in the middle of the kitchen, holding hands with a little black haired boy who looked near tears.

All adults looked towards them and simply stared at them till finally Remus broke the silence by asking. ''Hello, I'm Remus, can you tell me your names?''

The older boy kept on looking into Remus eyes, before smiling and answering.

''Yes, I suppose I could.'' After that he stayed silent again. Tonks and Sirius started to snigger, seeing Remus expression. ''He got you mate.''

Molly had to interfere now. ''Tell us your names, dearies, then we can help you find your parents.''

The boy looked towards his little companion, who had tears silently run down his face, he looked towards Molly and Arthur and said.

''I'm Teddy Remus Lupin and this is my little brother Connor Charlie Potter-Weasley.''


''Moony, you sly old dog, why didn't you tell me you've got yourself a kid? Like what seven years ago?'' Sirius looked a bit hurt that his friend never bothered to tell him about his son.

''Hey, I'm 8!'' Teddy glared at the tall man.

''Oops, sorry Mini Moony.''

Remus just stood there, mouth hanging open and eyes unblinking, he tried to talk. ''B-but I do-don't...I is your mother?''

''Tsk, tsk, tsk, shouldn't you at least have an idea about her? Never took you for that kind of guy, Remus. Honestly.'' Said Tonks.

That made Teddy snigger quietly, before he started laughing for real.

Just as Sirius wanted to ask what he found so funny, Molly started talking.

''Did you just say that the little ones name is Potter-Weasley?'' Teddy nodded. ''How old is he?''

''Nearly two.'' Sirius' jaw dropped open.

''WHAT? My godson doesn't have a kid!''

''Sirius, stay calm, will you? You are scaring the kids.'' Arthur said. Bill turned towards Teddy and asked him.

''Can you tell us what day it is today?'' He had an idea what had happened here in the kitchen a minute ago and why the two children where here now.

Teddy looked at him and answered. ''Sure uncle Bill, it's the 23 of June 2006.''

Silence. Utter Silence.

''He lives, Moony, he lives, Harry, he will survive and he has his own family.'' Sirius voice had started as a whisper was now full and totally euphoric.

Teddy totally ignored him, he looked at Molly. ''We are hungry, Grandma Molly.''

''Wha...Yes of course, darling. I'll make you dinner, why don't you two sit down at the table, while I whip something up. Arthur, conjure chairs for them.''

One little swish of his wand and there were high-chairs for the kids, so that they would be able to reach the tabletop.

Their where climbing into the chairs dutifully, and looked around the room.

''Why is it so dark and gloomy here? Doesn't look like our home.''

''Do you live here, at Grimmauld?'' Teddy nodded, while little Connor tugged on his sleeve.


''Where Papa, I wan' Papa.'' He sniffed.

''I don't know Co, but he'll come soon.''

''Pinky Pwomise?''


Molly was bringing the food over when they were shaking their little pinky fingers.

''Here you go, dearies, tug in. When you have finished their is pudding waiting for you.''


''I luv puddin'.'' Little Connor said shyly, while glancing through his raven locks.

''Of course you do, sweetheart.'' Molly stroked his bangs back, so he was able to see his meal better.

They let the kids eat in silence, although all of them wanted nothing more than to ask a thousand questions.

When Molly was putting the dishes away, Remus tried again.

''What are the names of your parents?''

''Well, you are my father and my mother is Tonks, but I live with Daddy and Papa.''

''Oh.'' Tonks was trying her best not to blush. ''Wait why don't you live with me and Re- your father?''

''Ohm, you are eh...''

''I believe he is trying to say, that we are dead.'' Remus said in an eerily calm voice.

Teddy only looked down, finding the floor suddenly very interesting.

Little Connor was getting drowsy, his eyes drooping.

''Time for bed, little man.'' Molly said and picked him up, settling him securely on her hip, sucking his thumb he was asleep a second later.

''Aww, such a cute little boy. Come on Teddy, you too.''

''Ugh, don't wanna, Grandma, please, just a little bit longer?'' He turned his hair black and his eyes green, looking up at her with the biggest doe eyes he could manage.

''Oh, okay, but just 10 minutes, not longer.'' She said and left to put Connor to bed.

Teddy changed back and looked to the adults to see Sirius and Remus smiling proudly at his display of mischief, Tonks lips were twitching, Arthur was shaking his head slightly, while remembering his own kids trying to achieve the same, Bill simply said. ''Who taught you to do that so perfectly?''

Grinning he answered. ''Daddy did, he said if I look like Papa Grandma Molly will cave in like a house of cards in a hurricane.''

Still chuckling Bill continued. ''So Harry is your Papa, am I right in thinking that Charlie is your Daddy?'' He got a nod as answer.

Molly returned at that moment, shaking a bit she motioned Arthur to follow her and said. ''Why don't we let Teddy talk to Remus and Tonks for a few minutes?''

Sirius and Bill caught on, nodded and left the kitchen. ''Alright, Molly, what is it? Is Connor okay?''

''Yes, completely knackered out, but you need to see this, follow me.''

Hope you liked it.