''More, Papa, more.''

''Yes, more, more, more.''

''I think that is enough, we want Connor to have cake with icing not the other way.''

His little girls pouted, but nodded their heads.

Connor was at Bill and Fleur's, so Harry could decorate the garden for his second birthday party without him running around, searching for his presents.

It was the first time that he had let one of his kids be at someone's else place, since the complete babysitting disaster with Hermione. He knew he was overreacting and that he could trust Molly and the others, but still. Hermione was still on probation, for taking a prototype of her clients from the office to her home, he hadn't seen or spoken to her since, he knew that Ron was still in contact with her, even when he never said anything. Ron was the only reason that he and Charlie hadn't gone public with this. The incident was handled quietly inside the ministry.

Charlie had taken Teddy last minute shopping, he woke up this morning realising he had no present for his younger brother.

''Okay, ladies.'' They both giggled at that. ''Let's put the icing cake in the cold cabinet, have you wrapped your presents yet?''

''No, Papa, we wrap them now.'' Lily hopped down from her chair, running out of the kitchen.

''Hey, wait for me!'' Rose was a bit more careful in getting down, so she was slower than her sister, she left at neck breaking speed, as well. ''Winky.'' A small pop was heard and his faithful house-elf appeared next to him.

''Master Harry called for me.'' He smiled at her. ''Yes, can you help Rosie and Lily, they are upstairs wrapping the presents for Connor.'' Winky nodded and popped away.

Harry shook his head smiling, he had just started on lunch, when the Floo flared up and Charlie and Teddy returned.

''Hey, did you find what you were looking for?'' Charlie hummed and walked over, drawing Harry into a lingering kiss.

Teddy nodded eagerly.

''Well, are you going to tell me?'' Charlie exchanged a look with Teddy and said slowly.

''Promise to stay calm.'' Harry narrowed his eyes, what have they done now?

He crossed his arms. ''Papa, we bought Co a broom, so Daddy and I can show him how to fly.''

''Okay, but he already has a broom and can fly.'' Teddy rolled his eyes.

''Papa! I mean a real broom, not this baby toy and since he can walk without falling down all the time, we show him how to fly.''

Harry felt that he was missing something here.

''What kind of broom, a good one I hope?'' And before Charlie could stop him, Teddy had showed the broom to Harry.

He inhaled sharply. ''A Firebolt. A FIREBOLT!''

''Harry, love calm down, you know stress isn't good for you, it is the small-sized kiddies version, especially designed for kids, it is safe. All kinds of protection spells and breaking charms. He won't fly without us watching anyway. It's going to be fun, just like when we taught Teddy how to fly, you remember?'' Green eyes narrowed.

''Pfft, of course I remember, I'm not senile.'' Teddy jumped up and down.

''It's going to be fun, Papa, please, please, please.'' Harry nodded and Teddy whooped and skipped out of the kitchen. Harry grabbed Charlie's shirt and drew him closer, till he could look right into his husbands eyes, their lips nearly touching.

''Charlie.'' His breath was tickling Charlie's lips.

''Yeah.'' Charlie breathed back. Harry was wetting his lips, Charlie's eyes following the slow movement of his tongue. Harry's hand came up and traced the seam of Charlie's lips, before sliding down his jaw and neck, travelling to his back and taking hold of his hair, tucking him closer. Harry's lips were against his, touching without pressure, sending goosebumps down Charlie's spine when he began to speak.

''If Connor gets one scratch or bump, I know someone who won't be having any fun for a long, hard time, unless he counts fun on his own, okay?'' Charlie swallowed and nodded. He knew it was a bad idea to give in to Teddy, but he rarely could say no to one of his four kids.

The party started at half three, after the kids afternoon nap, needless to say it was a big hit and Charlie had made double sure to never take his eyes of the kids when they were trying out the broom. He didn't like the threat his husband gave him, the one week without being that close to his husband for no reason was more than enough. Although he couldn't prove it, he knew it was Black.

That vile man had jinxed him, after coming back to his own time the reunited family had spent the evening together, cuddling, playing, simply enjoying each others company. The horror had started when the couple retired for bed, Charlie had stripped down, to change in his nightclothes when he saw his nether regions being covered by a red fabric. A small sign was hanging on a cord, he picked it up and turned it around so he could see the writing on it.

Out of order

He shook his head and had started to get rid of it, only to discover that it didn't budge. He growled angrily, getting his husbands attention. He used his wand, but the stupid thing stayed. Harry tried as well, but the only thing that changed was an addition to the script.

Nice try, Prongslet. Why don't you try again, next week. Yours dearly, Padfoot.

And that was it, nothing worked, he had to wait one long week till the thing vanished.

Hope you liked it. Thanks to all reviewers and readers. Rewritten, October 2011

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