Hello guys! I'm Gilly/Lillytail, and this is my second warriors fic! (The other got no attention whatsoever. Oh the sadness)

I wrote this a while ago for the Official Warriors forum and forgot to post it here.

It's basically Brightheart's thoughts about the whole Daisy thing. *stabs Daisy with a spork*

Sorry if it's a little...gorey, but Warriors has never exactly been sunshine and flowers, huh?

It's short and all, but I hope you guys like it! I might write some more "So-and-so Speaks" and add them here, but it depends. :P

It depends if you guys review and TELL me to do more of this stuff.

Anyway, Warriors (c) Erin Hunter

Please enjoy!

I hated her.

I wanted, more than anything, to feel the rip of her perfect, beautiful fur under my claws. I wanted her to regret every scornful glance she sent my way, every obvious hint she was the one for Cloudtail. I wanted her to wish she'd kept her mouth shut when she called me ugly.

Cloudtail told me all the time, through those horrible moons, that he thought I was still the loveliest cat in the clan, even if my horrible scars drove every other cat away from me. They all seem to think I'm blind with the looks they give. Cloudtail understood. He knew what it was like to be different. He knew what it was like to be the gossip of the clan.

She, on the other hand, was beautiful. She had perfect cream colored fur, two perfect blue eyes, a perfect mew, and a perfect smile. I had short, messy white fur with ginger splotches, one angry green eye, a hoarse mew, and a lopsided smile. It was almost satisfying that Cloudtail loved me and not her.

But it never turns out like that, does it?

I dreamt of her, some nights. They were always dreams filled with scarlet blood. She was always looking at me with her perfect blue eyes. I would always claw them both.

I would always wake up before I delivered the death blow.

I would sit there, not certain what was my dream and what was my reality, and I would wonder if I had done another thing I would regret.

But then, I would go outside and there she would be again, her perfect cream colored fur unstained, and her perfect blue eyes still there.

And I would hate her again.

And the dream would return.

Cinderpelt told me that Cloudtail still loved me. She told me that Cloudtail would never leave me for Daisy. I'd like to say I believed her, but that would be a lie.

Cloudtail tried his best to teach Daisy to fight. She was good, but she was as cowardly as a mouse trapped by a badger. Her precious little son Berrykit lost his tail, and it was like she lost all her will to do anything to help the clan at all. She was a useless lump of perfect, cream colored fur.

I was almost a lump of useless fur.

But I wasn't. At least I had the will to fight. So I succeeded. Cloudtail loves me. He does, I know. But she loves him. And he's a mouse brain when it comes to love that isn't his.

But he's my mouse brain, not Daisy's.

And I still wonder if I'll do something to Daisy that I'll regret, like in my dream.

Will I regret it?