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Chapter 1

Everyone has regrets. It's just a part of life. People have things they've said that they wish could be taken back and there are others, like Julian Larson, who regret what they didn't say. At least if you said something you got some sort of result out of it, but when you fall under the category of coward and don't say anything at all you wonder "what if" constantly. It's pure torture.

After 5 years you would think these feelings of regret would have gone away by now, but they never did.

Julian hated acting. He always has. In fact, the only thing he liked about the job was the pay that came from it, and maybe at first he enjoyed the popularity. But that enjoyment had run out pretty fast due to an overly obsessive fan back during his days at Dalton Academy. After a restraining order, Adam had finally left him alone but the feelings he had towards his fans was never really the same after that.

Julian could never shake the thought that if he had admitted his feelings years ago when they were still in high school that things would be a whole lot different now. Maybe instead of sitting in a trailer alone (this has become his typical day lately), he would be spending this time with the guy who has always been his best friend even through their constant fighting.

Julian had thought it was just a simple little high school crush, and because he saw him every day the feelings may not have seemed as strong towards the blond boy. It surprised Julian that his feelings towards Logan never went away since the last time they saw each other at Dalton.

But it shouldn't matter now, because they had both moved on; especially Logan. Logan had never given him reason to believe that he was interested, so why were Julian's thoughts filled with nothing but Logan? He was Julian Larson! He had fame, fortune, and was dating one of the hottest models in Los Angeles. The thing that worried him the most was the fact that he didn't care about any of it. The only thing he has ever really cared about was gone and he was never coming back.

As he looked down at the shirt wardrobe had given him to wear for the movie he was filming, he couldn't help but kick himself for thinking about how the shade of green in the shirt matched the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and that he would probably never forget. That made him regret never telling Logan how he felt about the beauty of his eyes, or how he felt in general.

Before he could continue his reverie, the door to his trailer was pushed open letting in one of the crew members.

"Mr. Larson, they're ready for you on set," said the short blonde girl at the door.

He had to leave for set pretending to be happy about his work, even though he would never be happy without that blond boy with the beautiful eyes.

"I'm coming," he said not much louder than a whisper.

Thanks to his acting talent, he was able to wipe away any thought that he had about Logan, and continue with his life like it had never happened.

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