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One year later…

"Rach? Sweetie?" I tossed my keys onto the table just inside the door of our single bedroom apartment and set my book bag on the floor. Classes had dismissed for spring break and I was looking forward to spending some quality time with my very soon-to-be wife. Sexy "quality" time… especially after I gave her the surprise I had in my pocket…

"Baby!" Rachel exited the kitchen and tackled me, sending both of us up and over the arm of our overstuffed couch.

"Umph! Oh-h, ow," I laughed. "Damn, Rach. Excited to see me?"

She smiled down at me and pecked my lips firmly. "Language, Quinn, and yes, ecstatic."

I rolled my eyes at her chastising. She's got a mouth like a fucking sailor… Before I got myself in trouble, I quickly redirected my thoughts.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of such an 'enthusiastic' hello?"

"What?" she replied, doe-eyed. "Can't I just be excited that you're home?" She finished her question with her adorable lip pout and her hand slid up my arm, dragging her nails lightly across my skin. I knew that pout—it was playful and it meant only one thing... She wanted something and she would get it.

I dropped my eyes to Rachel's fingertips that were drawing lazy patterns against the exposed skin at the V of my shirt. She bent down and touched the tip of her tongue—her super-talented tongue—to my chest. Not wanting to give her the satisfaction of me caving just yet. I played along.

"Really? How excited are you?" I asked, my voice low and challenging.

"Oh, Quinnie, you have no idea how excited I am," she husked.

I shuddered under her at the raw prowess in her voice and the way she said, 'Quinnie.' Yup, definitely not giving in… yet.

"I was so excited, in fact, that I had to calm myself down while I was waiting for you… twice." Her smirk bore down on me with heat and wanting.

Holy fuck. Is she serious? She can't be serious. Damn, look at her eyes. She is serious.

Wanting the very hot details, I choked out, "How did you calm yourself down?"

"Now, Quinnie, what have I told you about asking silly questions? I'm sure you can use your imagination." She punctuated 'imagination' with a flick of her tongue across my bottom lip. Then she continued, "I was just so happy that we would be spending the whole week together… alone… in our own apartment… with no interruptions… and no neighbors."

I shut my eyes as I envisioned all I would get to do to her this week; they clenched tighter when I thought about all she would do to me. Let's see…should we start with the toy box or some sweet vanilla loving? In the bedroom? Or maybe on the kitchen table…

Rachel's sharp tug on my nipple through my shirt brought me back. She smiled softly.

"Plus," she said in a sickly and enticingly sweet voice, "I just want to enjoy the company of my intelligent, beautiful, witty, sexy, sweet, awesome—"

I stopped her before I gagged. "Okay, okay, what do you want? You may as well just tell me…" I shook my head, while looking into her now smiling eyes.

"Okay," she started with a mega-watt smile, "so, you know that old revival theater I've been wanting to visit?"

I nodded. I suddenly realized where she was going with this. I had seen a flyer at school. They were showing a Babs' Spring Break marathon. Starting Sunday evening, the theater would play a 36-hour marathon of some of Barbra's most memorable films. Figuring Rachel would absolutely love this, I stopped at the theater. I had planned on surprising her with the tickets that were currently in my pocket.

"Cheesus, you sap! You are so whipped!" My HBIC had taunted me the whole way home.

Rachel's bitch bit back, "I don't seem to recall you complaining two nights ago when Rachel's tongue was between our legs!"

It had been so good. Rachel had laid me out completely naked and had used only her warm, wet mouth for what seemed like hours teasing and licking and sucking me, bringing me so close and then slowing down, working me over until—

Rachel's voice interrupted my thoughts from that night. Fuck me, I'm wet.

"Well…" she drew out her introduction, no doubt, to add dramatic effect, as she continued. With her voice distant in my ears, I squirmed, turning my thoughts back to my memory from two nights ago and her teasing from just then, "…starting Saturday."

Wait. What? I blinked away my distraction and gave her a puzzled look. What did she say? Saturday? I thought back to what I read on the flyer and the date on the tickets. I thought it was Sunday…

"Q, are you listening? Did you hear me?"

I replied quickly, "Yeah. Yeah, I did. But… what did you say?"

"Ugh!" She let out an exasperated grunt and sat up, straddling my thighs. "You weren't even listening!"

"No, I was. Rachel, I was." I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I just meant what day did you say?"

"Saturday," she said matter-of-factly.

I pinched my eyebrows together still trying to remember if it was Saturday or Sunday. No, it was Sunday. I was sure of it.

"I, I think it was Sunday, Rach. I saw a poster at school and I'm pretty sure that's what it said."

"No, Quinn. I'm certain Barbra's marathon starts on Saturday. It's Barbra," and to prove her next point, she leaned down and nipped at my throat just under jaw. "I think I'm the expert when it comes to all things Streisand. Wouldn't you say," she paused, then breathed, "Quinnie?"

Her lips pressed against my ear and continued lower as I shifted her leg between mine and began rocking into her. I moved my hands expertly up her thighs to her waist, and in one quick movement, hooked my leg around hers and flipped her onto her back with me over the top of her.

She gasped and her pulse immediately quickened. I pinned her arms above her head and straddled her hips. She was surprised and the shock and arousal that shone on her face fueled my courage.

I put on my cocky smirk and bent slowly toward those panting lips. Searching her wanting eyes, I cocked an eyebrow and whispered thickly, "Wanna bet?"

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