I know I should be uploading Spirals of Fate (yes the sequel to An Untwisted Truth has a title) but I started writing this thinking it would be a flash back but it turned into a prequel to a prequel to the sequel I'm trying to write. The funny thing is, An Untwisted Truth was the prequel to a story that may or not be written and Spirals of Fate is the sequel to said unwritten story. This story will only cover the events during the Silver Millenium not the first season. This will explain all that has been referenced in An Untwisted Truth.

For as long as I can remember I've wrapped my chest. It was never something that bothered me, just another order my father gave me and I would be punished if I did not do. I believe I was ten when he approached me and said, "Zoicyte, no one must know you're a girl. It must be a secret. Do you understand?" I had nodded and not asked questions, however I did not understand.

I was confused as to why my father gave me any thought, after all I was a girl and he was one of the king's four great generals. I found out when I was thirteen that I was to be a general for the prince. His name was Endymion-sama and every girl on earth was in love with him, I was no exception. But following my father's orders I could not express my feelings for him and had to act like a boy.

We trained many hours. I heard from my elder brother, Jadeite, who had also been chosen as a general for the prince, that there was going to be a war. I asked who would attack Earth and he told me Earth was not the one in danger but the moon. I chose not to pester him and continued on as usual.

It was like any other day, except that Jadeite had invited the prince and the other generals to come home with us to construct battle plans. I was sweating from physical activity so I went to take a shower and change. Just as I had gotten my shirt off the bathroom door opened. It was Endymion-sama. All he said was 'I'm so sorry, Zoi-chan' and shut the door again. My secret was out.

I waited several weeks, thinking he would say something or tell the others, before I confronted him. "Endymion-sama, I…"

"Don't worry, Zoi-chan. I won't tell anyone." He smiled warmly at me. He was 4 years my senior, and his willingness to keep my secret safe was a little unsettling. "Although," This was what I was waiting for. "It might just be because; I want you all for myself." The expression on my face told him how I felt about that. "Hahahahahahaha! Zoi-chan, is that really how you feel about me? About having a relationship with me?"

"You're the prince of earth. I'm just one of your generals." I spat at him. I couldn't believe I had to tell a prince this. "A prince, is it not your duty to marry royalty of another planet to strengthen the bond between kingdoms?"

"What it there's no one else I wanted to marry?" He stepped towards me and placed a hand on my cheek. "Please, Zoi-chan, will you marry me?" Before I could answer he had captured my lips in a soft kiss.