Lemon Jam

Chapter 11

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And when your body's had enough of me
And I'm layin flat out on the floor
When you think I've loved you all I can
I'm gonna love you a little bit more

Got to say a few things that have been on my mind
And you know where my mind has been
I guess I learned my lessons
And now's the time to begin
So if you're feelin allright and you're ready for me
I know that I'm ready for you
We better get it on now
Cause we got a whole life to live through...

A Little Bit More, Dr. Hook

"So when did you get this one?" Sam asked while his calloused finger traced the dark line of whirls that ran along Jules' sweat-coated lower back.

She lay naked on the bed, surrounded by rumpled sheets, her hands tucked under her head, resting after their most recent lovemaking session. She jumped as she felt the rasp of his warm tongue start to follow his finger along the tattoo.

"Hmmm…right after graduation. A little rebellion," she sighed. "Of course, now they're unfortunately called 'tramp stamps.' "

Sam's breath brushed against her skin as he snorted, "Unfortunately."

She elbowed him and was satisfied with his grunt before he moved to the next 'treasure' tattoo he had found. His fingers walked to the next inked mark just below her shoulder blade, a small angel.

"And this one?"

Jules was silent for a moment, pausing, enjoying the sensation of Sam's lips on her skin. "It's my guardian angel. I got it in memory of my best friend."

She felt Sam's lips lift from her body, ready to ask a question, so she interrupted before he could speak. "She killed herself. It was terrible. But now, she watches over me."

"Sorry about your friend," Sam whispered against her hair. He nibbled her ear lobe and kissed down her neck as he gently rolled her over to her stomach. "It's good to have a guardian angel." One hand cupped her full breast while his hot mouth suckled a peaked nipple.

Jules arched her body into him, trying to push more of her breast into his mouth while he pulled at one and rolled the other nipple between his fingers. He switched, taking the other nipple deep in his mouth, dragging a groan from Jules.

"God, Sam," her hands clutching at his hair.

"Hmmm," he just hummed against her sensitized flesh and continued to suckle at her breast.

When he pulled away, she cried out bereft as the cool air hit her wet nipple. "Sam, please."

"Oh, baby, I love your breasts. But they are not my destination right now. Remember…I want to learn all about these tats," he said as his mouth journeying under her breasts and tracing along her ribs following the intricately woven vine of lilies.

"For example, tell me about these. It must have hurt…thin skin along the ribs."

Jules sighed as his warm breath and tongue caressed the sensitive skin under her breast. "My favorite flower…stargazer lilies."

"Jules, lilies don't vine."

She gave a short laugh. "They do in my tat."

"Must have taken a long time. It's pretty delicate."

Her hands ran through his hair as his head rested next to her chest. "Six hours. And yeah, it hurt like hell."

"What about this one?" his hand reached down to the lacey diamond tattoo on the inside of her ankle, while he moved his body between her legs kissing this tattoo like the others.

Jules grinned when he bent her leg and started to kiss his way up her body open mouthed. His shoulder bumped her other leg up while his hand pushed this leg up and out, opening her wide to him. He reached her inner thigh, just below the cleft of her lower lips reaching the last tattoo.

He teased and nipped at it, licking at her juices that now coated her thighs and his mouth. "You smell so good, Jules. I just want to eat you alive."

"Ok," Jules wiggled closer, "I'm not stopping you."

"Patience, lover, patience. First, tell me about this. What is this? An M?"

Jules laughed, and lifted Sam's head up by his hair. "It's the zodiac sign."

Sam's already dark blue eyes turned almost black when her aroused throaty voice whispered, "Scorpio baby, Scorpio."


Holding himself above Jules and pinning her with his eyes, he entered her completely in one smooth stroke making her cry out at the sudden pain pleasure. Sam waited until he felt her body adjust to him and then began to move, never breaking eye contact. The rhythm was slow, moving until his tip was almost completely out and then thrusting in again, pulling out slowing and then thrusting.

Every time he pulled out, his hard velvet cock dragged across her swollen clit making her struggle to breathe. And with every thrust he managed to somehow hit some secret place she didn't even know existed just adding to the building storm inside her.

"Sam, soon…baby, I'm going to come soon,"

"Hold on, wait for me."

"Sam…" she panted.

He saw the glazed look in her eyes and felt the tremors building in her body, her pussy clenching around him. Plunging into her wet hot channel, he still held himself over her, capturing her eyes with his, wanting to see her face when she went over the edge, knowing it would be just seconds from now.

Jules cried out as the world shattered around her as her body seemed to tightened and expand, convulsing and centering on her core. She could only gasp for air, and drown in the almost storm black eyes of the man watching her from above. She was drowning in, around him, under him, and she didn't care.

Her hands were on his back and her nails tore into his skin, as her body began to quake and her pussy began to tighten around his cock. "Oh God, Jules," he growled as he erupted deep within her, "you're so tight, keep milking me baby, feels so good. Ohhh…."

Sam collapsed beside an exhausted Jules and pulled her into his arms, rolling her with him as he moved to his back. They both lay silently, recovering their breath, feeling the cool air on their sweat covered bodies.



"I love you."

"I love you too." Jules lifted her head briefly to glance at the clock, and groaned. "And as much as I love you Sam, and as much as I have loved the last many hours, it's now been 29 hours since we last slept, so I want to sleep for a while, ok?"

"And eat when we get up?"

"Eat food, Sam. Not eat me."

Sam snorted. "You are dessert baby, and maybe appetizer," he said as he pinched her bottom. "What would you want for food?"

"Meat. Carbs. Now I'm going to sleep." She was already mostly there.

"Good night, Jules," he whispered as he kissed her forehead, listening to her breathing already evening out as she drifted off to sleep.

Sam smiled as he watched Jules frown in her sleep and as she rolled to her stomach and pulled his pillow closer to fill the space he had just vacated. He figured he would hit the showers and then go get them some food before she woke up. Man, and woman, could not survive on sex alone. His stomach growling was confirming that conclusion right now.

He stood at the end of the bed and watched her sleep. There was nothing left on the bed other than her lovely naked body, a bunch of pillows and a single white sheet that only barely covered a leg and part of her bottom. He licked his lips, biting the inside of his mouth. She was so beautiful, all curvy and tanned. He was already rock hard, even though it had just been a couple of hours since he'd had her.

Sam shook his head even as he sat carefully at the bottom of the bed near her legs. One leg was bent to the side and the other straight and he slid carefully between. As soft as a whisper, his fingers touched the soft sensitive skin of her inner thigh and slid up until they reached the cusp where her bottom rested on her thigh. He knew exactly when she woke as she stiffened and then slowly relaxed but didn't move and didn't even open her eyes.

The roughness of his fingers contrasted with the velvet softness of her skin sending shivers along her spine. As he caressed her bottom her hips moved unconsciously in a circle rising to meet his touch. When she moved, he stopped his touch until she settled again. Sam stroked along the curve of her cheeks and when drew his fingers along the long crack of her ass, she gasped at a touch in such an intimate place.


He looked over at her, his brow furrowed, "Are you ok?"

Jules snorted. "I'm pretty sure I'm not going to hyperventilate anymore. And the sheets are going to need to be washed. But yeah, I'm great."

Sam grinned broadly. "Good." He moved to get up, gently rubbing her bottom as he did. "I'm going to clean up and get a bath started. You are going to need one. I don't want you to get sore."


He turned, his eyebrow lifted.

"A long hot soak sounds great. Thanks for thinking of that. Are you going to join me? I think we could both stand to clean up."

She drifted off as she heard the bath water turn on.

"Jules? Come on baby, the bath is ready," Sam said as he pulled her up to him. He led her to the bathroom. The bath dark except for the glow of candles and the warm and steamy air smelled of lavender. He got in the tub before her and helped her in, settling her against his hard chest. Jules could smell the lavender Epsom salt he scented the water with and felt herself immediately relax into the almost too hot water. She felt his hands begin to wash her body with the puff filled with her shower gel, gently washing her shoulders, lifting her hair out of the way, kissing the newly cleansed skin as he rinsed the suds away.

She let him bathe her, once again turning her body over to his care as he washed each hand, and each individual finger, raising each arm in the air as he spread bubbles along her arms and then rinsed them away, once again following them with a kiss. His hand took the bar soap and washed her body under the hot water, cleansing each breast, lifting one and then the other, sliding his hand down her stomach, leaving a trail of soapy bubbles.

As he reached her pussy her hands went to push him away, but he whispered, "I know Jules, no more, just cleaning." He gently parted swollen sensitive folds and carefully cleaned and rinsed and then moved on, knowing she could not take any more for the time being.

Jules loved the feel of his hands on her body. She had never felt so loved, so cared for. Soaking in the tub was necessary given everything they had done tonight, today? She wasn't even sure what time it was anymore. And his touch was gentle as he cleaned her body, demanding nothing just wanting to take care of her. As he washed her hair, his fingers massaged her scalp and she felt her body become almost boneless.

"Sam, have you ever," she paused, "done anything like that before?"

He tilted her head back to rinse the suds from her hair. "No."

Jules tilted her head back and looked at him in surprise.

He shrugged as he turned her head again to rinse again.

"So how did you know how?"

"I can read, Jules. I wanted to experiment."

Jules laughed and leaned back against him. "Ok, so I guess neither one of us are anal virgins anymore."

He leaned down and nipped at her neck, leaving a small red mark. "I guess not. But I meant what I said, I do want to fuck your ass, Jules," he whispered against her neck.

"I get that. Geez, Sam…your hard just thinking about it. Aren't you done yet?"

"I told you I couldn't get enough of you. I waited forever. Now, I want it all." His voice rumbled through the small bathroom.

"Well, my body has had enough for now," Jules rolled over to float above his body.

"I know baby," Sam leaned in to lightly kiss her, surprised when she deepened the kiss, drawing him into her mouth.

"But I might still be able to do something for you, if you need it." Jules' eyes glittered in the glow of the candles, her hands reaching through the water for his already hard cock. She was amazed at his stamina.

His eyes blazed as she soaped her hands and grasped him, moving slowly up and down his staff, using the soap as lubricant in the water.

"Stand up Sam," she ordered.

He swallowed hard and did as he was told. While he liked being in control, he didn't mind when she took control as well. While the air in the room was warm from the water, leaving the hot water left him a little chilled but as soon as she rose on her knees he quickly forgot any small discomfort.


He was asking permission. Hearing his grunts and moans, feeling his cock jerk in her mouth and his knees struggle to not buckle made Jules feel powerful. She loved the taste of him, the velvet softness of him, the way his hand anchored in her hair. And she loved that she could drive him to his knees with just her mouth and her tongue. That even after taking her so many times that night, he still wanted more of her.

He barely felt the nod of her head with his hand buried in her hair, but it was there. He immediately picked up the pace, not so fast it was too much for her, but enough that he could come one more time. She sucked hard, never losing the pace he set, her finger in his ass, pushing even harder on his prostate causing his hips to jerk against her face.

"God Jules, now…" Sam roared his release into the small room. He felt spasm after spasm pass through is body as he let go of everything his body had to give. Jules' wet tongue carefully licked the small amount of wetness away and then pulled back from him, allowing him to slide back down into now cooling tub.

Licking her swollen lips, she grinned. "Samtastic, I think you are drained dry."

He lay in the water, boneless, with his eyes closed.

Jules leaned forward, gave him a quick deep kiss, and then climbed out of the tub, cleaning up at the sink.

"I'm dead, Jules. I don't think I can move."

"Yep. Been there. Done that. But you'll get all wrinkly in the tub." She turned to the tub and tried to pull him out of the tub. "Help me out here, soldier. Just think… finally sexually sated, clean bodies, clean sheets… does it get any better?"

Sam nodded silently and smiled, dragging a towel over his body. "I didn't even think that was possible."

"What?" Jules asked as she combed out her hair.

"I've heard of dry orgasms, but I've never had one. Another first." He sounded tired.

"It wasn't completely dry, but I think you're pretty done for the night," she teased.

"Give me a few hours, some sleep, some food, I'll be good to go."

"Ah, but will I be?"

Sam came behind her as she drew a comb through her wet hair and nuzzled her neck. "I can make sure you are."

Jules shivered as her body responded his promise.

"Finish here, I'll get started on the sheets," he grinned as he walked away knowing exactly what he did to her.

He was pulling the comforter onto the bed now made with clean sheets, pillows stacked along the headboard. He had on sweats and no shirt.

Jules caught the hockey jersey he tossed to her as he said, "If we have any hope of sleeping for as long as we need to, I need you to wear something."

She smirked as she pulled it over her head, and climbed into bed waiting for him to join her. She snuggled against his bare chest, her hand resting against his heart, eyes already closed.


"Hmm?" He was already half-way asleep as well, spent and satiated.

"If you come near my body with anything that hasn't been cooked and slathered in butter, I'll bite it off."

He snorted and pulled her even closer to his body. "Copy that," his voice drifting into sleep.

The glow of the sun through the blinds told him that it was close to sunset. Jules was still asleep, curled against his body where she had fallen asleep. It was a testament to just how exhausted they both were that they hadn't moved the entire six hours they'd been asleep. Sam carefully disengaged himself from Jules' arms and moved from the bed. He smiled when she just rolled over and never woke up.

Grabbing a pair of jeans and t-shirt, he showered and dressed and then went searching through the kitchen to figure out what they had and what they needed to get them through the next several days for meals. She wanted meat and carbs… he figured he'd grill some steaks and baked potatoes…slathered in butter. That he could do.

Turning off the alarm and then resetting it to leave, he locked the door behind him. Sam gave the small area of trees where he'd thought he felt someone watching them the night before a look but didn't feel anything now and figured it must have been his imagination.

Jumping in his truck, he turned the key and music filled the cab.

I wanna do bad things to you

Sam jumped and immediately turned the car off, his heart pounding and his breath coming fast. He didn't even own this music, had never heard the song until last night. He looked around the cab of the truck and saw the CD jewel case. The cover had been replaced with a picture of Jules and him, looking at each other, taken one day when they had been out after work. Over the picture, someone had scribbled the word 'Mine.'

Sam carefully looked around, looking for someone watching him, watching the house. He didn't see anyone, didn't feel that prickling on his neck like he had the night before. He slowly got out of his truck, leaving everything exactly like he had found it.

He reentered the house, locking the door and resetting the alarm, going back into the bedroom and getting his gun from his duffle bag, making sure it was loaded and a round chambered. It was only then he went to Jules' bedside.

"Jules, baby, you need to wake up,"

"Sam, I don't smell anything cooking. Go away," she said as she buried her head back in the pillows.

"Jules, this is serious. You need to wake up. Get dressed." It was only then the tone of his voice registered and she rolled over to find him dressed and standing over her with a gun, reaching for his cell phone. Her eyes got big as she heard Sam speak into the phone.

"Hey Boss, I think we have a problem."

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