I barked up at Sirius and Remus, who just blinked.

"How did a puppy get in here?" Sirius asked. I glanced into a mirror and saw my reflection for the first time. I was a small black Labrador puppy with a white patch above my left eye, clearly indicating where my scar was when I was in human form. Let me explain a few things to you about what got me here…

Firstly, you should know that my name is Harry Potter. Secondly, no, you may not have an autograph.

Apparently I am an animagus. You see, I was sitting here minding my own business when suddenly, I can across a rather interesting spell. Animagius Lulonius. And of course Fred and George, being their helpful selves, had to come and read it over my shoulder. This now has resulted in me turning into a puppy.

And a damn cute puppy I am.

Sirius bent his hand down to pat me on the head. I licked his finger, purely because Padfoot insists on waking me up every morning by shoving his wet nose in my face. Sirius smiled and scratched me behind the ear.

Oooohhh… that feels good… I can see why Crookshanks likes it so much…

I felt my back leg beating against the footstool. Sirius and Remus now both wore identical grins.

"He's adorable!" Remus all but squealed. I barked at him, wagging my tiny tail. It's rather strange being a dog. I like it.

"Can we keep him Moony, can we, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" Sirius begged, whining like a schoolchild. Remus nodded his head frantically.

"He's so cute!" Remus said again, scratching my neck. I yipped happily. Fred and George were still going to pay though.

"He needs a name." Sirius declared.

"How about mischief?" Remus said, eyeing me with an amused grin. I barked in agreement and rolled over onto my back, my tail still wagging. Sirius couldn't resist tickling my tummy.

Hahaha… Sirius stop it… that tickles!

I guess I must be making a sound that should be somewhat like laughing. wriggled out of the way of the tickling hands and onto my stomach. I looked up at them and barked. I opened my emerald eyes wide, and looked up at them cutely. They both visibly crumbled. Soon I found myself being lifted into Sirius's arms, and felt a nose nuzzling me in the neck. I decided it was time for some payback, and began licking Sirius's nose and mouth.

"Hey! Stop that you little mutt!" Sirius said, laughing and trying to remove my nose from his face. I stopped, and looked up at him and sniffed his face. He pushed me away, still laughing. "He's out to get me, this one."

"No, he'd never do that! Would you, mischief?" Remus said, poking me gently on the nose.

That's what you think…

I hopped out of Sirius's arms and ran from the room.

"Hey! Come back!" Sirius called after me. I ran into a crowed room and jumped up onto the table. I spotted my targets. I leapt at Fred, knocking him to the floor.

Oh revenge is SWEET…

"Meep!" He squealed as my fur made contact with his face. I licked his face with my wet tongue, making him scream like a girl. I heard laughing in the background, which sounded a lot like Ron. Ron knew aswell of course, as he had guessed when he saw Fred and George standing over my canine self. I felt a pair of hands wrap around me and lift me off the Weasley twin. I turned my face to see the scolding eyes of Remus.

"Mischief, no!" He scolded. I dropped my puppy ears and looked at the ground.

"Now look what you've done, Remus! You made him sad!" Sirius said, coming into the room. I looked up with sad eyes and put on my best puppy dogface. Remus's heart melted.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" He said, nuzzling me to his chest. I just yipped and wagged my tail. Remus blinked down at me, and Ron snorted.

"That's a demon dog, that is." Fred scowled as he stood up, glaring at George and Ginny who were both rolling around on the floor clutching their sides. I barked and poked my tongue out at him. He blinked.

"Mischief wouldn't hurt a fly, would you?" Sirius said, scratching behind my ear.

"I don't know Sirius," Ron said. "Harry has a habit of causing trouble."

It took a moment for what Ron had said to sink in. Sirius and Remus avoided each others gazes. The room was silent and everybody was looking at me. I simply sat there gazed up at the two men.

"Well this is awkward." Remus said finally, staring down at me. I yipped in agreement.

"How?" Sirius asked, staring down at me. I point my paw accusingly at the twins, who glare back at me. I then hop down off the table and into the living room. I crawl under the sofa and pull out the book I had been reading, still open on the page with that bloody spell. I shove it in front of Sirius, who, along with the rest of the present order, had followed me in. Sirius picked up the book, his eyes widening when he saw the spell. He handed the book to Remus. Remus read the paragraph, then looked down at me.

"Well Harry," He said. "It seems like you'll be in this form for a few weeks."

"Isn't there anyway to change him back?" Ginny asked.

"I'm afraid," Remus started. "That this will only wear off with time."

I barked, bringing the attention back to me. Ginny leant down and picked me up.

"Don't worry Harry," She said with a mischievous smirk. "I'll get the twins back for you." I licked her face.

Ginny grinned. She wasn't that bad looking, either…

I'll have to ask her out…

Sirius ran a hand over his face, and looked at the room.

"Harry will switch from human mind to animal mind every other day. PLEASE help look after him when he's not in human mind." I yelped. Ginny scratched me behind the ear, and I wagged my tail and licked her face. She grinned and playfully pushed my nose away.

"And they called it, puppy love!" Fred and George sung, grins covering both of their faces.

"Shut it!" Ginny hissed. They both shut up. Sirius looked at me, and I dug my nose into Ginny's neck. Sirius raised an eyebrow at me with an amused smile. I just stared back at him with innocent eyes.

Yep, this Summer was gonna be good.

Is it any good? Please tell me! XD