Sometimes it's just so hard to feel beautiful.

It's not that Lizzie never feels beautiful. She felt beautiful with Nigel, even though he was (unreliable)(unpredictable)(so wrong for her) right for her, but in all the wrong ways.

It wasn't easy being Nigel Uno's girlfriend.

Sure, there were perks like his (oh-so-wonderful British accent)(adorable little smile)(complete and total dedication) ability to make her happy, but sometimes Lizzie doesn't know if that's enough.

It's not enough when she's (being abandoned for a mission)(fighting the scorn of his friends)(being attacked by a tree house) lying in bed, fighting back tears, the break up still fresh in her mind.


(It's been a whole month since she broke up with him, and she still wonders if she did the right thing)


And sometimes it's hard to (pretend she's not hurting)(remember to breath)(look in his eyes) feel beautiful, even though she (wishes)(prays)(hopes) knows she is.

He made her feel (oh so very confused) beautiful, whenever he'd (be late for a date)(abandon her for the KND)(forget her birthday) hold her hand or dance with her like she was the only girl in the world.


(only she's not, is she, because he and that blonde girl seemed altogether too friendly)


Their relationship (was her life)(made her happy)(was the best thing that had ever happened to her) was over, and crying about it wasn't going to change a damn thing.

So maybe it was time to (give up)(let it go)(move on) keep fighting, because she's (young and naive)(a bit insecure)(all together far too stubborn) Lizzie, and Lizzies don't give up ever, especially (except) when it involves the boy she's in love with.


(She just wants to be beautiful. Is that so much to ask for?)


This is the shortest thing I have ever written. I never thought I'd be able to write something under 300 words, but I did it. Oh, and experimental writing style. Thoughts?

I feel bad for Lizzie. She gets a whole lot of hate that she doesn't deserve, and Nigel - for all his good intentions - is kind of a crappy boyfriend. You know it's true.

(Oh, hey, yeah. And I'm back. How're y'all doing?)

Codename KND (c) Mr. Warburton