Start of a new fanfic called 'The Strigoi Secret' aka Origins: Strigoi.

I do not own the VA series, Strigoi or anything of that nature. Samael and Lilith are my own creation within this fanfic and even so- I have been tempted to base them on the religious individuals. (Though that will spoil things if I tell you..)

Below is the brief synopsis of how the fanfic will go- if you like it or review it then im more likely to post the first chapter! :)

R&R! Enjoy!

The Strigoi Secret

Sweet seduction runs through all of our veins. The lifeblood that fuels humanities survival is both a gift and a hindrance. The ethereal, musical and unexplainable existence of the soul is what binds us to this world- this Earth. So what happens when this soul is ripped from our bodies?- A Strigoi is created.

One that has no need for hope or for joy- and also finds no necessity for the emotions of fear and humiliation, instead delighting in the emotions and sensations that are the product of rage, hate and ultimately- despair.

How did this all start? Was the soul always ripped away when a Strigoi was created?- No. The first Strigoi- Samael possessed a soul- a fractured one but a soul nevertheless, but what happened?