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Kurt pressed the sunglasses further up along the bridge of his nose as he walked along the streets of LA. The sun was shining beautifully as he walked along the boulevard. Cameras followed, professional video cameras held by men who knew how to use them. They followed the ex-model along the street, leading from where he agreed to meet them all the way to what appeared to be a store, but was, in fact, an agency.

It had been four years since Kurt had stopped being a model, and only one year since he had actually gotten around to starting his clothing line 'Hummel'. He was releasing a Fall line next month and seeking out models for his show. Of course, one of the routes he decided to take was to call Janice Dickinson, contradicting his better judgment. He couldn't stand the woman, but his lover had told him not to be so silly, and just do it.

Still, Janice was filming her program, and of course they wanted some shots of Kurt coming to the agency and selecting models. He growled the moment he saw cameras, but still played along, not looking at a single one of them as he marched up the bright LA street. The occasional idiot crossed their path, doing everything in their power to get on front of the camera's with cries of 'Hey mom!'

Kurt reached the agency, and pushed open the glass door. Aggravated by the cameras, he purposely tried to slam the entrance back on the camera man, who had been following a little too closely, but the male was able to stop the collision before it hit both him and his camera

Kurt stood in the empty hall looking amazing as ever. He wore a white, slightly loose, black and white print 'Humme' shirt, tight, black jean, stylish boots and a fitted leather jacket. He had some highlights in his hair which he had put in not too long ago. On his white shirt a plain, red badge stood out.

Kurt was fasting. He had donated and raised a lot of money to a relief fund fighting hunger in Africa, and today was the day he was to fast, surviving on no more than tea and water all day. Blaine was in on it too, and they had both promoted the cause.

The designer waited until Janice came out wearing an outfit which made him question her sanity. She laid on the leopard print far too heavily, and yet he still forced a smile, and kissed her cheek and making chit chat before she led him back to where all her models were. Kurt eyed and scrutinized each and every one. All were so skinny with gaunt faces and he was reminded himself some years ago before he was lucky enough to get away from the agency and gained weight. There was a long period in which he took in the appearance of every model. Only to turn to Janice, a look of disgust on his face.

"Haven't you anyone heavier than 70 pounds?" He asked in an aggravated tone. He knew he probably hurt the models' feelings, but he was sick of only men and women who looked no bigger than skeletons. He wanted someone with some meat on them for fuck sake.

"I assure you, Mr. Hummel." Janice said through clenched teeth as she began to twiddle her thumbs. "None of my models are that skinny." Kurt cast them all one more look and shook his head before placing his hands in his pockets.

"Apologies for wasting your time then." The ex-model stated before turning his back and walking out of the studio. He strolled along the streets, glad that there were no more cameras following, although, he was stopped by some people. Twice, he had been asked for his autograph, and the third time a small group of teenage girls just wanted to tell him how much they loved his boyfriend and couldn't wait for the show in three days. Kurt smiled, always loving to talk about his partner of almost five years-Blaine Anderson.

The girls backed away, and rather than make his way straight to his car, Kurt made a detour by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where Blaine was holding his second art show 'Secret Meditation'. The first show, 'Uplifting Singularity', had been a huge success, earning Blaine recognition in the art world. He had mainly shown off pieces he had worked on while he had been able to see, but he also always placed some of his old art to remind himself what it was like before.

Kurt didn't go inside; he loitered around the ground of the building. It wasn't that he didn't want to go in and see the preparation, but he wasn't actually allowed. When spotted, the personnel of LACMA would halt him and not allow him to enter. Had Blaine told them not to let him in? Why would he do that? This bugged Kurt as he wandered along the streets back to his Lamborghini.

In the last four years, Blaine had become very well known in the art world, he made a name for himself other than the lover of ex-model Kurt Hummel. With Kurt and his fashion line, and Blaine and his art they were both raking in the cash, although, they hadn't moved from the small apartment where they resided for the last four years. Kurt drove along the streets, until he reached the apartment complex he called home. A young woman was sitting on the grass with a dog which Kurt recognized as Dodge. Claudia looked up to Kurt as he stood out of the car and smiled at him.

"Hey, Mr. H." Kurt inclined his head.

"Claudia..." He stared at his dog. "Where's Blaine?"

"Inside. He gave me twenty bucks to mind your baby here for an hour or two." Kurt smirked as Dodge bounded over and nuzzled his nose against the designers leg. The brunette then bent and scratched behind the pups ear.

"Oh, ok then. I'll let you back to minding him, I suppose." Claudia smiled and nodded, whistling for the dog to come back to her as Kurt turned his back and jogged to the ground level apartment. He pulled out his key, taking a moment to admire the keying which hosted a photo of Blaine and himself taken in a photo booth. Blaine was gripping onto Kurt, kissing him while keeping a firm eye on the camera. Kurt was laughing with one eye closed because in his distracted state Blaine pressed his lips half on his lover's eyebrow and half on his eyelid. Kurt smiled, he always loved that photo.

He opened the door to hear silence, which slightly unnerved him. He took off his jacket and hung it on a large coat rack before closing the door slowly.

"Blaine? Baby?" He called into the quiet.

"In here." Kurt smiled at the sound of his lover's voice coming from the studio. He wandered along the halls, which they had painted a honey yellow only last spring. The table of the studio had been moved to the side of the room leaving Blaine standing in the middle along with a blank page on his easel, some pencils and paints. The artist turned around to smile at Kurt, who was admiring how his lover looked.

Blaine's once curly black hair was now black with dark blue tips. Usually he would spend far too long in the bathroom, primping and gelling it, experimenting with a preppy look or bad boy spikes, giving every strand equal attention, but now his hair was a mess of curls and flat patches as if he had been wearing one of his beloved beanies. He wore a black top with the long sleeves rolled up and a baggy pair of jeans. He also had a white apron on and wore only his socks. Kurt grinned at the adorable look on his lover's face. His cheeks were tinged pink and his eyes shining. There was something unique about this look which Blaine only had when creating a new masterpiece.

"C'mere." Blaine smiled, indicating with his head for Kurt to come to him. The designer grinned and strolled over, being sure to give his hips a seductive wiggle as he walked. Blaine stretched out and pulled the brunette in by his wrists, locking lips before allowing his hands to wind around Kurt's body, pulling him close. Kurt's hands rested on Blaine's chest and he tilted his head, sighing into his lovers lips as his eyes flickered shut. Blaine's eyes remained open. Even years after his sight came back, Blaine tried to memorize every movement, every expression his lover made.

"Wow..." Kurt gasped, smiling as he rested his forehead against Blaine's. "Seriously...almost five years together, and you still leave me breathless." Blaine smirked and ran his thumb beneath Kurt's lush lips.

"I love that smile." He whispered, and Kurt blushed. Blaine told him that at least once a day and it never got old. Blaine noticed Kurt toying with his cell in one hand and he raised his eyebrow.

"I was thinking about calling Finn." Kurt informed his lover. "To tell him how the search went, but I dunno, he's always busy with Rachel nowadays." Kurt laughed and Blaine agreed. Finn had been with Rachel for over six months now, so it was pretty serious. Kurt was even under the impression the agent was going to propose because once when shopping, he said Finn loitered outside a jewellers store for like 20 minutes, eyeing the rings.

"So tell, how did the search go?" The artist asked. The designer sighed and folded his arms as Blaine continued to hold him close. The brunette then rested his forehead against Blaine's shoulder.

"It didn't go well. They're all too skinny. Is it too much to ask for normal sized models?" Blaine smirked, noticing the pout on his lover's lips. He looked so adorable. Blaine cupped his lover's face and kissed him sweetly.

"C'mon, smile, baby." Blaine pleaded. "I want to ask you something." Kurt's cyan eyes connected with his lover's. "Will you model for me?" Kurt gazed at the blank sheet before returning his stare to Blaine who hoped this would take his lovers mind away from his woes. Not to mention it'd help get his creative…juices flowing.

"Like a...private piece." Blaine's smile was wide, and quite perverted, to say the least, and Kurt felt the soft artist hands fiddle at the hem of his own labelled shirt.

"You could say that." Blaine whispered, pulling the white fabric over his lover's head, making Kurt giggle. When the artist's hands slid to the button of his trousers, Kurt stopped him and looked at the open window.

"Bllllaaiiinneee." He half laughed as the younger man sighed and pulled away, wandering over and pulling the curtains of the window before turning on a single lamp that lit the room in a dim light. Kurt glared. "That light really isn't good enough to paint in." He growled as Blaine stalked over and tackled Kurt's jeans again.

"Don't worry about it." He whispered as he bent to his knees, dragging Kurt's jeans down in the process. Kurt shivered as Blaine pulled off the trousers only to hook his fingers beneath the hem of his boxer shorts. Blaine smirked before pulling the briefs down slowly. Kurt visibly shook as Blaine leaned forward and placed one kiss beneath his navel. "Perfect," the artist whispered, standing up and kissing Kurt's lips. The designer smirked and let Blaine move him so he stood directly beside the easel.

"Isn't this a bit close?" Kurt asked as Blaine ran his hands along his torso. Blaine simply shook his head as he tilted Kurt's face slightly upwards, making sure he was still looking at the artist. One hand was to be draped over his stomach, and the other hand hung loosely to his side. The blue and black haired male rested his hands on his lover's sides, encouraging him to twist his torso slightly to his right, and finally allowed his palms to slid along his lover's body.

Kurt shivered again as Blaine's hands caressed his sides and rested against his hips.

"So perfect." Blaine murmured, kissing Kurt's nose before moving back to the easel and picking up the pencil, resting it in his mouth. Kurt stared at the way his lover's slender pink lips wrapped around the end of the pencil, subconsciously he licked his own lips and let his eyes shut for a single moment. Blaine smirked at Kurt before he picked up a red sash that was draped over the top of the easel. He had never tried this, but decided now was as good a time as any.

Kurt opened his eyes to see Blaine tie the sash around his own eyes. The ex-model couldn't help but giggle at the sight of his partner blindfolding himself.

"Babe, what are you doing?" He asked in a light hearted tone, smirking slightly as Blaine grinned.

"I thought…you know, why not just try this again. I mean I did it years ago without seeing and there's something more personal in touching your subject." Kurt's smirk was broad as he realized where this was going. Blaine took the pencil out of his mouth and pressed it to the page while he sought out Kurt with his left hand. He smiled when his fingertips came in contact with his lover's slender neck. Kurt smiled as Blaine's touch slid up to his face, hand memorizing every feature like he used to years ago. Blaine uttered an almost silent "beautiful" before continuing.

The designer shut his eyes as he heard the scratching of pencil on paper. The room was silent save for Blaine working, the laugher of children outside and Kurt's ragged breath as Blaine's soft hand slid from his chin, along his neck and his chest. The brunette's body instantly reacted and he shut his eyes, feeling his body shiver. Blaine smirked at the feel of Kurt quivering beneath his touch.

"Getting excited are we?" Blaine whispered as Kurt blushed

"N-no." He pathetically defended as Blaine's grin widened, and his hand ran even further south.

"Aw, I think you are Kurt ." Blaine grinned. "In fact...I know you are." Kurt squeaked as he felt Blaine's hand close around his already weeping erection. Blaine grinned as he felt the pre-cum lubricate his hand. The feel of Kurt's body never ceased to arouse him. The younger man's head fell backwards and he moaned loudly as Blaine began to stroke him, his expert artist fingers teasing the long shaft.

"God, Blaine!" Kurt growled, falling forward and wrapping his arms around Blaine, kissing him deeply as the artist continued to stroke his leaking member. Blaine felt Kurt's hands thread through his black, curling hair until he reached the sash and began to undo it. The darkness fell away from Blaine's eyes and Kurt's face came into view, his eyes shut, brow furrowed and mouth reluctant to leave it's place against Blaine's lips.

Blaine had to pull away from the kiss, just to see his lover's body, to worship his partner with his eyes. He gazed at his own slender fingers caressing Kurt's long, hard cock, which looked delectable. Blaine felt himself fall to his knees as his hands ran up along Kurt's legs, which were shaking. Blaine loved how even after almost five years; he could still reduce Kurt to a trembling wreck.

The brunette stood, breath shaking and hand held over his mouth as he watched Blaine fall to his knees in front of him. He felt his body give a quiver as Blaine leaned forward, mouth opened before he engulfed Kurt's entire erection, making the ex-model cry out in loud ecstasy. Kurt's hand instinctively flung to Blaine's hair, pressing his lover's head closer to his body, forcing him to deep throat his cock. Blaine gagged lightly as his nose pressed against Kurt's skin, taking in the entirety of his partner's hardened member.

"Mmmm, Blaine!" Kurt gasped, fingers tightening on Blaine's hair, fisting it, making the artist grunt in pain. Still the elder leaned forward, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked on his lover's cock, making Kurt growl in pleasure as Blaine moaned at the taste that was completely and uniquely Kurt Hummel. The ex-model staggered slightly as his lover pulled back to take a quick breath.

"Fuck, you taste so good!" He growled before running his tongue around the weeping head, tasting the pre-cum on his tongue, causing him to moan loudly. Kurt gripped one hand on the easel to his left as his head fell to the side.

"B-Blaine...oh God, baby..." He cried out in a high squeak as his legs actually gave way. Blaine pulled back, staring in shock as Kurt fell, dragging the easel down with him. The brunette gazed with his large, dark, wet eyes at the easel. "I'm s-s sorry.." Blaine smirked as he took in the pink cheeks and pleasurable tears that stained his lover's face. It was a fact, Kurt hated about himself, that sometimes in the heat of passion he couldn't control his tears, which just made him look all the more adorable to Blaine.

The artist leaned forward and locked lips with Kurt, who was still eyeing the floored easel, although his eyelids flickered shut when Blaine's tongue ran along his bottom lip.

"I'm sorry..." Kurt gasped as Blaine's tongue probed his mouth.

"Shhh, it's ok..." Blaine whispered, hands running along his lover's body as his and Kurt's tongue wrestled inside the brunette's mouth, causing the older male to whimper with need as his hands ran along Blaine's clothing, tugging at the fabric, silently demanding it off and fast. Blaine growled ferociously as he bit on Kurt's lip while the ex-model's hands wound around his neck and tugged at the tie of the apron. He succeeded in opening it and tossing the cloth away, only to start pulling at the hem of his baggy top. Blaine pulled away from the kiss with a wet pop only to pull off his shirt in record time. Kurt barely had time to admire his lover's taut abdomen before Blaine was upon his again, kiss-sucking his face.

Kurt wound his hands in Blaine's hair as the younger man pressed him back into the plastic coated floor. Blaine's hands were braced on the floor and he was so wrapped up in Kurt he was unaware that his paint was spreading across the plastic due to Kurt dragging the easel and equipment down. He was also oblivious to the fact that his hand was dipped in the wet paint as Kurt began to tug at his trousers.

"Get them off." Was all the blond could manage to say as Blaine's hands flung to the button and assisted in pulling the denim off. Kurt only vaguely noticed the streaks of blue and yellow being cast over his lover's stomach as Blaine's hands brushed against his own abdomen. The ex-model instead looked around for lubricant of some kind. He grinned when Blaine produced some lube from the pocket of the jeans he just took off. "Someone came prepared." Kurt stated, arching up before taking the lubricant from his lover. A cheshire grin crossed Blaine's lips as he leaned in to kiss Kurt .

"C'mon, you hardly think this could have gone any other way." He whispered, tongue darting out and licking the brunette's lip ring. Blaine hissed as Kurt's hand, slick with lubricant, wrapped around his member.

"I need you." Kurt growled as he stared with wide eyes at his own hand preparing Blaine's cock. "I need you inside me now!" Blaine nodded and took the lube, pouring some on his fingers. His mind was clouded by arousal and he instantly slipped two fingers into Kurt's entrance. The designer's eyes widened as something between a moan and a choke escaped Kurt at the sudden intrusion of his body. Blaine bit his lip as his lover's hand tightened on his member.

The brunette rocked his hips, encouraging Blaine to stretch him. He growled loudly and let his head rest back on the plastic as his lover scissored him.

"More…I need…I need you…" Kurt stretched his arms out, pulling his lover close. Their lips loved instantly, Blaine removing his fingers from inside of his lover and resting them on either side, once more pressed against the paint on the ground.

"Kurt…" He whispered, feeling his body settle between his loves legs. With a gasp he flung his hands to the boys sides, holding on as if for dear life. He was vaguely aware of the paint rubbing onto both of their bodies as he leaned close and pressed his lips to Kurt's, eyes closed. For some moments they kissed, Blaine hovering above his lover before Kurt pulled him close.

"Please…" He whispered, feeling the squidgy paint behind him press into his back. "I need you Blaine." The elder needed no more prompting, he held onto his lover, pressing his lips to his as he sank inside with a moan, ready for the both of them to make their own work of art.

Kurt was going mad. He had one week until his Fall fashion show, showing off the new line of 'Hummel' clothing, and yet he had no models. It was the day Blaine's newest art show was opening to the public and while he was supposed to prepare himself to look the part of his lover's arm candy, Kurt just sat on their bed in his boxers sulking.

Blaine crawled along the now blue, cotton sheets of the bed and rested his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"Are you ok?" The brunette shook his head.

"No...I have no models." Blaine smirked and kissed his lover's neck, nuzzling his nose against the designer's cheek.

"Babe. everything will work out for the best. I promise. Now please, c'mon. I wanna show you off on front of the media." Kurt smirked and stood up off the bed. He had his clothing lain out. Tight black pants, a white under hoodie over which he wore a long sleeved black jumper and black leather jacket. Evidently Kurt had a thing for black. He was always very colour coordinated, but he knew black was the most flattering on him and he wanted to look his best for Blaine.

As he changed, Kurt allowed himself to look at Blaine and his outfit. The younger man wore some worn, light blue denim jeans, a short sleeved grey top and over it a leather jacket like Kurt's although his own was brown. His outfit had simply been thrown together, and yet, he looked a million dollars. Kurt felt his heart warm, he loved the fact that Blaine Anderson was his boyfriend.

Soon they were both ready. The contemplated arriving in the purple Lamborghini or Blaine's Camero, which he had bought four years ago, second hand. They both loved the small car which was far from celebrity status, but simply for the occasion, the Lambo seemed more appropriate.

"Pity Brittany and Sam couldn't come." Blaine stated suddenly as he looked out the window while Kurt drove the vehicle.

"The joys of parenting I suppose." Kurt grinned recalling Sylvie and Joel Evans, the twin, troublesome two year olds who Kurt and Blaine were both god parents over. Kurt was godfather to Sylvie and Blaine was godfather to Joel. The children were spoilt by all four adults, but unfortunately today was the day Brittany and Sam were to talk to the people over the crèche they hoped to send the twins to.

Kurt drove them to the museum where nothing short of hundreds of art fans awaited outside for the man of the hour. Kurt grinned as they pulled up beside the building and they both got out. Blaine smiled handsomely as the people cheered for him. Cameras flashed his way and he grinned and waved before stretching out a hand towards Kurt who took it and allowed Blaine's arm to wind around him.

"Mmmnn." Blaine smiled, turning to look at him. "Some sexy trophy boyfriend you are." Kurt laughed as more people took photos.

"You'd better believe it." He laughed and allowed Blaine to lead him to the front of the museum. Blaine would sign some autographs, pose for photos with Kurt and with fans and also kiss the occasional cheek causing many girls to swoon. Kurt laughed as he watched his once timid, self conscious boyfriend bask in the glory of fame as if he had been born into it. An artist who had become one of the best after being blind for many years of his life? How couldn't he be a hit?

The doors opened and Blaine walked in with Kurt, followed by the many fans, paparazzi and art critics. The large museum hosted many pieces of art from Blaine. Kurt had seen a few, but not all of them. Outside of a few random pieces of art, the show had a theme. Blaine had created a character and throughout the pictures it showed his journey through fame, becoming greedy and corrupt and eventually failing. It was somewhat abstract but the theme was evident.

Blaine spoke to some people, answering the questions of fans and media and at one point Kurt broke away to admire one piece he hadn't seen. A young girl of about nineteen stood on front of him, marvelling the piece. She was quite pretty with dirty blond hair cut in a bob and glasses. Kurt stood along side her, not taking his eyes off the painting.

"It's awesome right?" He said, trying to strike up a conversation. The girl mindlessly nodded, a smile on her face.

"It's amazing. I love Blaine Anderson's art, he's such an inspiration." The girl looked to Kurt and her eyes widened. "Oh my god you're Kurt Hummel." The brunette didn't nod or even make a movement. Where had he seen this girl before? "You don't recognize me do you?" She asked in a timid fashion, lowering her head.

"You're the girl from the eye clinic aren't you?" The young woman lifted her face, a grin crossing her lips.

"Yes...my name's Maire." Kurt grinned broadly as he looked her up and down.

"You got your sight back. That's fantastic." She blushed and nodded.

"Only last year. I had to wait until I was eighteen...I have to wear glasses because they couldn't repair it 100% but I'm so happy about it." Kurt grinned and nodded, tilting his head to look at the pretty girl. She had a nice hourglass figure and was quite pretty. She was also looking at him as if he was crazy. "Is there something wrong?" Kurt shook his head.

"Not at all...Maire...I'm putting on a fashion show in a week...how would you like to be a model in it?" The girls eyes widened and she bit her lip.

"I-I'm not a model..." She defended and Kurt laughed.

"Exactly...look..." He sought out a pen in his pocket, it was one of the ones they were giving away in the lobby which he scooped up randomly, he could never resist freebies. "Here's my number. I would love to hear from you, if you'd be interested ok?" He scribbled the digits on the back of her hand. Maire was blushing madly. "Ok?" She nodded now and bit her lip as Kurt pulled away. "Well I'd better be going, but it was nice to meet you and I'd love to hear from you." Kurt jogged off to where Blaine was standing, lost in his own world as he watched people enjoy his art.

"There you are." Blaine grinned as Kurt rushed to his side, taking his hand in his own. Blaine stretched out and kissed his lover on the cheek to show his appreciation for his unconditional support. "You look awfully happy." Kurt nodded and nuzzled his nose against Blaine's neck.

"I am because I've had a brainwave about this fashion show." Blaine turned to face him, looking genuinely interested. "Random people. People on the street, normal women and men and I can pay them. What do you think?" Blaine laughed at the excitable look on Kurt's face, he couldn't help steal a kiss.

"It sounds a great idea, babe." Blaine smiled, hooking an arm around his lover's waste. "But can you start your search later?" Kurt grinned and winked at his lover.

"Oh, I see how it is. This is Blaine time not Kurt time." The artist laughed and shook his head, leading Kurt to the furthest wall of the exhibition room.

"No. I just have something I want to show you."

Blaine led Kurt along the large room, dodging media, fans and art work. As they came close to the opposing end of the hall Blaine began to talk.

"I want to show you this...There's one piece...it means a lot to me and I want your opinion on it." They stopped walking and Kurt was looking to Blaine. He hadn't noticed the art piece resting on front of them.

"You know I always love your art." Blaine turned to face his lover, resting both hands on his shoulders.

"Once you told me my opinion meant the most to you...and now I'm telling you the same..." Blaine inclined his head to his left, encouraging Kurt to look. He turned and his eyes widened as he gazed at the large art piece on the wall. No wonder Blaine had been taking so many photos of him as of late. The piece was a minimum ten foot by ten foot high wall portrait of Kurt, a perfect likeness although upon closer inspection he discovered the art piece was made up of nothing short of hundreds of small images, all also of Kurt. Different photographs taken over the years by Blaine. At the beach, weddings, Christmas, his last photo shoot as a model, so many memories. Kurt felt tears well in his eyes as Blaine approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around his lover.

"This art show...is firstly about the corruption of fame and how the media can tear you down." Blaine whispered. "It's what I've learned since meeting you. That fame can destroy you. Like with your coming out, me being followed, all the personal questions and invasion of privacy...but...in my experience...I wanted there to be like...this kinda symbol of hope that no matter how shitty things got, there's always that one aspect of real beauty hidden behind the ugliness." Kurt felt a tear trickle down his cheek as Blaine nuzzled his face in the nape of the brunette's neck. "Thank you for being my muse."

"B-Blaine..." Kurt hiccupped as he gazed at the piece. "It's...it's beautiful..." Never once had Kurt ever referred to something he was involved in beautiful without a tone of joking or sarcasm, and yet, as he gazed at the piece he told the truth. "Wait...there's a photo..." Blaine smirked and let go of Kurt as the designer drew close to the piece. He pointed out one of the hundreds of photos, not even an inch by inch in size, and yet, it stood out. "Blaine...this one...both you and I are in it." Blaine nodded and drew close.

"Yup...I wanted one single picture…all the others are just of you...you know what? I knew you'd notice." Kurt began to sob as he flung his arms around Blaine's neck and rubbed his face into the grey top he wore.

"It's amazing Blaine! So amazing, I love it...and I love you!" Kurt kissed his lover directly on the lips, eyes flickering shut as he enjoyed the comfort he found there.

Come a few months, the two men would be together five years, every day they loved one another more and more. They had overcome a lot in that time. Discovering real emotions, who their true friends were, and the tolls in hiding and revealing a relationship. In the years they grew to know one another more and more they had given each other reasons to smile and carry on. Not to give up no matter what happened. Kurt closed his eyes, holding his lover close against his body. He was so happy in this moment.

"I love you too." He heart Blaine whisper and they embraced, a kiss, just a touch of the lips but there was no shame, no fear that they were in public. Because love was all they needed, to make it through.

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