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So this is from a series of other Hetalia short stories written by this author so if I do continue translating more, each chapter will be yet another short story. It will not just be Spamano if I do continue it. I have changed a bit of the wording to make it sound slightly more natural in English.

This particular story is supposed to be a Gakuen AU and with Fem!Romano, but you can't really tell so I suppose you can think of it as anything.

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I love you.

Ti amo.

Those were the words I put right by the other.

Writing them down are so easy but when it comes to saying them, they're just so hard…

At least those were my thoughts as I continued staring at my previously scribbled words.

I wish I could actually say them…

"That's a crazy confession you have written down there~"

"!" I turned right around to face the direction in which the voice had come from. I'm sure there was nobody there earlier! Standing there in the center of my vision was my childhood friend, the very person I wasn't particularly ready to see at the moment. "I've told you not to come in without even asking, damn it!"

"Well know that and I knocked. You were the one who didn't hear."

I don't think you're cute at all with that grouchy face…! Not at all…

"But nevermind that. What's up? So you actually have somebody you love so much that makes you sigh so much?", the bastard asked sounding far too curious.


"Hey, hey! Boss won't tell anybody so go ahead and tell me~"

"I can't say that!"…to the person I like.

"Aw…~ You meanie." Before I could find any time to yell at and possibly smack the bastard, 'Tonio took my pen.




I like you. I love you. Will you go out with me?

"Huh?" I stared at the man questioningly.

"Those are my feelings."

I completely froze at the smile he flashed me. What is going on here?

"Do you have somebody else you like aside from me, Lovi…?"

"What?" He knew? I was found out!

"Nobody could ever make you happier than I can~ So let's go out."

I always knew there was no point in putting my guard down around him but… I thought he was supposed to be insensitive and KY*(1). "You Idiot".

"So what's your reply?"

I grabbed the pen roughly out of Antonio's hands and continued on the same paper.

You're insensitive.



I can't believe you.

But I like you.

He laughed as he was able to make out a "good job". It was kind of frustrating but I don't care.

Because I sadly love him.

*(1) KY: In Japanese, stands for "Kuuki Yomenai" which literally means "can't read the air/atmosphere". In other words, it's just used for people who are slightly oblivious.

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