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Once upon a time, in a far off land was a young girl, born of a lord and lady, they named her Kagome. Unfortunately, her mother died soon after her birth. It was a very sad time for the lord and his four year-old daughter.

Four years later, Kagome was becoming quite lovely, she had midnight-black hair, dark-brown eyes, and fair skin. Not long after her eleventh birthday, her father remarried. He married a woman with coal-black hair, pale skin, and sapphire eyes, with a cold look in them only Kagome saw. Her name was Kagura.

The woman had two children Kikyo, a young girl, not much older than Kagome, who looked a lot like her, except she had sharper features and a cold look in her eyes, like her mother. Her other child was Kanna, she and Kikyo are twins, though they don't look alike, she has snow-white hair, pale skin, and black eyes, she too had a cold look in her eyes.

Little did her dad know, behind his back Kagura and her girls would mock Kagome and call her names. Then, threaten to tell her dad if she said or did anything. She hated Kagura, but didn't tell her dad, for she knew he loved her.

Two years later, her dad died and she was left in the custody of her stepmom. The day he died it was like they vowed to make her life a living Hell. She was forced to live in the attic, and have only a few items. This went on for five years, and that's where this story begins.

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Inuyasha: *still mumbling* no... no... no more sits... the horror...