Max- This is a very late update, I know. But, I have a reason!

Inuyasha- And what would that be?

Max- Family problems.

Inuyasha- Oh, you mea-

Max- Yes, but I would prefer if everyone didn't know I have problems.

Inuyasha- Like with the knife?

Max- Yes, now shut the hell up about it! I prefer people not to know, only my bestie and you know. The only reason you know is 'cause you were there!

Inuyasha- Whatever, I never even knew my dad, be glad you at least know him.

Max- *mumbling* Lucky.

Anyway I don't own I

Inuyasha was just walking around town, he wasn't allowed to leave the castle, so it was quite intriguing to him. It was so interesting for him to actually see what will soon be his kingdom. It was great for him, though he'd never admit it.

He walking around, just taking everything in, when, he bumped into a very beautiful woman with long jet-black hair, fair skin, and eyes almost the color of her hair. But her eyes held tears.


She opened the door and there stood… a short man in regal clothing. What did you think it would be? A murderer? Yeah, right.

Anyway, back on topic, there stood a short, kinda pudgy too, man. It was a pretty funny sight, it took all her self-control not to laugh at the small man's appearance.

"Hello, miss, I'm Jaken, the royal messenger. Can you please give this to the lady of the house." The man, who was apparently called Jaken, said.

"Sure." Kagome replied. 'Maybe when I feel like being yelled at.' She added in her head.

"Thank you. Goodbye." Jaken said and then bowed and started to leave.

Kagome was slightly confused, why were they getting a letter from the palace? 'Oh, well, back to work.' She thought to herself.

She slipped the letter into her pocket. 'Today's going to be a long day…' she thought.

She didn't know how right she was.

Max- Done, finally done!

Inuyasha- Took yah long enough!

Max- Shut the hell up!


Max- Damn you caps lock! Hey where did Miroku go?

Inuyasha- Shopping like the gay man he is.

Max- I thought he said he was going to find food…

Miroku- *holding bags in hand* I'm baaaaack!

Inuyasha- *looks at Max* Told yah.

Max- *sweatdrop* -.- Bye people, wish me luck with these two…

Miroku- I'm not gay! Sango and I are together!

Max- Shut the hell up you two!

Miroku- She's been using that word a lot lately.

Inuyasha- 'Cause she's pissed.

Max- Can you two please shut the hell up for one Goddamn minute!

Miroku- I'm scared…

Sesshomaru- This Sesshomaru would never be afraid of some weak mortal wench!

Max- *fire in backgroung and VERY scary glare* What the hell did you just call me?

To be continued…