Bolt – The Warriors Soul – Book Three

The NeoNutrosian Saga

Bolt and all its characters belong to Walt Disney Pictures, not me.

Everyone knows life isn't fair, that we need to take what it gives us and make the most of it. Lemons to lemonade type thing. But what do we do when the lemons we are given are rotten? I say we take the seeds, and grow our own lemon trees. The things we do matter and can sometimes make a difference. The biggest difference I made was in the lives of my family. I'm an American White Shepherd named Bolt. When I got super powers I saved the world. I never thought I'd save it a second time…

Chapter 1 – Wedding

Eight months had passed from the day Bolt the super dog asked his mate, Mittens the magic cat to marry him. Eight months since she said yes. Today was the day, the day they finally became a family, not just mates, but loyal spouses to each other. He just hoped that Sassy and Shadows didn't interrupt. Looking down beside him, Bolt saw his hamster friend, Rhino, fiddling with the cummerbund of his tuxedo. "What are you doing Rhino?" asked Bolt. "No matter how much I try this thing just doesn't want to fit right." the brown hamster said. Bolt sighed in frustration, and hidden nervousness. Looking around for something to occupy himself with all he could come up with was to make one final check, even if he had memorized the layout of the building just by looking through this one room. The chapel was high, high enough to 'accompany the angels' the preacher had put it. The stained glass windows shined with the light of the afternoon sun as it caused the colors of the windows to bleed onto the floor. The benches were filled with neighbors and, unfortunately, the media. During one of their missions, Bolt and Mittens had accidentally slipped up and yelled at a human reporter while saving her life. The reporter promised to keep the secret, however a week later, they were in the news and on the front page as the only human talking super hero animals called the 'Soul Guardians' as the paper put it. Penny had been furious until Rhino had come up with the idea of turning it into a business thanks to the half human half animal creatures that Dr. Catzer kept sicking on everyone. Of course she manly did business with the Mayors of the towns. Looking behind him he saw the archway decorated in ivy and Mittens' favorite flowers, lilacs. The preacher stood at a pedestal in front of the arch, ready to begin the processions. Bolt's white doggy tuxedo was perfect, not even his fur was on top of it, though he reckoned that no one would notice if it was anyway. His best friend Rhino the hamster, stood next to him in his ball, still fiddling with his little black tuxedo. "Just stop that Rhino, you're making me nervous." Bolt snapped. "Bolt you're already nervous." Rhino retorted.

"This is it." Mittens said out loud, mostly to herself. "I'm going to feint." "No you're not." the cat heard from behind her. Angeliera stood both ready to catch her and ready to scold her at the same time, wings spread and circling around her friend. "Cause if you do you'll be late, and Bolt would be depressed." She said to the black and white cat. Angeliera reached down and plucked Mittens right off of the ground, brought her wings back into rest position and placed Mittens on the vanity facing the mirror to begin brushing the cat's fur. "You have to be strong not just for you, but for Bolt, Mike, Wolf and Hazel as well. Remember, you're going to be a real family now, not just mates." She said. Mittens smiled at the thought of it, "A real family." She whispered as Angeliera wrapped the wedding cape around her neck. Because she was a cat, she couldn't wear a dress, so they made and extra long cape to replace the dress. The fabric was white silk lined with white man made fur. The actual cape touched the floor even from where she sat on the vanity table. To hold it onto her without choking her, the cape wrapped around under her front legs and clipped together in the back using a single strap of silk fabric. Thanks to a special Neutrosian technique, Angeliera was able to straighten out all of her whiskers back to perfection, though nothing could heal the cuts in her left ear. Finally Angeliera placed a cat sized diamond tiara atop Mittens' head. The tiara was defiantly English royalty design. The curves near the top and how it wrapped around right above her ears to fit comfortably on her head. "You look beautiful." The two heard from the doorway. Mittens looked in the Mirror to see Ferla standing there in her pink bride's maid dress ready for the celebration. "It's just about time, Angeliera. Go get ready." She said. "Alright." agreed the winged girl as she walked out the door. Ferla turned back to Mittens and said, "She's right you know. You have to be strong, for your whole family." "I know, I'm just…" Mittens just couldn't finish her sentence, she was so… "Nervous?" Ferla asked. Mittens felt a little of her nervousness fade, but only a little. "Yes." She replied. "Bet you three massages that Bolt is the same way." Ferla said. Mittens turned to the Neutrosian girl and said, "Not a chance."

"When do you think she'll be here?" Bolt asked. Rhino, still fidgeting with his tux suit, said, "Nothing is going to go wrong Bolt, trust me." "Says you, you still can't get your suit on right." Bolt said with a smile. Rhino looked up at his canine friend not amused, and simply shifted his cummerbund to the left a few centimeters and decided to call it good.

Mittens was never more nervous in her life, even when Wolf tried to climb into the unplugged blender she wasn't this worried. Not even when all three of her children decided to split up across the entire yard while the grass was uncut did she get this nervous. She was about to marry the dog she loved, she was also about to die from a nervous breakdown. Looking down the aisle, she saw her family, Hazel with her little pink cape on and a small basket of rose pedals around her neck so she could spread them with her mouth. Mike and Wolf both ring bearers and in cute little tuxedos of their own, the pillows tied to their heads and the golden wedding collars resting on them. Then she looked at him, the dog she was marrying, Bolt. His white doggy tuxedo fit him perfectly and he just sat there waiting for her to arrive. His face showed almost as much nervousness as hers, and if she knew him well enough, she knew he was hiding most of it. Then there were the Neutrosian girls, each wearing a pink brides maid dress suited for them. All having no back to help Angeliera to keep from feeling left out. Rhino had his own black tux standing as Bolt's best man, er hamster, ball included. Suddenly she heard it, 'here comes the bride' began playing on the organ, and that was her cue to enter the room. Bolt looked up to see his mate and fiancé, Mittens walk down the aisle towards him. His jaw dropped at the sight of her in her white cape and diamond tiara. She looked beautiful to him, even if she was a cat. The cape was to replace the dress, being as she was a cat. The cape itself dragged the floor for almost two cat lengths behind her with white fur lining the edges and the tiara glinted in the sunlight that poured through the church windows. His breath caught in his throat, and he thought to himself, 'I'm marrying this four legged goddess.' with a smile. As soon as she reached the alter and looked into his earthly brown eyes, all of time began to move free of them, time stood still and yet seemed to move far too fast to remember correctly. The two vaguely remembered saying 'with this collar I the wed' and placing a golden collar on each other, and when it came time to say 'I do' they were still in a world of their own. They only snapped back to reality when the pastor finally said, "you may now kiss the bride." And kiss her he did, with every ounce of love he had. Every one cheered for the union of the two animals. As soon as Bolt and Mittens finished their kiss Bolt felt a tug on his tux, looking down he saw his youngest son Mike looking him square in the eyes and smiling, "Can we go with you on your Honeymoon daddy?" Bolt could only laugh at the innocence on his son, until everyone heard a large crash from outside. Suddenly a police officer burst through the door and flew halfway down the aisle, landing unconscious on the floor. "I told you we were too late. I wanted to just take Mittens' place but nooooo. You two wanted to wait for that perfect time." They all heard. Sassy the white cat waltzed into the chapel as if she were invited and just arriving late. Looking to the bride, she scoffed in jealousy and turned back to the dust cloud, "See? I could have been wearing that." Out from the dust, a raven black cat the size of Bolt strolled out to meet with the white cat. "Pipe down Sassy, I meant for this to happen." he said. "YOU WHAT?" she screamed, "Why I oughta…" "Oughta what, Sassy? I'm indestructible." The large cat asked. "Shadows." Bolt said with a growl. Looking forward, the over-sized cat smiled evilly and said, "Nice to see you too, Bolt.

End chapter 1