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A Danny Phantom and Shugo Chara crossover.

This is only a Summary Chapter.

Summary: First of All, In this the 'Accident' that gave Danny his ghost powers never happened, and Danny is 11 years old in this Fanfic.

Danny Fenton's family are complete ghost fanatics, always talking about destroying them and dissecting them. But Danny never saw them the way his parents did. He see's them as restless spirits. Yeah, he knew some were evil or trouble makers, But he knew that they weren't all that way.

Well when his family moves to Japan he goes to a new school called Seiyo Elementary. Danny has one old sister Jazz and a black cat with blue eyes named Desdemona or 'Dess'.

When he arrives at Japan and moves into their new home, and after getting settled, Danny wished he could be like a free roaming spirit because he was always bullied and he wanted to help get rid of the worries of bullying. He wakes up the next morning and finds a Black egg with white on the top and bottom with a the white DP logo on it. when it hatches Danny's Ghost Guardian Character appears, named Phantom.

Phantom is a little spunky Ghost guardian character who looks like a mini version of Danny but with snow white hair and bright green eyes. He wears a black long sleave shirt with black jeans, and he has white shoes, white gloves, and a white belt around his waist, Phantom had a black with white jagged trim on the bottom, cloak with the white DP logo on the back.

When Danny Character Changes with Phantom, Danny's black hair gets white tips and his eyes change from blue to green.

When Danny Character Transforms with Phantom Danny's Hair turns white, with green eyes. Danny has a Black jeans with a black long sleave shirt with a black cloak and has the DP logo on his chest. He has on white combat boots, and white gloves along with a white studded belt. Danny can use ecto-energy, fly, turn invisible, teleport short distances, and create a shields. He can use Ghostly wail, but it wipes him out and cancels the transformation (a lot of the powers that he has in the show.)

When his parents create a ghost portal all of the X egg from the ghost zone comes out and only Danny can fight them because of the ghost like powers that they have from coming from ghostly owners. But only his new friend, Amu Hinamori, can cleanse them. Danny captures them in the Fenton Thermos and sending them back to the ghost zone to their owners.

Danny's Personality: Danny is shy, clumsy and is bullied alot because of his small size and his passiveness. Danny is the curious type and that sometimes gets him into trouble. He always want to help people when they are bullied but he is scared to.

Phantom's Personality: Phantom is spunky and has a lot of guts for being so small. But he also has his shy moments when he is around new people. When Phantom want to be alone, sad,or does not want to be noticed, he will pull the hood of his cloak up. He does not stand for bulling and he helps Danny to stick up for himself and others. Phantom also has a very short Temper.

~ So do you guys think this will make a good story? I think it might. But It up to my audiance if its good story or not. after all you are the one's reading and injoying it. Please tell me if it is a good idea or not. Thank you!

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