Secrets of the Smurfed

Sitting on the edge of the destroyed wall, brought with it time for Smurfette to think. Thinking brought memories, and memories brought mixed emotions. The love and happiness she felt when Sam was around, the sadness and rage both times she lost him, and the misery of not knowing whether or not she could save him. Her mind reeled with questions, only a few being answered by herself. Absent mindedly, she kicked her feet back and forth, letting her memories flow through her. She had quickly mastered both of her new waves, letting her easily access all seven of the waves, but she refused to keep moving until she sorted out her thoughts. 'It's not fair.' she thought to herself, 'I just got him back, and now he's gone.'

"It's not fair." she said out loud. "I know it isn't." Papa said from behind her. Smurfette turned her head slowly, meeting her 'father's' gaze. "Hi Papa Smurf." she said solemnly and turned back to the view. Silently, Papa joined her in that view, silently feeling her pain. "We'll see him again Smurfette, remember, Lady Light said that she would grant your wish." he said to her. "I know," she told him, "it's just, why did this have to happen, Papa Smurf? I just don't understand. Why did the Minotaur have to smurf all of this?" Papa stroked his beard as he glanced out at the clouds, looking to them for the answers he wanted, "I'm not sure Smurfette, perhaps greed, or hatred or any other unsmurfy reason. The only way to really understand what he's feeling is to ask him your smurf." he said suggesting his only reasonable response. Smurfette tucked her legs underneath her hugging them tightly, "I miss him Papa, I miss him a lot!" she said sadly. Noticing just how close she was to crying, Papa placed his hand on her shoulder, "I do to Smurfette." he said solemnly. Smurfette took a deep sniff through her hidden tears, allowing a few to fall to her cheeks. The other Smurfs stood back, watching the display in silence, "Do you think Lady Light can really smurf Sam back to life?" Clumsy asked. "I certainly hope so." Brainy said softly.

From the other side of the door, the Minotaur stood triumphantly in front of the prison of Lady Light, "I told you, Lady Light, your guardian has fallen again, this time for eternity, and the Smurfs have yet to enter into my quarters. Perhaps they…" he never got to finish, because the door behind him exploded inward, covering its occupants in smoke. "You were saying?" Lady Light taunted. Minotaur turned to the Smurfs as they stood in the door way, Smurfette bravely standing at the head of them. "Very well, then." he said and lifted his ax to his face, "If we must fight, then I will fight you girl, but know this, I will not show you mercy."

"There's no surprise there," Smurfette said with almost no emotion what so ever, "you haven't yet, why should your end be any different?" This caused the Minotaur to belt out laughing, "You really believe that you can defeat me?" he asked, "Let's see you try." he challenged, and bent his bull like legs into a battle stance. Smurfette moved so that she was across the room instead of in front of her friends before she to knelt down into a battle stance. Silence fell as the two combatants measured each other up and down, guessing at the other's skill, and like a flash they launched at each other. Metal clashed against metal as they struck, Smurfette's speed matching the Minotaur's power, each giving nothing to their opponent. Smurfette bounced off of the walls, using her powerful legs as springs to launch her towards the Minotaur at breakneck speeds and clashing with his ax. The Minotaur in turn used his massive ax to block her strike and swing her towards another wall before the process was repeated. "Amazing!" Brainy said with a gasp, "It's like they're testing each other, neither actually showing their true power before the other does."

"Huh? Why would they do that?" Clumsy asked. "Simple," Handy said, "they don't want the other to know what they can really do, like in cards." Suddenly the Minotaur did something different, he swatted Smurfette at the far wall and brought his ax high above his head, bringing it down on her hard. "Smurfette, watch out!" Hefty shouted. Quickly Smurfette brought her two swords above her head, blocking the blade of the ax as it came down upon her pushing her towards the ground. "Smurfette's in trouble!" Clumsy shouted, and watched as she pushed with all of her might, falling away from the ax, and striking the floor hard. The impact she had with the floor, caused her to release the two swords she had in her hands and sending them across the floor away from her. Stunned and dazed, Smurfette lay on the floor, trying to get her limbs to move. When she heard the Minotaur laugh out loud, she lifted her chin to look at what he was doing. "I'VE WON!" he shouted as he used his free hand to pick up the two swords of light. Placing his ax on one of the tables in the room he opened his hand and awkwardly looked at the two mini swords. Holding them up between both his first fingers and thumbs, he lifted his eyebrow at their size and turned to the Lady's prison. A sickening grin formed itself as he put them both into one fist, and opened the door of the cage. "I told you, my destiny was to rule!" he whispered and plunged the two swords at where he knew her heart would be. "NO!" all of the Smurfs shouted, and stood frozen, all waiting for the scream of pain. Instead, nothing.

The light quickly expanded, knocking the Minotaur to the ground without the swords. "You miserable cretin, I told you that you would be defeated." she said as she floated out of the case. "I don't understand." he said as he watched her inch closer to him. "You cannot use your powers to harm me, only the guardian may defeat me, yet he's dead. Dead at the bottom of the mountain." he shouted as he stood back up and grabbed his ax. The two swords shot out from the light, and struck the ground in front of Smurfette. "I never said that the human was my guardian." she said and began to shrink.

The light shrank quickly, floating to the ground until all that was left was a Smurfette with hair that seemed to be purely made of a gentle spring day's sunlight, constantly flowing behind her head in smooth gentle waves. The dress she wore was simple yet elegant and made of a fine silvery blue silk that looked as if it were woven from the full moon's light. It reached passed her feet, almost making her look like a specter, if it weren't for the gentle smile she had on her face. The sleeve ends were wide and light, flowing in an invisible wind. Her face was of perfect beauty and her skin farer even then Smurfette's, but her eyes were the same shade of blue. Unlike the other Smurfs, she wore no hat at all.

"WHAT?" the Minotaur shouted in disbelief. "You're a…" Smurfette started, and was answered by a nod from Lady Light herself. "So that means that…" she again began, "That's right, you are my chosen guardian Smurfette, Sam was the messenger, the one to bring you the swords, however, I never meant for him to be put in harm's way, I am truly sorry." she said. "But…" Smurfette tried to argue but was once again cut off when Lady Light said "Shhh!" and placed a finger to Smurfette's lips. Slowly Lady Light moved her hand to the top of the Smurfette's hat. Smurfette could feel her injuries fade and her strength return, calming her instantly. "Peace, my sister Smurf, let your worries leave you like leaves in the creek, passing under the bridge."

"How can this be?" Minotaur asked, "You were already once a…" he shouted, and stopped, realizing what he was about to say. Standing up, Lady Light turned to the Minotaur, "That's right Minotaur, I was already once a Smurf at the beginning. You were already too late, for I am immortal." she said and vanished from sight, leaving a whispering message in Smurfette's ears, "Stop him, he means to cloak the world in his shadow." Smurfette nodded, and stood up, before pulling the swords from the ground. Shock set in as the Minotaur stood there letting what he just learned sink in. "I was…too late." he whispered to himself, and began laughing hysterically. "I was too LATE!" he shouted and continued laughing. Stopping in his laughter, he looked to his ax, "So I wasn't destined to be ruler of light." he reasoned, "Fine, I'll just settle for the Destroyer of Light." he said, and took a mighty downward swing at Smurfette, slamming the edge of the ax into her crossed swords. "I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU AND ALL YOU STAND FOR, I WILL BECOME THE GREAT DESTROYER, AND BRING THIS WORLD TO IT'S KNEES!" he shouted and pressed harder, bringing Smurfette to her knees. "I'LL DESTROY YOU ALL!" he shouted again, and Smurfette looked up, concentrating on her Nijiha, her love, her human, Sam. The Blue light shined forth but was completely engulfed in shadows within seconds. "What?" Papa Smurf shouted as he saw this. "That can't be smurfy!" Brainy said. She tried again, using the same light with the same results, then again with each of the different lights of the Nijiha.

"Every time she uses her Nijiha, he douses the light with his shadows." Papa said in shock, "We have to get her out of there!"

"How?" Handy asked in fear, "Look!" Pointing to the ground, everyone saw the Minotaur's shadow as it grew, reaching out for them. "Let me protect you, in return for your bravery." they heard a gently voice say, and suddenly a barrier of light formed itself around them, covering them and keeping them safe from the creeping shadow. The crowd of Smurfs parted, letting Papa Smurf get a good look at Lady Light herself. "Hello Papa Smurf! That is your name now, isn't it?" she asked. Papa glanced at her, curiously, "Do I know you?" he asked. She simply nodded and pointed to Smurfette. When everyone turned their heads, she began her tail, "Once I was like her, in love with a great Smurf. But unlike her, I was too shy to approach him and share my feelings. Instead I waited, waited for him to come to me. You never did Papa Smurf." she said. Papa turned his head back to her, and watched as a single tear fell from her right eye. "Me?" he asked.

Meanwhile, Smurfette pushed back, using every Nijiha she knew, only to have them snuffed out completely by the shadows of the Minotaur's Ax. She forcefully moved the blade to the side, causing it to burry itself into the ground, giving her time to jump backwards and put some distance between her and the Minotaur. 'This is nuts.' she thought to herself breathing heavily from the strain, 'How can he smurf my Nijiha like that, it just doesn't make any sense.' After finishing that thought, she jumped, avoiding the side swing of the Minotaur's ax completely. 'If only I knew the final attack! He wouldn't be able to see it coming.'

"My loneliness was my price, Papa Smurf. I do not blame you for it at all." Lady Light said to him, "When I was young, I had no knowledge of my true power. It wasn't until the others were lost that I awoke to them. You survived because I saved you, but at the price of eternal loneliness. I'm happy you could find a new family, I just wish I could have been there to help you Papa Smurf." Lady Light told him. "But, I don't remember a thing about that day!" Papa admitted. "Because my powers caused you to forget the bad, the shadows, and the evil, brining you only the good, and all that would cast a light on your path. Even I don't remember much about what happened. I have been lonely, so lonely." she said solemnly. "Papa, I hate to disturb this reunion but Smurfette isn't doing so well." Handy said and pointed to the fight.

Smurfette was jumping around, dodging the blade as the Minotaur slammed it into the ground, and smashed tables and chairs. "The Lights alone are week, but together they are stronger than any shadow." Lady Light said, closing her eyes and clasping her hands together. "The lights?" Brainy asked and began thinking about it. "Like the colors are all pretty by themselves, but all at once are even prettier." Clumsy said cluelessly. "Exactly." she said to them, "Only the Mikazuki Nijiha will be strong enough to stop him." Brainy quickly searched his own memories, "Crescent Rainbow Wave!" he translated in shock.

"What do I do?" Smurfette asked as she dodged yet another strike. The Minotaur had increased in speed, leaving her no opportunity to counter attack or rest. Thinking quickly, Smurfette dashed towards the prison, and entered into the area. In his insanity, the Minotaur charged right in, and in the blink of an eye, she rolled away, and slammed the cage door on him. "That won't hold him long." she said as she watched him smile from behind the glass. "I wish I knew what to do." she said. "Peace my sister Smurf." called Lady Light, "Only peace can bring you victory." Looking at her, Smurfette wondered only for a little while, it finally set in.

Remembering her previous words Smurfette, closed her eyes like so many times before, and imagined herself on the village bridge, watching the leaves fall from the surrounding trees. Every once in a while one of the leaves would fall in front of her, trying to distract her from the view. At first she would oblige the leaf and watch it fall into the river, but she quickly went back to the view. More leaves came into view by the bunch, making it nearly impossible to see what she was looking at, and completely impossible to ignore. "Maybe you just need a different distraction." she heard from behind her, the voice so delightfully familiar and attached to so many memories. She knew who it was, who else would she dream of? Sam stood behind her, smiling gently, his focused blue eyes staring her down, daring her to come to him. Without a word, Smurfette pressed her face into his armored chest, and wrapped her arms around him with him returning the gesture. "I miss you Sam." she sobbed as she wished it was real. "I miss you as well." he said, and lifted her chin with his left hand, gently making her face him. Sam leaned in as she lifted to her toes, touching their lips together in bliss. Smurfette let the worries of her life float away, no longer distracted by the leaves that fell in front of her.

Back in reality, the Minotaur covered himself in the shadows of his Ax and allowed it to melt to the ground, before seeping out of the glass chamber and reforming him in front of the Smurfette, his target. Lifting his Ax high into the air, he smiled, a sick triumphant smile, but when he brought his blade down, she lifted her Katana alone, pulsing with all the colors of the rainbow. Unnoticed, his ax cracked even more. "What?' he whispered to himself as he gazed upon the spectacle. Her hair fluttered up, as if being tossed by a gentle wind coming from her feet, the light that surrounded her shined like an aurora, flowing with every color of the rainbow. Never once did she open her eyes as she stood there, still as a statue. Slowly, and quietly, she opened her eyes full of realization, fear, love, pain, regret, and forgiveness. All at once, it disappeared, leaving just peace, calm tranquility. "I forgive you." she whispered. "Huh?" the Minotaur asked in confusion. "I forgive you, for all the horrible things you did. I don't know why you did them, but I forgive you." she told him. "Forgive me?!" he asked, and quickly went into a furious rage, "You should be the one asking for my forgiveness." he shouted, and pressed harder against her, only to have her push him side literally, using simply her katana. "I also pity you." she said, "You prize power over true happiness."

"True Happiness?" he asked, "What rubbish! If things make you happy for only a short time, then having everything would make you happy for a life time." he said. "And yet all you have are things, while I have my family." she told him as she turned to the other Smurfs. The Minotaur simply roared and lifted his ax high in the air, with one quick swipe of her sword, Smurfette launched a rainbow colored wave in the shape of a crescent moon and about the size of the Minotaur's hand, into the blade of the ax, shattering it completely, and causing it to disperse into a black cloud, before shaping itself into the shape of an Ax. Smurfette, launched a second, much bigger wave at the cloud, striking it dead center. The ear piercing screech that could be heard from the cloud, echoed throughout the halls of the mountain, forcing all the Smurfs and the Minotaur to cover their ears in pain. Almost as quickly as it came, it disappeared, and the cloud turned white and puffy before dispersing itself.

End of Chapter