All's Well That Smurf's Well

"My ax!" the Minotaur said in shock. "You have been defeated Minotaur. Just as the prophecies predicted, my guardian has stopped you and your darkness." lady Light said. "But, my destiny!" he said as he fell to his knees, "I was to live forever!"

"You wish to live forever?" Lady Light asked as she approached him, "Then you will live forever as you protect the Labyrinth from those that would wonder in." At those words, the minotaur stood in fear and shock, "NO, not that maddening place again, I'll do anything." he said in panic, only to turn around and run straight into the stone door leading to the one place he never wanted to return, the Labyrinth, a mystical maze that changes every time you turn around or blink, the backwards and upside down stairs made the place nearly impossible to navigate. The massive door was the size of maybe three Minotaurs, and wide enough to have an elephant accompany him. The ornate design of a circular maze was etched into the door, having a simple sun in the middle. "Why is it so different now?" he asked as he backed away from it. "The Labyrinth is a maze that tells a story, this Labyrinth will tell the story of the lives of the people that enter in, your life will now be dedicated to interpreting those stories and making your decision whether to attack or lead out." Lady Light said to him. Turning to her, he said in a panic, "But there was only one way out." he said, "The center of the maze, and the ax was at the center." he said in his panic. "Then I suggest you warn the others." she said to him, and waved her hand. Behind the Minotaur the door slid open, "Now wander forever in your prison of madness." she said, and the ground shook and trembled under his feet, sending him toppling backwards, into the door, before it sealed shut on him, locking him away forever.

Lady Light reappeared in her chambers a moment later, standing in front of the group of Smurfs. "It is done, the Minotaur will no longer threaten the world, or its light." she told them, and floated back up to Smurfette, "For your courage and bravery, my guardian, I grant you one wish." she said. "Bring Sam back, make him live again." she said, hope filling her eyes. "I'm sorry," Lady Light said as she bowed her head in shame, "That I cannot do. For it is beyond even my power." Smurfette looked at her in shock, hope falling to the pits of despair as she stood there still as a statue. "But, you promised!" she whispered. "I told you if it was in my power Smurfette, however it is not, and for that I am truly sorry." Lady Light told her solemnly. Smurfette was about to rush forward and strangle her, but held back at the last minute, forcing herself to remain calm, and accept what she was hearing. "I understand." she said softly, and removed the two swords from her side. "You should keep these, they'll just remind me of him every time I look at them." she said and handed the swords to Lady Light. "That I will, I promise they will be used to defend the innocent by someone who can wield them properly." For a second, Smurfette felt like keeping them, but quickly let them go and turned to run in tears. The other Smurfs followed at their own pace, letting her have the space she needed, until only Papa and Blacksmith were left. "If I could take but a moment of your time?" she said, getting their attention. Swords now somewhere else, she gently grabbed Blacksmith's right hand, and placed something into it, "Use them wisely." she whispered into his ear and turned to Papa as Blacksmith walked away with a confused and unsure look on his face. The two looked at each other eyes to eyes, until realization came to him, "It's you!" he whispered, and she smiled gently, placing something into his hand. "Remember me, from time to time. Perhaps we may meet again." she said and gently kissed him on the lips, surprising him before he was enveloped in light. "Remember me!" she whispered one last time.

Papa had no idea why, but he was now on the road with the other Smurfs, his fist clenched tightly as he held onto something. "…so I said to her 'It's ok, you still have us' and she just started to cry harder." he heard Brainy saying. Papa turned his head to look at the bespectacled Smurf, only to find him talking with Clumsy, who was riding in one of the wagons instead of walking. "Yah," Clumsy agreed sadly, "do you think she'll ever smurf over it?"

"Oh I'm sure she will." Papa piped in, smiling from ear to ear. Brainy and Clumsy glanced at him, not in surprise but in curiosity, it seemed like he was hiding something. "What's in your hand Papa?" Brainy asked. When Papa opened his hand, he found a glowing stick of something, like a soft powdery stone. "I'm not really sure? Something Lady Light smurfed me before we left." he said as he looked at it. "Funny, Blacksmith got two pearls for two of his swords." Clumsy said in a small happiness. "Clumsy, Papa already knows that remember? Blacksmith wouldn't stop bragging about it." Brainy said as a matter of fact, to which Clumsy laughed a little, "Oh, yah!"

Back at the tower of Light, Lady Light set about floating around the room, dusting and cleaning, repairing the walls and watching as things fixed themselves in her chamber. From outside, she heard a grunt, as if someone was lifting themselves up from a struggling climb. A hand no bigger than that of a Smurf's reached one of her window sills, and heaved up a half naked human body, with torn pants. The moment he pulled himself to the sill, he collapsed in exhaustion, breathing heavily and basking in the sun's glow. "You could have just asked for my help you know." she said teasingly. Sam looked up to get a better look at her. "Should have known you were a Smurf." he breathed. "I still have a wish to grant you know, I could return you to your real size." Lady Light offered. Slowing his breath, Sam sat up and looked at her, with laughter in his eyes, "I have a better idea!" he said with a smile.

In the Smurf Village, the Smurfs had returned, and in the midst of setting up their own hero's party. They set around the place, decorating and building, all the while singing their happy little song. "La la lala la la, Sing a happy song, La la lala la la, Smurf your whole day long." Whistles and humming kept to the beat, always with cheer, "Smurf along with me," it seemed as each Smurf was back to what they used to be, happy and joyful, "Simple as can be!" they all sang. Not all of the Smurfs were in that mood however, Smurfette, who was usually running around helping happily, just sat there her chin in her hands and tears in her eyes, "Next time you're feeling blue, just let a smile begin," she slowly and sadly sang, "Happy things will come to you…" again she let a tear fall to the ground at her feet. Silently, a Smurf's mouth crept close to hers, and whispered, "So smurf yourself a grin!" in a very familiar voice. Surprise took hold of Smurfette, and instantly she jumped out of her seat to turn around and look at who it might be, at first she was disappointed to see a Smurf, but when she looked into his eyes, she found the familiar deep blue focused eyes Sam always had, "SAM?!" she called out. Her exclamation was so loud, everyone heard it, turning to see what she was screaming about, they saw a Smurf, wearing a very shinny blue samurai armor and white pants like a Smurf, his hat would have been the same if it weren't for the Samurai crest attached to the front near the brim. At his side, they saw the two swords of light, nestled securely to the thin black belt around his waist.

"Sorry I took so long Smurfette, I was a full day behind you when Lady Light granted my wish to be a Smurf." he explained. Smurfette looked deeper into his eyes, finding everything she needed to confirm that it was really him, "Sam!" she cried again and wrapped her arms around him tightly, planting a kiss on his lips. Breaking reluctantly, he chuckled, "I'm Samurai Smurf now!"

"I don't care, you're still my Sam!" she said and planted another kiss on his lips. 'I can't wait to start my life here.' he thought to himself as he enjoyed her longing and love. They only broke apart when they heard Blacksmith shout, "OH YAH!" at the top of his lungs. Turning to the rest of the crowd, Sam placed his hand into hers, and for the first time, their fingers intertwined perfectly. "I'll never leave you like that again!" he promised in a whisper, and drew his sword, shining with the same rainbow light she once produced. Suddenly the singing started up again, "La la lala la la, Now you know the tune. La la lala la la, You'll be Smurfing soon!" With every other beat, he flipped his sword in the air, creating a burst of different colors in the air that looked quite similar to fireworks. The music continued as they cheered, each Smurf celebrating in their own way, "La La Lala La La, You'll Be Smurfing Soon!" they sang slowly, drawing out the celebration, Sam looked to Smurfette, happiness and caring bright and clear on his face, and on the final beat of the song, slid his sword back into its sheath.

The End