I Accept, Sir

Should have listened to Ray, Zack Blonsky thought, Should have listened and bailed on Jeremy.

He lamented his lack of self-preservation as he was sat in the leather chair and facing he believed to be the most terrifying person in existence, Headmaster.

He did not listen to Ray and now he's in the room of doom (lame title but what else to call it?). That stupid prank Jeremy wanted was the Rooks' ticket to West Campus. So like Ray, a lot of them just did not obey and avoided the whole fiasco. They were the smart ones.

"Zachariah Blonsky," Headmaster spoke, Zack felt his head shoot up and face blank.

"Yes Headmaster?" He replied.

"You are aware that the Rooks are strictly forbidden. So added to the harassment charges, you directly disobeyed campus policy, and thus in a lot of trouble. I should send you straight to West Campus."

"Yes Sir." That's what Ray kept telling him. You're gonna get caught and they'll send you to West Campus!

Of course he didn't listen to Ray, only snapped back how he is still determine to get into trouble just so he can have one fight with Archer.

"You been brought here though, because I wish to discuss something with you."

Does he want me to rat someone out? Zach thought the people he liked the least.

"All the students knows the school's stand, my stand's, against the Rooks. And you have been one how long?"

Zack figured it was not a good time to lie, "About a year Sir."

"Yes, you joined about the same time as Ray Snider."

How did he know that? HOW DID HE...

"Sir...I..." Zach stammered.

"Now this is not about Ray, this is about you and what your future could be. You have a habit of doing petty little pranks and snubbing authority. Usually your actions are by someone else's goading."

"And yet you have so much potential. Your ability is truly unique and you're wasting it. Perhaps Tower Prep is not right for you. Perhaps I should send you back home..."

"NO!" Zack shouted, before he knew it. But they can't send him back home. Not there, anywhere but there.

Headmaster did not frown at his outburst. At first his expression was unreadable, but then Zach swore that he looked a little bit pleased.

"Then why not a counter offer? I will send you somewhere else, where you will be real use to Tower Prep."

"To do what Sir?"

"We will discuss later. First, do you accept or not?"

Zach thought about it. He did not want to go to West Campus with Jeremy and his goons, and he could not go back home.

"I accept Sir."

If there was one thing Zack could do without question was follow orders.


AN: This is my first attempt at writing Tower Prep fic; I made up Zack's personality and thoughts b/c he really did not have much in the show (then again the show was not about him.) Hope you like it.