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Reed's POV:

I was sitting all alone in my dorm late that night trying to figure out how to tell Thomas about Josh and me. I was worried about his reaction. Should I even tell him or should I just let him find out for himself? No, I'd rather he heard it from me rather than some random that knows nothing of Josh and I's relationship. I had to tell him.

I needed to figure this out quick. I have Thomas in two of my classes. I was actually surprised when he didn't say anything to me in any of them. He probably just wanted to give me space so I didn't get too overwhelmed. He was always thoughtful like that.

You know what! I thought to myself, I'm just going to come right out and tell him. That was a plan I would just flat out tell him sometime tomorrow. Tomorrow. I sighed and within 15 minutes I dozed off into a deep slumber.

When I woke the next morning my stomach churned. I was nervous. How was I supposed to tell my first love, the boy who I gave my virginity to, that I was dating his old room-mate who just so happens to have been his best friend. Thomas was never the calm and collected type. This could end badly, VERY badly.

Thomas's POV:

Today was the day. I had decided to have an actually conversation with the beautiful, Reed Brennan. Of course, I was still in love with her, when I finally remembered her after being in a coma that is. I was just hoping and wishing she hadn't moved on quite yet. I mean, I wasn't expecting her to wait around. She was only 15 then and everyone thought I was dead. How was I supposed to expect Reed to wait for me? I could so I just prayed she did. I guess I was going to find out later.

Reed's POV:

It was a struggle getting ready for school that morning. My stomach was tossing and turning. I was surprised I was able to keep my breakfast down. I still had yet to figure out what I was going to say to Thomas about Josh and I. I really didn't want any drama. My life was finally getting back on track and then he had to show up alive and well. What was I going to do?

The time before my dreaded class passed by far too quickly. Before I knew it I was sitting in my desk trying to figure out how to start a conversation with him. That was when Thomas walked over by me.

"Hello Reed, I think we need to talk about some things."

"I agree" I responded completely out of breath from nervousness.

"I just want to start off by saying that I would never have expected you to wait for me. You had no clue that I was even alive. I also want you to know that I will never stop loving you but I want you to be happy. I don't expect you to say anything back. I just wanted you to know all of that."

All I could muster up to say was, "Thank you, Thomas."

I was in a lot of shock the rest of the day. I was pretty sure that Josh was starting to get suspicious.

Josh's POV:

"Reed, are you alright?" I asked my amazing girlfriend. She had been looking shocked for quite some time now.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Promise!" she said snapping back into reality.

"Are you sure? You seem dazed today. Did something happen with Thomas?" I was actually quite afraid to hear the answer to that question.

"No, he just wanted me to know that he never would've expected me to wait for him because he was supposedly dead and because he still loves me, he just wants me to be happy, which I am. I was just shocked that's all. Thomas had never been that clam" she smiled.

"He actually had the nerve to say that he still loves you?" I said. That concerned me. What if he did anything and everything to get Reed back? I was scared and very insecure with Thomas back, not that I would ever admit that out loud to anyone.

"Are you worried, honey?" Reed asked me. I didn't answer. "You have nothing to worry about. I love YOU remember?"

"Yes and I love you too" I replied.

I shouldn't worry. It will only bring Reed and me unhappiness. We'd probably fight a lot more than we already do I had to keep this under control. I had to get close to Thomas again. I would always know what was happening on both ends then. Yes, that's what I would do, I would get close to Thomas again.

Thomas's POV:

I was walking around campus taking in the scenery and enjoying seeing all the old and new friends I had made right before I had disappeared. It was great to be back. I just really needed to figure out how to get my life back in order. That would have to include getting both my best friend back and Reed, the love of my life, back into my arms. (If you know what I mean ;) hehehe ) I was going to make everything go back to normal. It was just a matter of how.