Title: Never Too Tired

Chapter: ONESHOT

Author: SomethingIDontKnow

Rating: T (For gay romance, and some indistinct mentions of smut)

Disclaimer: I do not own SWAT Kats. That's Hanna Barbara. Yay!

Author's Note: Very short, but I think I like this one. I wrote it ages ago, but now it's finnaly getting published. Read and Review as always.

Summary: They lived a hard life. But they would always have each other to fall into.

Chance tightened the last bolt on the transmission. Dropping his arms to his sides, he let the socket wrench in his hand clatter to the ground. Picking up his tool, he pushed against the car frame and rolled out from under it. That transmission had been killing his arms and all he wanted right now was a hot shower and a good night's sleep. Somehow picking himself up, he put away his tools and went to the hanger to find Jake.

The cinnamon furred tom was tinkering with a new missile with a complexity Chance didn't even want to look at. Chance stood behind him, putting his big hands on the smaller tom's hips. "I will never understand how you can even look at this stuff after the run we had today." he said, resting his chin tiredly on Jake's shoulder. Jake chuckled, "c'mon, just 'cause a little run wore you out, doesn't mean its gotta work on me." but from the sound of his voice, he was just as tired as Chance. "don't be such a jerk." Chance said tiredly, fondness creeping into his voice as he smacked the smaller tom's bottom, "come take a shower, then I'm gonna sleep until lunch tomorrow." Jake rolled his eyes and set the new toy aside before leading his weary lover upstairs to their apartment.

Chance was half asleep when jake finally got him into the shower. "work with me here, buddy." jake said, propping Chance up against the shower wall. The blonde tabby shook himself in the cool water before turning to the task of washing up. He ran his fingers through his fur and was thoroughly surprised to feel his partner's hands joining his. Jake had already washed away the day's dirt, oil, and sweat and was now helping his exhausted friend. Chance smiled and repressed a shiver. Jake's sure hands always felt good on him. He didn't really have a clear memory of rinsing off, or really, drying off. Next thing he knew, he was wearing shorts and being lowered into bed by his friend. A weak smile and a wandering hand, and jake was tumbling over onto him.

Jake was tired. Sure. So was Chance. But that didn't seem to be an actual problem as Chance flipped him over and onto the bed. He leaned a little too eagerly into Chance's first warm kiss. He was far too happy to feel Chance's hand beginning to stroke down his body. Tired as the both of them were, they were both eager to shift jake under the larger tabby. Jake groaned as claws scratched gently down his tail. Chance chuckled hungrily when the smaller tom pushed his naked hips back, begging to be taken. For several minutes, the room was nothing but Chance's sigh infused grunts and Jake's ragged purring.

When they collapsed back onto their bed, the weakness in their limbs was undeniable. Chance held a purring jake tightly as sleep claimed their racing hearts and panting breaths. Jake struggled to keep his eyes open as he stroke his lover's fur gently. "though you were too tired to shower, huh." he teased, Chance snorted but was falling rapidly into a blissful oblivion. "nah, I just like the feeling of you washing me." "jerk." but jake didn't even bother hitting him. He just buried his face in blonde, stripped fur and fell asleep breathing his lover's scent.