The slow rumble of the engine came to a stop. I stepped out into the heavy rain as, my eyes scanned Roseville town centre looking for anything unordinary. Grabbing my bag I walked briskly through the rain hearing nothing but the quiet pattering and the odd dog barking – only because it was three in the morning and you'd have to be insane to be awake at this time. Walking towards the edge of Roseville I could see a towering mansion in the distance – I felt glad that there was I nice cosy be waiting for me.

Reaching the front of the mansion I looked up at the gates towering above me and whispered "I'm home".

Slipping in through my all time favourite secret passageway, I pushed past the cobwebs and pressed on the rocks. Appearing form behind the tapestry my head immediately filled with a fierce voice shouting CODE BLACK, CODE BLACK, and CODE BLACK. All I could do was stand there and smile whilst I was surrounded by a mass of angry teenage girls and my COW teacher with a crowbar in his hand astonished by the sight of my face.

"Cammie", a fait voice called – and grew louder as it pushed through the crowd revealing the face of Zachary Goode and my three roommates who were all grinning…