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Since the two boys had gotten together and Castiel became human, something Sam was still adjusting to, Cas had been helping the brothers on more of the mundane hunts.

"We sure these are witches?" Dean checks.

"Yes," Sam huffs, "All the research points to a coven of some sort, I'm still not clear on all the details."

"Great, I freak'n love witches," he gripes.

"I though abhorred them?" Castiel asks, blankly.

"I do…I," Dean starts, then decides against explaining sarcasm, "Never mind," he rolls his eyes, "Let's just get in there and gank them." He tosses a shot gun to Castiel who catches it deftly.

Ever since turning human, he had been a bit whinny about not having powers; but a week at Bobby's at least made him more useful.

"Alright," Sam checks his gun and grabs the ancient book he had been researching from. "You and Cas round up the witches in the center of the room and I'll start the incantation."

It would have been a sound plan if that was how it went down, but when did anything ever go to plan. About midway through Sam's recitation, either one of the witches got loose or something backfired; it happened so fast that no one quite saw it coming. A surge of power or whatever lashed out straight at Dean, but was intercepted by Castiel's quick reflexes.

"Dean!" Cas shouts as he moved in the line of fire, knocking him to the ground.

Sam finished the spell and the coven vanished before their eyes, Dean was at Castiel's side checking him for injuries.

"Cas, are you ok?" Dean's brow creases in concern.

"I am fine," he rumbles, sitting up, "I just feel…a little off," he offers.

"What the hell was that?" Dean turns to Sam.

"No clue, but we better get out of here just to be save," Sam helps Dean start to get Cas to his feet.

"Easy does it, babe," Dean tells holding his elbow, gingerly.

All in all, Castiel appears fine, he's still holding his chest from where the he was hit and he's a bit tired; but that's usually how it goes after a hunt. Dean keeps a watchful eye on Cas as they drive back to the motel. Once they get back Sam goes to shower, leaving Dean and Castiel alone.

"How you feeling?" Dean questions, concern still evident.

"I believe I will live," Cas deadpans, "Only time will tell if there has been any damage." He sits on the bed.

"Um…Thanks by the way," he sits next to him awkwardly.

"You would have done the same," he shrugs.

They share a slow lingering kiss, usually after a hunt when the adrenalin was still coursing the pair would sneak off for a couple of hours; but this would have to do tonight. When Same gets out of the shower, Dean drags Cas into the bathroom to clean him up and make sure there's no damage.

The two of them strip down, kissing and touching as they go. Dean's relived to find no marks on Castiel's pale olive skin, save for a slight flush. They hop into the shower relishing the warmth and slowly jerk each other off, using as much hot water as they can. Afterwards they clean up quickly, the exhaustion settling over them as the tension is relieved from their muscles. Clothed in their usual night wear of tee shirts and boxers, they crawl into bed.

"Good night Sammy," Dean calls as he turns out the light, Castiel settling in against him.

"Night," Sam mutters from the other bed.

The shit hits the fan in the morning. Dean shifts in his sleep in the early hours of warm sunlight, to find the form he curled around is a lot smaller than normal. His hand taking up most of the rising and falling chest that sleeps beside him.

"Cas?" Dean starts, hoping it's all a dream or his mind playing tricks on him.

The figure shifts at his words, Dean peaking his tired eyes open to see familiar blue one starring back at him; but they seem bigger and set in a smaller face.

"Dean," The groggy voice questions ten times higher then it's normal pitch.

Dean blinks for a second before bolting off the bed, the little kid tilting his head and blinking tiredly at him.

"Sam," he calls, starring at Castiel, "Sammy, get your freakish ass up, we have a situation here."

Sam awakens quickly, weapon at the ready as he takes in the sight before him, "What the…Cas?" he asks, blinking rapidly to rid his eyes of sleep.

"What is going on?" Castiel questions looking from brother to brother before his gaze falls expectantly on Dean.

"Um…" Dean starts, "Cas you're like an eight year old," he blurts, tactlessly.

"Dean," Sam chides.

"What?" he snaps, "He was gamma figure it out eventually."

Castiel studies his little hands, the shirt he wore to bed hanging off his small shoulders. His cobalt eyes go wide as he stumbles off the bed, almost tripping over the shirt as he locks himself in the bathroom.

"See what you did," Sam glares at his brother, striding to the bathroom door.

"What I did?" he starts, taken aback, "It was those skevy witches!"

"Cas," Sam raps on the door, "It'll be ok man, we'll figure this out."

There's a sniffle from the other side as the door clicks unlocked and adorably stricken child version of Cas studies his feet. "I can't reach the mirror," he sniffles, solemnly blinking up at them with puppy dog eyes.

Dean drops down to his knees enveloping the kid in his arms, "It's going to be ok, Cas," he comforts him, kissing his hair before sharing a look with Sam.

"I'm gunna go call Bobby," Sam nods throwing on some clothes and heading out side.

After a beat, Dean hoists Cas up so he can see into the mirror. Castiel studies his reflection intently, Dean trying not to freak out about just how weird and creepy the whole thing was. Sam comes back a while later with a bag of clothing in hand.

"I picked up some stuff," Sam explains.

"Great," Dean nods from where he and Cas where perched watching TV.

"What did Bobby say?" Cas's bright eyes implore.

"He said he'd see what he could dig up and that we should go back to the house, there might be a spell book there."

"Then what?" Dean questioned, "We supposed to just sit tight?"

"No, if we find the book, we'll head to Bobby's since he has all the spell stuff."

"Till then we're watching Sesame Street while babysitting," he huffs.

"I am not a baby, Dean," Cas looks at him, "Despite my current physical form."

Sam smirks a bit, "Relax, man, Cas is right," he shrugs, "It's not like he's mentally six years old."

"Ya well that's what weird's me out," he huffs.

"Why don't you help him get dressed and we'll go get food and hash things out?" Sam instructs.

"Fine, come on Cas," Dean grabs the bag heading to the bathroom with Castiel close on his heels.

The clothing Sam procured fits fairly well, but it's similar to the way the brothers dress and it just adds to the list of creepy.

"Alright Cas, let's go."

"I do not like this," Castiel pouts.

"Me neither," he sighs as the exit the bathroom.

"Good they fit," Sam smiles.

"Whatever, let's go," Dean grabs Cas's little hand and practically drags him from the room and across the street to the diner.

"Dude, slow down," Sam calls after him.

"I don't like this Sammy," he admits.

"Like I do?"

"I feel like a damn pedophile," Dean glares at him.

Sam smirks looking from his brother to Castiel and chuckling, "You kinda are."

"Thanks for that," he glares, pulling Cas up the stairs and into the restaurant.

"What's a pedophile?" Cas asks.

"I'll tell you later," Dean grits out, not wanting to have that conversation in front of civilians.

"Just because I look like a child doesn't mean you should treat me thusly!" He stomps his little foot petulantly.

It was almost comical to hear such a small child talk like a grown up man, angel.

"And who do we have here?" A hostess bends down in front of Castiel.

He just glares at her causing her to chuckle as she stands back up, "He's a bit surely, isn't he?" She smiles.

"You have no idea," Dean smirks as she leads them to a booth.

Castiel looks on in confusion as the paper children's menu and crayons are place in front of him.

"Don't you want to color?" Sam smirks.

"No," Cas snaps, chucking a crayon at Sam's giant head, Dean laughing at the hostility.

"Control your angel!" Sam bitch faces.

"No can do, Sammy," Dean laughs.

"What you wanta eat, babe?" Dean starts before realizing that might not be the best endearment given the circumstances, "…Cas."

"I'm not hungry," he squeaks.

"We'll you gotta eat."

"Hey there cutie!" The waitress greets with a smile, "I'm Christy, what can I get ya'll to drink?"

"Coffee," Cas orders, tilting his head as the waitress just laughs.

"He's adorable! How old is he?"

Sam and Dean answer in unison, Sam saying 6 while Dean says 8; they share a look and then do it again with the ages reversed. The waitress looks a little uneasy at the exchange.

"He's adopted," Sam whispers to the waitress, "No one knows for sure," he adds sadly, which seems to placate the women.

"He'll have orange juice," Dean orders for Cas receiving a death glare, "I'll have a coffee."

"Me too," Sam smiles.

"I do not want orange juice," Castiel complains.

"Too bad, that's what you're getting," Dean snaps at him. "Now tell me what you want off this menu," he points at the kids paper for punctuation.

The stare at each other haughtily for a beat or two before Cas turns to look over his options. Much to Sam's chagrin, Dean lets Cas get the Mickey mouse chocolate chip pancakes. While waiting Cas slips from the booth and starts to walk away.

"Where do you think you're going, little guy?" Dean asks.

"Bathroom," Castiel states, turning on his heel and stomping away.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Sam brow creases.

"I'm sure he can handle it, Sammy," Dean sips from his coffee mug.

A couple minutes later, a man is marching an irate Cas over to their booth, "This guy belong to you?" he asks them.

"Yea, he's mine," Dean narrows his eyes, pulling Castiel into the booth protectively.

"Might wanta keep an eye on him, I found him climbing on the sink cuz he couldn't reach the paper towels."

"Sorry, he always insists he's big enough," he smirks.

"I am big enough!" Cas practically shouts, "normally."

"He's a mouth little guy ain't he?"

"Yea… uh thanks," Dean nods putting an arm around Cas's shoulders and keeping it there till the guy walked off.

"He was not a bad man, Dean," Castiel informs him, grimacing as he takes a sip of orange juice.

When the food finally arrives, Sam and Dean talk briefly about the plan for the night. Neither man including Castiel in the conversation, it's like since he was little they forgot he still understood everything. Cas picked at his too happy looking breakfast, he wasn't kidding when he said he had no appetite.

Since the brothers where occupied with their food and hushed conversation, he took the opportunity to try and discreetly pull the Dean's mug of coffee towards him. It was a lot harder than normal given his current state and he almost had it when the waitress decided to stop by and startled him. Cas knocked the entire glass of orange juice over, the liquid spilling all over Dean.

"Jesus Cas!" Dean snaps trying to prevent the juice from further soiling his jeans.

"I am so sorry," Christy fussed, helping mop up the spill with a rag.

"Can we just get the check please?" Sam asks her politely.

"Sure thing, sweety," she pulls it out and places it on the table, "Just pay up front."

"I told you no coffee, what's the matter with you?" Dean snaps at him as Castiel stares down at the table.

"Calm down Dean," Sam warns him.

"Calm down," Dean glares at Sammy, "I got OJ all over me! You said yourself he's only physically a kid!" He drops his voice for the last part.

"I apologize," Cas sniffs, slipping from the booth and fleeing the restaurant.

Sam shoots his brother a look before following after Castiel, leaving Dean to pay the check.

Dean gets the rest of Cas's food boxed up and grudgingly pays, tipping the waitress well as an apology. When he gets back to the motel room, Sam is beside himself. Cas's little form is sprawled out on the bed sobbing into the pillow.

"Apparently, his emotions ARE that of a kid," Sam whispers to Dean before grabbing his coat. "Fix this," he orders striding out of the room.

"Hey Cas," Dean starts cautiously, placing his stuff down on the little table and heading towards the bed.

"Go away!" he hiccups still crying.

Dean sighs, sitting on the bed next to Castiel. "I'm sorry… It's just awkward seeing you like this… It's a lot to get used to."

Cas sits up glaring at him, his young face red and streaked with tears, "A lot to get used to!" He snaps, "I'm still getting used to being human and now I have to do if from an adolescent size and all the feelings that go along with that!" He wheezes as fresh tears roll out.

"Cas, you need to calm down or you're going to hyperventilate," he rubs his back soothingly, "I'm sorry for being a jerk at the diner."

Castiel nods solemnly still crying and sniffling, "Sam explained to me what a pedophile is… So I suppose I understand."

"Let's not dwell on that."

"Very well, but it is only the civilians who don't understand our relationship," he clarifies.

Dean hugs him, "Doesn't change the fact that you look and sound like a mousekateer," he smirks.

"What if we can't fix this?" he shakes, crying more.

"We will Cas," he tells him with determination, "No matter what… we will fix this."

Castiel just nods against his chest as Dean continues to process everything. Sam was right, while Cas is still mentally normal age his body and emotionally capacity are that of a 7 year old, he decides to go with the difference of his and Sam's guess.

"Fucking witches," Dean breathes.

"Indeed," Cas agrees.

Once Castiel is somewhat calmed down, he called Sam to tell him he could come back. Sam had apparently took it upon himself to go back to the scene of the crime and look for the spell book. Dean couldn't be too mad at the guy for going alone, since the sooner they found some information the better.

Dean got off the phone to find Cas eating the left over pancakes and watching TV, his inquisitive blue eyes watching each commercial like they held the secret of life. After he eats a bit, Castiel falls asleep curled up next to Dean. There certainly was no denying that Jimmy's vessel was an adorable kid, though the body really belonged to Cas now that Jimmy was long gone.