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Dean remains immobile the entire night, Bobby and Sam moving around him anxiously. Each man casting furtive glances at Dean and the ex angel that they're willing to be ok, if not totally back to normal; at least for Dean's sake. At some point Dean begins to drift off, once again curling himself around Castiel's small frame; his head resting against him in order to monitor the faint beating of his heart. Sam and Bobby having drifted off hours ago, the only noise in the panic room is the sound of men snoring.

"Please be ok, Cas," Dean whispers breathlessly, not able to even begin to rationalize what he'd do if he had to bury the ex angel, let alone a child sized one. "It's just a scratch… and the whole prophecy thing is bull shit, right?" he tries to reassure himself.

He squeezes his eyes shut as he holds Cas's little hand as he starts to drift off into a fitful sleep. Dean's unconscious mind is plagued by seemingly pleasant dreams of memories of the 'fun times' he and Cas had mixed with horrifying bits from hell and Castiel dying time after time.

It's well after dawn when he shifts in his sleep, a terrible image of Castiel tortured to death by his own hands searing his eyelids, as he falls off the cot. The shocking jolt of falling as he hits the cold cement floor of the basement more than enough to rouse him from his nightmare; as he blinks around at his surroundings. It takes a beat for him to realize exactly where he is, taking in the sleeping forms of both Bobby and Sam. He grumbles quietly to himself as he stands to slip back into his cot, startled to find that child Cas is no longer there.

"Cas?" Dean asks, unsure if he can trust his eyes at the moment, considering the dreams he had been having. "Cas?" he asks again placing a tentative hand on the bare shoulder of the sleeping man.

"Hmm…" the form rumbles, turning to face him his eyes remaining closed.

"Babe wake up, I gotta know I'm not dreaming here." He forgoes whispering in his excitement, not realizing that he woke up the other men.

"Dean?" Sam questions from the other side of the room.

"Can't you idjits let a man get some damn sleep around here?" Bobby curses half awake.

"Castiel, wake up please," Dean tries again.

"What is it Dean, I'm tired," The familiar low voice rumbles, Dean relishing in the sound as he realized just how long it had been since he heard it.

"You're back to normal," he states dumbly, "Cas is back!" Dean turns to Sam who looks at him with a smile.

Castiel rubs his eyes before blinking into consciousness and taking in his full sized body, "It would appear I am," he states blandly, "Why am I naked?"

Sam's face falls into disgust as he rolls over, "I'm going back to bed, I'm glad you're back to normal, man." He adds.

"I think you kind of hulked out of your kid clothes," Dean smirks, staring at the man in awe.

Cas tilting his head for a beat, "Does that mean you are no longer a pedophile?"

"Guess, not," he smiles.

"Mhmm…" Cas pulls Dean to him by his neck, bringing their lips together heatedly. "I forgive you," he adds as they pull apart their foreheads pressed together.

Dean moves this time bringing their mouths together chastely, "The things I'm going to do to you later," he whispers darkly.

"Sleep now," Cas pulls Dean onto the cot, lifting up the blanket so they can slot together.

"You really are naked," Dean breathes huskily as he slides his hand against Cas's bare torso, causing the other man to hum absently, as he kisses his bare shoulder

"Oh for crying out loud," Bobby huffs, getting up and storming off with his blanket and pillow, "I'd rather take my chances with the damn demon's," he stomps up the stairs, Sam close on his heels.

"Really, Dean," Sam bitch faces.

"God I missed you," Dean breathes against the familiar flesh pressed against him.

"You mean you missed this body," Cas corrects.

"Same diff," he shakes his head chuckling.