Together Again.

Chapter 1.

Original Universe.

The words continue to echo around his mind, first there was the prophecy from Pompeii "She is returning" those words had been running around his mind for months now. But it wasn't until the words of River Song did the Doctor truly allow himself to believe what he has been longing for. His Rose was returning to him, but how? Surely it is impossible, the walls have closed after all. But then, how many times has the Doctor and Rose believed something to be impossible only to be proven wrong? The planet that orbited a black hole for instance, they had believe that to be impossible and he had realised that he wanted to make Rose his wife on that planet. It was a good thing that he didn't actually propose to Rose on that planet given how angry she had been when the Doctor had allowed himself to fall deep into the heart of the impossible planet and met the beast.

'Even now I loath that damn beast. Speaking those words about my Rose, well, at least she merely got trapped in a parallel world instead Don't think about it. She is safe, and Rassolin willing she will some how come back to me. But how?'

The Doctor feels his hearts increase as he allows himself to wonder how. Bad Wolf Bay, is that how she'll be allowed to do it? No, he had gotten rid of Bad Wolf, cost him a regeneration to do it too.


Ah, Donna Noble. The woman that stopped him from killing himself when he first lost Rose, he would be more grateful to Donna than he will ever be able to put into words; and the Doctor certainly knows a fair few words. His gob is enough proof of that, when you throw in his age. Well. Not even all the dictionaries in the universe can compare to the amount of words he knows.

"Oi! Spaceman, you listen or are you daydreaming?"

The Doctor looks round to find an annoyed looking Donna standing in the doorway of the kitchen hands on her hips, and the Doctor has to stop a shudder from running through his body. It was eerie how many Jackie Tyler like qualities Donna had. It's like she's Jackie's sister. Not a pleasant thought.

"Sorry, was thinking. What can I do for you Donna?"

Donna seems to get more annoyed by this.

"You're joking aren't you. You promised me a cuppa, and that was two hours ago. What you been doing all this time? Naming the unnamed stars?"

The Doctor was about to tell Donna that there weren't any stars that needed naming, not yet anyway, but he wasn't willing to risk a slap compliments of Ms. Noble.

"Right. Sorry, was thinking about..."

The look on the Doctor's face tells Donna what he was thinking about alright. Or rather who.

"I envy you."

The Doctor looks at her like she's lost her mind.

"You envy me. Why?"

Donna walks into the kitchen before sitting down at the table.

"Because, you and Rose. Even though you're literally a universe apart still have something that very few people find, humans alone would kill to have something like that. I thought I'd found that in Lance, turns out he was working for a giant red spider Queen of a freak that wanted to destroy my home planet."

To say he was shocked would be an understatement. The Doctor cannot remember a time where Donna Noble had said something so moving or profound. The Doctor could honestly say that he has never felt so chocked up by someone's words before, not that he can remember anyway. 900+ that's a lot of memories to sort through, though as always the TARDIS is more than willing to help.

'I believe a certain Wolf of mine chocked you up every time she told you she loved you.'

Not wanting to insult Donna, the Doctor has to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Turning his attention back to the task that he'd forgotten, Donna takes the hint that the conversation is now closed.

Donna watches the Doctor closely, she doesn't know what it was that River Song had said to him but whatever it was, it has clearly had an effect. Though she finds herself hoping that whatever was said, was good news, ever since she had started travelling with the Doctor, Donna has had her eyes opened a great deal. The one thing that seems to be common in most of their trips is that the way the Doctor looks longingly whenever they see a couple deeply in love with each other, or those happy Hallmark type families. Donna was confident that if there is anyone in the universe who deserves to be happy, it's the Doctor.

The Doctor places the mugs of tea on to the table before taking a seat himself.

"So, how about I take you to Midnight."

Donna's head snaps up to look at the Doctor.

"You what?"

The Doctor couldn't help but chuckle before launching into a description about the planet Midnight.

A/N: There you go guys, the first chapter of the last story in the series. Short I know, but here is hoping that the second and last chapter will be longer. I also decided to alter River Song's character due to my very biased Doctor/Rose feelings.

Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy all the same.