:D Hi everyone! Well, here we have the little Christmas special! It's short (okay, not, over 6,000 words) and sweet and a nice lil Holiday bonus. :) I hope you all enjoy it!



Sasuke panted heavily as he ran, his feet pounding against the ground while his arms moved in swift motions beside him; up and down, up and down, a steady motion to keep him balanced as he hazardously ran through the thickly crowded area. His shoes often slipped on the floor, and he cursed his attire consisting of normal black jeans, a blue dress shirt, a loose tie and some sleek black dress shoes. But he hadn't had time to change before Kakashi had suddenly sent him on a mission of utmost importance. At least, that's what Kakashi had called it!

Sasuke hissed as he came across a group of people that were in the way. He didn't want to slow down, so instead he ran forward and jumped, using the tallest man's shoulder to vault himself right over the group. He ignored their angry and surprised shouts and kept sprinting towards the location Kakashi had told him to go. He had to fetch an important package before his time ran out, and Kakashi had told him that failure would have dire consequences.

Sasuke hadn't ever failed a mission, and he wasn't about to start now.

His shoes squeaked as he took a sharp turn, and he slid across the tiled floor for a few seconds before regaining his momentum and rushing down the new section. All around him were people, stores and worse...Christmas decorations. Everywhere the eye could possible turn, there was tinsel and wreaths and bells and holly and plastic Santas and reindeer and snowmen and gift boxes- For crying out loud, he felt like he was running through a festive commercial! Slashed prices on decorations and 'holiday gift bundles' were plastered on every store window as he rushed passed, not to mention that almost everyone around him had a shopping bag of some sort on it.

Sasuke side stepped around a couple holding hands, and briefly his mind noted that the woman had bright blond hair. The colour reminded him of his partner, who was also on an important mission right now. As he rushed through another crowd of people, going into a power slide to sweep under a tall man who was standing weirdly with his legs apart in the middle of the area, he wondered whether Naruto was finished with his mission or not...


Naruto grunted as he tripped over a marble that had fallen from the bag of a nearby boy with his mother. He let out a yell as he fell straight into a stand of canned soup, and he hissed as the heavy objects clattered onto his body. There were gasps around him as customers backed away, but he ignored them, pushing himself up and shaking his head wildly to get rid of the slight daze his fall had given him.


His shoulders hunched by his ears as he heard the gruff voice of the security guards approaching. With a small yelp, he launched out of the pile of food and began to sprint away, shouting a weak "Sorry for the mess!" over his shoulder as he exited the store. His backpack slapped against his back as he ran through the crowds, but he was certain that the padding inside would stop his package from getting damaged. Honestly, he was somewhat pissed a Kiba for suddenly giving him a mission, but the brunet had claimed it was of the highest importance and given him a time limit! On top of that, Sasuke had also been sent on a similar mission!

Whatever was in these packages must have been important. He remembered the smile on the person's face behind the counter as they handed over the wrapped item. That smile was forced, and their voice was almost robotic as they told him 'Thanks for your order. Have a nice day!'

That was the code sentence Kiba had told him they would use, and to verify that he was indeed the agent sent to fetch it, he'd had to reply like Kiba told him to with a cheerful 'Yes thanks! Merry Christmas!'

He was glad that the transaction had gone smoothly even though he had no idea what this package was. But he trusted Kiba, so he was going to finish this mission with record timing!

He jumped over a bench and trash can that was set up in the middle of the walkway, like in many areas of the gigantic mall he was in. People were all around him as he ran, but he could hear the thudding steps of security guards chasing him.

'Dammit! I didn't do anything wrong, but I don't have time to stop and explain things to them!' he thought in frustration, vaulting over a lady's shopping as she preened herself in the shop window. His back was starting to ache from the constant beat of his bag, and he adjusted the straps as he ran, tightening them so his bag would meld to his back and his white dress shirt. He was glad that he had loosened his orange tie before starting this mission, because he was certain he would've choked with the amount of times it got caught by his bag straps as he ran.

He heard the guards chasing him still, and cursed violently. He had to lose them. If he got caught, he'd fail the mission.

As he passed a gift-store, he saw a trolley on the outside that held a bunch of glittery rubber balls in buckets; undoubtedly an item that would be heaved into boxes on the counter shelves to attract the attention and request of young children. He briefly let himself feel guilty before he turned, shoved the trolley over easily and sprinted away as the balls cascaded out, bouncing wildly. He heard shouts and yells as guards and people tripped on the scattered items, and loudly shouted out his apology even as he turned the corner and ran for the exit.


Sasuke held the packaged tightly under one arm, steadying it with his other hand as he rushed through the crowded areas. The package wasn't particularly heavy; it felt lightweight and whatever was inside was loose. And there was a lot of it. He could tell by the way he heard things clicking around inside. He considered the possibility of it being a payment package, but they had special agents for this. Then again, since it was Christmas, the agency had gone somewhat lax in jobs. There was a Christmas party that afternoon, which is why he was dressed the way he was. Obviously this mission had been unexpected for everyone, but who was he to question his superior's order?

A trilling made him jump as he ran, and he reached into his pocket, struggling to pull out his phone. When he did, he flipped it open and hazardously pressed it to his ear.


"Sasuke, this is Kakashi. Have you received the package?"

"Yes sir. I'm running with it now," Sasuke panted, turning a corner and racing towards the street area. God, he was getting tired.

"You've only got eight minutes left! If you don't make it in time...well," Kakashi trailed off while Sasuke started to panic. Eight minutes? But the agency was five blocks away! And the traffic was bad at this time; getting a taxi would be no good!

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed, snapping his phone closed and shoving it into his pocket. He picked up the pace, ignoring how his legs were starting to protest. Somehow the crowd seemed to get worse! It was as if people were springing up from the ground like demented daisies! And dammit, where they trying to block his path?

"Hey, move it!" he yelled, shoving through a particularly thick bunch of people. They yelled and protested, and one idiot had the nerve to grab his arm, jerking him back.

"Hey asshole, what's your—" Sasuke's foot slamming into the underside of his jaw shut him up as he went flying upwards, and the surrounding people gasped, watching the man's progress as he fell back into the crowd, knocking a few souls down. Sasuke continued to run, uncaring if anyone tried to call the cops on him. He had places to be and he didn't need some moron slowing him down.

As he finally reached the street, he turned and began to run towards the agency, cursing as he saw how far it was in the distance.

A group of teenagers was walking up the sidewalk, holding skateboards in their arms. Sasuke smirked and as he raced by, he reached out and grabbed one. The kid and his friends turned, watching as Sasuke jumped and threw the board down, landing on it like a pro and kicking off. He streaked down, swerving around people and tightening his hold on the package. A light changed and crowds started to walk across the road and onto his sidewalk. He cursed, looking around before spotting a railing. With a grunt, he jumped up, grinding across the rail while people moved out of the way with shouts of surprise. Sasuke passed the crowd, slamming back down on the concrete and swerving to the side, missing a man in a suit.

He moved onto the road with the slow moving cars, drifting in between them and using the hood of a shiny red Ferrari to launch himself up and onto the sidewalk on the other side. His hair flipped about his face as he rushed towards the agency, and he pulled out his phone to check the time.

Five minutes left.

Looking up, he smirked as he saw he was getting closer. If he pushed himself, he would make it.

He hoped.


Naruto let out an unmanly screech as Kiba sent him a text, informing him that he only had seven minutes left to get back. Looking around wildly, he spotted a bicycle sitting innocently against a rail. Standing a few feet away was the owner, drinking his water so that he could toss the bottle away in the trash can beside him. Naruto grimaced, but rushed forward, snatching the bike up and hopping on.


"SORRY!" he yelled back to the owner, already peddling like a mad man. He quickly got off the sidewalk, seeing that there were way too many people to try and manoeuvre through. On the road, cars honked their horns at him angrily, but he just ignored them or flipped off some of the meaner drivers. The bike's wheels screeched every time he forced it into a turn a little too quickly, and he grunted as he pulled it up into a wheelie to get through a tight spot.

When he reached the crossing, he swerved back onto the sidewalk, glad it was rather clear of pedestrians. His legs worked like monsters as he zoomed down the concrete walk. He could see the agency building in the distance and decided to take a shortcut. As he reached the corner he headed straight for the entrance of an expensive store, zipping through before the sliding doors could shut behind an old couple. People screamed as he came barrelling through, zipping through the aisles. There was a perfume stand ahead, the woman spraying samples for the gathered ladies to smell. He ducked his head as he passed, feeling the hit of one of the samples against his skin. As he turned into a sharp turn he sniffed and grimaced.

'Great, now I smell like a sweaty rose,' he thought in annoyance. He reached the other end of the store and, without losing speed or momentum, jumped off his bike while keeping his hands on the handle. As soon as his feet hit the floor the automatic doors opened and he kicked himself back up and onto the bike, streaking through the doors with a triumphant grin.

"No way am I failing this mission!" he growled determinedly, pedalling faster down the streets.


Sasuke grabbed the pole of a streetlight, swinging himself around the corner and jolting as he landed harshly on the skateboard. He was just a block away from the building, and he knew he had about two minutes left. Wind was rushing past his ears as he streamed towards the agency, seeing its entrance so close! His eyes caught a golden flash opposite him and he looked down the street, seeing Naruto racing towards him on a bicycle. It seemed that both of them were cutting it close.

They reached the building at the same time, but two different things happened. Sasuke swerved to a stop, kicking the skateboard away from him while he quickly readjusted his hold on his package. Naruto hit the brakes on the bike only to let out a loud yell when it stopped against a dip in the sidewalk. The bike lurched up and Naruto was throw off the front. Sasuke saw it and tried to catch him before he could smash his skull on the sidewalk. But as he reached Naruto's landing point, the blond stuck out his hands to catch himself. Sasuke panicked and flipped back, not wanting to get squashed.

Naruto landed on his hands, grunting from the force and pushing himself into a flip. He landed on his feet at the same moment Sasuke did a few steps away and the two paused, catching their breath.

Then Sasuke's phone vibrated with a message at the same moment Naruto's did, informing them that they had a minute left.

Nodding to each other, they raced into the building, making a beeline for the elevators. Naruto slammed his finger onto the correct floor button repeatedly while Sasuke combed his hair frantically, the wind from his rush back having turned it into a wild birds nest.

The doors slid shut and the elevator began to move, an annoying Christmas jingle beginning to play. The only other noise was their heavy breathing.

"...Hey," Naruto eventually said in greeting.

"Hey," Sasuke greeted back, his voice a little hoarse as he was still trying to catch his breath. Naruto nodded, wiping the back of his hand across his forehead to clear away the sweat. He looked over, noticing a rebellious lock of Sasuke's hair was sticking out awkwardly, and he reached over to brush it down. Sasuke turned into the touch, eyes sliding over to the blond. His own hand came up to fix Naruto's collar and smooth down his tie.

When they had finished grooming each other, Naruto smiled and Sasuke smirked.

Then the doors opened and they were sprinting down the hall as if the devil was snapping at their feet. Passing door after door after door, they counted until they finally reached the right one and Sasuke slid to a stop, stumbling when Naruto ran into him.

"We're here!" they yelled in unison, slamming the door open.

Applause and cheers answered their arrival, and the two men stood in the doorway, panting from their run while everyone in the room clapped and cheered.

"Just in the nick of time!" Kakashi said cheerfully, sauntering up to them with Kiba by his side. Sasuke handed the package over, as did Naruto and Kakashi patted their backs in reward while Kiba grinned.

"You guys really saved us!" Kiba said, taking his own package. "Without these, everyone would have suffered!"

Naruto and Sasuke shared a look of surprise. "Really? What's in those that's so important?" Sasuke asked.

"Is it money?" Naruto questioned. "Or new parts for a revolutionary new gadget?"

Kiba grinned. "Nope."

"Then what is it?"

Kakashi rattled his package, a smile visible even with the mask on his face. "Plastic knives and forks."

"And paper cups," Kiba added, jiggling his own parcel. "We forgot to pick them up yesterday for the Christmas party today. But now we're saved and the party can commence as planned!" he said cheerfully.

For a moment there was silence as this news travelled to the two men in the doorway, their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide. Then their faces scrunched and coloured in anger.

"You—" Naruto began.

"Son of a bitch!" Sasuke finished with a snarl, lunging at Kakashi who laughed and easily cantered out of the way. "All that rush for a bunch of plastic cutlery?"

"Well without it no one would've been able to eat their Christmas snacks and cake now could they?" Kakashi reasoned. Sasuke lunged again, but he was too tired to actually succeed in his attempts to throttle his superior and former teacher. Naruto was glowering at Kiba, who just shrugged and patted his shoulder.

"As a reward, you get the first cup of punch!" he said, taking out a cup.

"The first cup of punch, you say?" Naruto said slyly. Kiba nodded and he held out his hand for the cup. The brunet handed it over and Naruto took it, looked inside, and then punched Kiba in the face with the same hand holding the now crushed cup.

"Ow! What the hell!"

"You said the first cup of punch," Naruto shrugged. "I assumed that meant I could punch you with the first cup," he reasoned coolly, tossing the ruined object into the trash can by the door.

Kiba grumbled, rubbing his cheek as he climbed to his feet. Hinata came over to help him up and they walked away to start distributing the cups while Kakashi and Anko set out the knives and forks. Sasuke stalked over to Naruto, shoving his hands into his pockets and scowling darkly.

"Now I remember why I hate these parties so much," he mumbled. Naruto chuckled, shrugging.

"How do you think I feel? I'm here to represent Jiraiya while he's out on a mission, and yet I got sent on a bogus mission myself. I'm never going to hear the end of this when me and my agents get back to our lot," he said, meeting the eyes of a few agents from his agency that were attending the party. Ever since the end of the Pein-Virus Mission, as they'd come to call it, their agencies had been working together a lot more.

Sasuke ran a hand through his hair, looking around the room at all the people milling about and conversing. Decorations were spread over the place, bathing the room in what Sasuke assumed they considered a 'festive' feeling. Sasuke just felt like he was in danger of getting a price-tag slapped on his forehead and shoved onto a shelf, waiting for sticky, greedy hands to snatch him up and whisk him away for torture.

'And you say that I give you weird thoughts,' Mochi scoffed in his mind, rolling imaginary yellow eyes. 'You're weird enough without my influence.'

Sasuke scowled, shoving the annoyance that was his inner-freak into a little mental box and locking it shut.

"Well, we're here. So, want to get something to drink so long?" Naruto said, lacing his hands behind his head and tilting his head towards Sasuke in question. The Uchiha just nodded and they walked through the crowds towards the long tables filled with food, snacks, treats and various beverages.

"Hello Agents!" Chouji greeted, standing by the table with a plateful of...well, everything. "Thanks for bringing the cutlery and cups! I was worried I wasn't going to get to eat until much later," he thanked.

Sasuke scowled again while Naruto just smiled weakly, no real enthusiasm.

"Sure thing Chouji...Anyway, what drinks do we have here?" he said, looking over the selection.

"We have Eggnog, Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, red and white wine, champagne, beer of all kinds, sparkling water, exotic fruit juices and...I don't know what this is," Chouji said, picking up one bottle. He was about to pour some out to see when Shikamaru walked up and snatched it out of his hands.

"Don't. This was an experimental drink Orochimaru brought in. One of the pilots had a cup and he was carried out of the room, convulsing while his nose hairs grew long enough to tickle his lips," he drawled. The three men looked at the bottle in horror and sure enough, upon closer inspection, there was a small hand-drawn representation of Orochimaru riding a green llama in the corner of the nameless label.

"That man is sick," Naruto mumbled, shuddering as Shikamaru nodded and carried the bottle away. He settled for some Coke, having no desire to start on the alcohol just yet. Sasuke got himself a cup of Pepsi, moving to stand beside the blond. Naruto peered at his drink and then looked at him with a frown. "Pepsi? You traitor," he said darkly. Sasuke raised a brow before taking a long sip of the beverage and then licking his lips afterwards with a smirk.

"Delicious," he said while Naruto gave him a dramatic and indignant gasp.

"Don't talk to me," Naruto said, moving to walk away. Sasuke chuckled, grabbing his arm and tugging him back. Naruto was grinning as he allowed himself to be manoeuvred towards the side of the room, away from the excessive crowds. They leant against a wall, sipping at their drinks while observing the room. Several agents came up to them to say hi and congratulate them yet again on the success of their last mission. Naruto grinned, accepting the praise with thanks and smiles. Sasuke would've remained his usual stoic-and bastardly- self, but Naruto stomped on his foot and demanded that he be polite and thank them for the praise.

It was quite a sight to see; the great Agent Sharingan balancing on one leg, rubbing his abused foot while forcing a very pained smile towards the agents around them and saying in a voice that was covered in ice 'thank you' while sending death glares to the sunny, smiling blond beside him.

Soon there was music playing and people were dancing in the middle of the room. The songs were all cheesy Christmas tunes but it was a Christmas party after all. Naruto had long since finished his first three cups and had decided to move onto some beer. Sasuke opted for the same, trailing along behind Naruto as the blond walked around the room to say hello to everyone and speak to his friends. Konohamaru made a remark that Sasuke looked like a faithful, love-sick puppy wandering after its master.

The Chief kindly requested that Sasuke pull his grandson back into the room and not leave him hanging outside the window. His argument was that Konohamaru didn't make a very attractive Christmas decoration for their building.

Sasuke threw his empty cup away, folding his arms over his chest while Naruto spoke to Kiba, Sai and Hinata. He remembered Naruto telling him that Sai didn't really have many social skills, and that he was a bit strange...

'Understatement,' he thought, raising a brow when Sai boldly cupped Hinata's chest and asked if she was really a D-cup or if she had silicon fillings.

"You son of a—"

Naruto pulled Sai to the side, making Kiba stumble when his powerful punch didn't meet flesh. Hinata, red in the face but somehow still composed, steadied him and with a last glare towards the smiling raven, she and Kiba walked away.

"I don't understand," Sai said sincerely, looking at Naruto in confusion, "I did that to one of the woman at the underground drug gang I was investigating last year and she didn't mind. She offered to show me!"

Sasuke choked slightly, clearing his throat while Naruto chuckled and patted Sai's shoulder.

"Classy women, and women who have self-respect, dignity, and more importantly the skills to castrate a man, will never appreciate such forward questions. Sai, read up on tact and boundaries. Also, read up on what is considered inappropriate to do to a woman you barely know," he suggested and Sai nodded.

"Alright Dickless. I'll do that when I get home," he said, waving and walking away to find someone else to embarrass. Sasuke glared at his back while Naruto just rubbed his temples.

"It is against rules to kill a comrade," he muttered to himself.

"We could make it look like an accident," Sasuke said, draping an arm over Naruto's shoulders. "The headlines will be the best. 'Tragic Accident at Christmas Party; Man Strangled to Death by Rogue Christmas Lights and Tinsel'," he recited, sweeping one hand through the air in front of them as if showing the headlines before them. Naruto chuckled, reaching up to pat the hand on his shoulder before holding it.

"That won't work, sadly. Sai's been strangled by various people so many times he's learned to hold his breath for a ridiculously long time. He'd have too many chances to get away," he explained. Sasuke grunted in displeasure but decide to drop the idea. Then another idea came to him. "We could get him to drink some of Orochimaru's drink?"

Naruto stilled, a thoughtful look on his face. Before he could state his thoughts on the matter, however, there was a chorus of cheers, claps and wolf whistles. They turned their heads, seeing the entire room looking at them and grinning wildly.

"What? What's going on?" Naruto asked, looking from one lecherous face to the next. "What'd we miss?"

Sakura laughed, and made an 'up' motion with her finger. The two blinked before looking up at the same time. A small bundle of mistletoe was hovering over their heads suspended by a long stick. Their eyes followed the wooden pole to the right, far down until it stopped in a pair of pale hands. They looked up at the face of the criminal behind this deed and swallowed at seeing Orochimaru grinning at them. He was wearing an elf costume complete with candy-cane stockings, furry-hemmed shorts and vest and curled-toed boots with bells on the tips.

"Start kissing boys! It's tradition!" he cheered, jiggling the stick and causing the bell attached to the mistletoe to tinkle. Sasuke glared at the scientist while Naruto ran a hand over his eyes, his cheeks heating up. When the rest of the crowd started to egg them on, they sighed heavily.

"Let's do it then," Naruto said with a shrug. Sasuke grunted, turning to face the blond fully. People started to cheer, waiting for the kiss to happen. Naruto smiled at Sasuke and rested his arms on the man's shoulders. Sasuke smirked, waiting for him to move forward. He was looking forward to the kiss, since he hadn't had the chance to snag one since they woke up and had to get ready for the accursed party.

Naruto edged forward and Sasuke closed his eyes, moving his lips to accept the kiss. He felt Naruto's lips press to his, tingling through his skin and was about to press back when the pressure vanished. He opened his eyes, blinking as Naruto pulled away and stuck his tongue out at the crowd.

"There, we kissed. You perverts," he scolded while many people sighed in disappointment and others laughed. Orochimaru had a frown on his face.

"Cheaters!" he said but withdrew the stick.

Sasuke scowled. "Fuck that shit," he said, grabbing Naruto's cheeks and dragging him forward, firmly sealing his lips over the others. The mistletoe was back, bell jingling madly as Orochimaru hopped in place and others erupted into applaud and cheers. Sasuke didn't pay attention to them, just licking at Naruto's lips to gain entrance and teasing the other's tongue with his own. He felt Naruto smirk into the kiss and nibbled his lip in warning not to say anything. Naruto's arms came back around his waist, hands locking at the small of his back while Sasuke rested his arms on the blond's shoulders.

They pulled apart, Sasuke smirking and Naruto chuckling to himself and licking his lips. The blond moved one hand to Sasuke's backside, squeezing slightly and making Sasuke jump.

"Exhibitionists over here!" Anko yelled, cackling madly while people laughed and whistled. Naruto grinned, sliding back out of Sasuke's hold and facing the crowd.

"You're all a bunch of perverts!" he accused again with a smile while Sasuke just straightened his tie and smirked. The crowds began to disperse after that, having had their fill of seeing someone get mistletoe-ed. Naruto went back to leaning against the wall, a smile glued to his face while Sasuke leant beside him, ensuring that their shoulders touched.


The party continued on, the two remaining in their little corner of the room, talking to each other and occasionally pressing closer for a quick kiss or whispered sentence that brought a smirk to the receiver's face. It was when the moon was high in the sky, and more than half the people had had too much eggnog that the Chief ducked away after getting a call.

Sasuke and Naruto were sitting at one of the tables scattered around, empty plates of food pushed to the side. Naruto had the last bite of his Christmas cake and he was valiantly trying to protect it from Sasuke. The raven didn't like sweets at all, but he enjoyed watching Naruto balance the food on his fork, dodging his swift swipes at the utensil.

"No! Bad Sasuke!" Naruto said, holding the fork high above his head behind him and flicking Sasuke's nose with his fingers, laughing at the open mouthed glare of indignation Sasuke gave him for treating him like a dog. "You can't have my cake!"

Sasuke was about to say something when he blinked, and a wicked smirk tore across his face.

"Fine. I wouldn't want it anyway," he said, leaning back in his seat and grinning. Naruto narrowed his eyes in suspicion when he felt the fork jerk in his hand. With a yelp he spun around, seeing that his cake had been stolen right off the fork by...

"Who the fuck let the llama in here?" he yelled, backing away from the green llama known as Henrietta Broccoli the First. She had a name tag and everything (not to mention a crown that Orochimaru had strapped to her head). However today she was decorated with a pair of reindeer antlers and a red and white striped scarf around her neck with bells on the ends.

"Henny-Boo! What are you doing in here, naughty girl!" Orochimaru cooed, skipping over and wrapping his arms around the llama's neck. "I thought I locked you in your playpen! Clever girl, you figured out how to open the door didn't you?" he stroked the fleece lovingly, and the llama made her weird noise again before doing the little dance she sometimes did. Orochimaru clapped his hands happily before leading the creature away, cooing all the while.

Naruto watched them go, still holding the llama-slobber covered fork. Then he made a sound of disgust and threw it into the crowd. Sasuke heard Kiba yelp and laughed while Naruto scooted his chair over.

"That llama freaks me out," he mumbled, and Sasuke nodded in agreement. Just then the Chief came over to them and bent town to speak to them.

"I just got a call from a guard from the holding cell," he said, his phone pressed to his shoulder and indicating that the call was still going. Both agents tensed. Itachi was in the holding cell.

'Oh God, did he escape? Is he loose on a rampage?' Sasuke wondered, feeling panicked. However, the Chief smiled and they relaxed. If the Chief was smiling, things were okay.

"What is it?" Naruto asked, leaning his head back on Sasuke's chest.

The Chief's smile widened. "Itachi says 'Merry Christmas' to you both, and a Happy New Year too."

There was a moment of silence between the three of them while Sasuke looked thoughtful and hesitant, and Naruto looked surprised. Then the blond smiled.

"Tell him we say the same," he said, tilting his head up to look at Sasuke with an lop-sided grin. "Don't we Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked down at him, and then grunted, looking away.

"Hn. Sure," he mumbled, his cheeks reddening slightly. Both Naruto and the Chief made 'awww' sounds and he glared at them. "Shut up."

The Chief laughed, walking away and putting the phone back to his ear. "Oh, if you boys want to leave you're welcome too! The party is almost over anyway, and most people are going to spend the night here since they're drunk," he called back.

Sasuke jumped out of his seat. "Finally! Let's go," he said, grabbing Naruto's arm and dragging him out.

"Wait, I need to say bye—"

"Hn, you'll see them tomorrow. Home now."

"What are you, a caveman? Home now...what the hell?"

"Shut up moron."


They left the building, waving goodbye to the people still sober enough to recognize them as them and not their uncle Freddie. Sasuke called a cab for them, having no desire to walk through the 'festive' street. Much to his dismay and Naruto's humour, the cab driver was a Christmas nut and his entire car was decorated with tinsel, lights and the dashboard had a dancing Santa that sang Christmas carols with a chipmunk voice.

"Kill me now," Sasuke mumbled when the mechanical Santa starting sing Silent Night. Naruto grinned, patting his shoulder.

"It'll be over soon, just endure it!" he teased. They arrived at their apartment, climbing out of the cab as quickly as they could and Naruto paid the cheery driver while Sasuke slithered away, wanting to escape. It wasn't like he hated Christmas itself, he just hated the fact that it was one big money-grabbing holiday for the government. He wouldn't mind if someone wished him a Merry Christmas, but if you started bringing in those awful and expensive decorations and songs he would jump out of the nearest window regardless of the height.

Laughter was the first thing that met them as they walked into the lobby, and they paused at seeing the small gathering of people around the front desk, chatting amongst each other and having fun. Stone was among them, and he spotted them staring at the group. He waved.

"Hi guys! Hope you don't mind my little party here. I swear it won't get out of control!"

"That's only because Kaoru's too busy to get smashed!" someone called and there was a chorus of laughter while another voice yelled "Shut up!"

The two agents pin pointed the people that they knew far too much for their own comfort. Kaoru was sitting on a stool behind the counter, papers strewn before him. Kamari was standing behind him, arms draped over his shoulder as he lazily stared at the papers. His cheeks were flushed and they saw a half empty bottle of beer hanging loosely in his other hand.

"Hehe...S-sorry I can't help with the paaaaperwork," he slurred and then broke into a fit of giggles. Kaoru sighed at his drunken twin, meeting the two agent's blank looks with a glare of his own. They never spoke on the odd occasions that they bumped into each other, but they always made eye contact.

Naruto was the first to smile and wave at the group. "Don't mind us! Merry Christmas everyone!" he said cheerfully, grabbing Sasuke's arm and pulling him towards the elevators. Sasuke was locked in a glaring match with Kaoru while Kamari giggled drunkenly before his hazy eyes spotted them getting into the elevator. He perked up, waving enthusiastically.

"HIIII!" he called, almost spilling some of his drink on Kaoru's shirt as he moved around. "MERRY EASTER!"

Hysterical laughter filled the room while Kaoru sighed and reached up, patting his twin's head and coaxing him to calm down while he mumbled the correct term.


"Close enough," Stone laughed and waved to the two as the elevator doors slid shut.

"So, what are our plans for the evening?" Naruto asked, linking his hands behind his head again. Sasuke hummed, standing behind him and resting his chin on the blond's shoulder.

"I say we have a shower, climb into bed, maybe watch a movie or something, and then go to sleep," he said, smirking as he emphasised certain words. Naruto laughed.

"Okay, and my brilliant interpretation of that is 'I say we have a shower and bang, climb into bed and bang, watch a movie halfway before banging again and then go to sleep...and bang in the morning."

"You're a genius," Sasuke purred against his shoulder. Naruto shook his head.

"I will only agree to that on one condition!" he said and Sasuke frowned as they walked towards their door. He pulled out the keys, turning the lock.

"What condition?" he asked, stepping inside. Naruto grinned, kissing his cheek briefly.

"We have to watch The Grinch all the way through first!"

Sasuke's groan of despair was muffled as Naruto laughed shut the door behind them, the decorative holly wreath tacked on the door shaking slightly while the hallway lights reflected off of the little golden words that proclaimed:

Merry Christmas!



Kaoru: SAKURA!


Kaoru: I thought you were calling her. ¬_¬ Y'know, 'ho'?

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