The Saddle Club and The Mystery of Pine Hollow

Episode Three:

"Teach Me how to drive"

By: Melissa Suarez

Set: Lisa's room

Lisa: (0ne the phone with Stevie and Carole) "I know right….last time I rode Prancer she was galloping so fast…. We're defiantly improving. (Laughs)

Melanie: (Doing her homework on her desk looking annoyed) Lisa, you know there's people trying to do their homework over.

Lisa: (Holds her hand over the phone to talk to Melanie whispering) Well then go to your room!

Melanie: I would but my rooms messy and I don't like working in a place that's messy.

Lisa: (Stops whispering) Well, then here's an idea, go clean it!

Melanie: But I don't want to!

Lisa: (Sighs) Bye Stevie, Carole. (Hangs up) "Melanie please go"

Melanie: Why, so you can talk to Stevie and Carole again. You know you spent too much time with them, I mean you call them every day and go horseback riding every day, I'm not even that crazy about Ashley and Jess.

Lisa: Oh, come on Melanie you spent just as much time with them as I spent with Stevie and Carole.

Melanie: That's not true!

Lisa: Yeah it is!

Melanie: Well, I'll tell you something, you go two days without talking to Stevie and Carole and I'll go two days without talking to Ashley and Jess.

Lisa: Alright, and what does the winner get?

Melanie: Umm… the winner gets the loser to do whatever they want for the next week.

Lisa: (Crosses her arms) Perfect, but wait the loser needs some kind of punishment.

Melanie: Well, you know how Veronica has been asking for someone to go with her to the Annual Shopping Fair because Kristy's busy and no one has said yea cause she's so annoying.

Lisa: Oh, no.

Melanie: Oh yes, loser has to go with Veronica.

Theme Song: "Hello World"

Set: Stables

Time: 12:09

Stevie: Carole, I'm in big trouble, I finally get a chance to get my driver's license two years earlier and I'm totally lost. (Walking with Carole)

Carole: Well then why don't you just ask Lisa for help?

Stevie: That's what I was thinking but I haven't seen her seen I got her.

Murray: (Joins their conversation) And you aren't going to see nor talk to her this whole week.

Stevie: What are you talking about?

Murray: Well Melanie made a bet with Lisa that she couldn't talk to Ashley and Jess and Lisa couldn't talk to you guys.

Stevie: And this is gonna go on for a whole week.

Murray: Yup.

Carole: But what was the whole point of this.

Murray: Bets me.

Set: Max's Office

Time: 12:09

Max: (Comes in the door) Oh, Simon just to remind you that the lesson's in half n' hour.

Simon: Max I'm on a computer I know what time it is.

Max: Sorry just forgot, by the way how have you been doing on the computer.

Simon: Great, it's awesome to know that I could be playing games and you'll think I'm working.

Max and Simon: (Laugh)

Max: Hey, well I've got a job for you, I want you to find the all the old files from all the old students here. I want to show all of you something in a few days.

Simon: I'll get right on it Max.

Set: Trouble's Fence

Jess: (On the floor pulling a sock out of Trouble's mouth) Trouble let go of it, Trouble come on! (Pulls it and falls on the floor)

Ashley: (Laughs)

Jess: (Stands up) You could of helped.

Ashley: I'm sorry Jess; it was just too funny to.

Jess: Well once you're done laughing I'd like your help.

Ashley: You're kidding right?

Jess: No I'm not kidding. (Sits down)

Ashley: Well what is it?

Jess: Well I sort of can't gallop. (Says in a shy voice and face)

Ashley: Really, you've been riding for two years.

Jess: Yeah and I learned at first and then, I just don't know what happened and all of a sudden I got scared.

Ashley: (Sighs) Well it's hard for me to say yes to this but let's try it.

Jess: Yes!

Ashley: But I want you to try to figure out why you're so scared.

Jess: I will, I promise.

Jess and Melanie: (Stands up)

Melanie: (Walks in)

Jess: Hey Melanie.

Melanie: (Gets her jacket and zips her lips and walks away ignoring Ashley and Jess)

Jess: (Looks at Ashley confused)

Ashley: Melanie made a bet with Lisa that she couldn't talk to us and she couldn't talk to the saddle club for a week.

Jess: (Looks at Ashley)

Ashley: I called, Lisa.

Set: Lounge

Time: 1:01

Stevie: I have to find someone to help learn how to drive. (Talks to Phil)

Phil: (Is getting a drink) Well, why don't you ask Red or Jack they both know how to drive.

Stevie: That's a great idea! Red's too busy around the stables so, I'll just have to go ask Jack. Thanks Phil! (Runs out)

Veronica: (Goes to the refrigerator) Do you realize what you've just done?

Phil: What:

Veronica: (Walks to the counter) you've put Pine Hollow in danger; you don't actually think Stevie can learn how to drive?

Phil: Really, I'd like to see you try.

Veronica: I can bet Stevie any day. (Walks away)

Set: The Ring

Ashley: Ok, so when you gallop, you've got nothing to be afraid of, now do you know how to gallop?

Jess: (On Penny) Yeah, that's not my problem, I know how to gallop…it's more getting rid of my fear.

Ashley: Ok well, when did your fear start?

Jess: I don't know, I guess this year.

Ashley: Well then why don't you give it a try again?

Jess: Ok. (Starts galloping scared)

Ashley: Hey look out for that pole!

Jess: (Trips on the pole and falls of Penny)

Ashley: (Runs to Jess) Jess are you ok?

Jess: (Gets up dirty) Yes, but I'm telling you, I'm not galloping ever again!

Ashley: (Sighs)

Set: JB'S

Time: 2:30

Melanie: Well, well, well, look who's there.

Lisa: (Lisa turns around) Stevie…and Jack! What are they doing together?

Melanie: Oh, well my dear sister, you would know that, if you could talk to her. (Says it in a high voice at the end while drinking her milk shake)

Lisa: (Makes a face at Melanie)

At the counter

Stevie: I really need your help, cause I really want to be able to drive two years earlier like Lisa.

Jack: Well, if you need help that desperately…sure I'll help you. How about we start tomorrow.

Stevie: Fine with me, thank you so much!

Next Day

Set: Lounge

Time: 1:30

Max: So I called you all here, because my good friend Simon has found me all the old profile from students who used to attend Pine Hollow, next week each of you will get a profile and I want you to tell me how the Pine Hollow has changed over the years.

Veronica: Well what a ridicules assignment.

Kristy: I know right.

Max: Well, thanks for your support Veronica and, Kristy… by the way these counts for half your grade. (Looks at Veronica and Kristy) Ok, all of you may go now!

Set: Stables

Time: 1:45

Ashley: (Walks up to Jess) You know Jess I've been thinking about your fear, and maybe it's something that happened in the past.

Jess: (Is grooming Penny) Well all that happened in the past is that I used to gallop so much back then with my family, and I did it perfectly. Just that my horse was kind of crazy, I used to fall of all the time.

Ashley: (Starts to think) That's it!

Jess: What's it?

Ashley: The reason you're so afraid is because since you used to fall of all the time when you were little and so now you're afraid you'll fall of.

Jess: You're right, back then I was so little, I didn't even care!

Ashley: So next time, you just have to remember, that Penny isn't the horse you had then, she'll never push you off on purpose.

Jess: Thanks, so much Ashley!

Jess and Ashley: (Hug)

Set: In the parking lot

Stevie and Jack: (Are walking together)

Jack: So you think, you've got everything down?

Stevie: Yes, once again thank you so much.

Jack: No problem, but what exactly is this program.

Stevie: It's called "Kids Drive", it's a program that allows 14 and 15 year olds to drive earlier.

Jack: Wow, there really are some really crazy people in Willow Chreck.

Stevie: (Laughs)

Set: Lisa's and Melanie's House

Lisa: (Read a book and looks around) Oh, Carole left her horse magazine…well maybe I should call her just to let her know…(Calls Carole)

Carole: (Picks up) Hello

Melanie: (Jumps out of Lisa's Closet) I got you, you lose, you lose, you lose!

Lisa: I'll call you back Carole. (Hangs up the phone)

Melanie: You lost and it's only been one day! (Laughs)

Lisa: Oh like you haven't talked to Jess and Ashley.

Melanie: But I haven't.

Jess and Ashley: (Pop out of the door) Yes you have.

Lisa: See, so that means, we both lose.

Jess and Ashley: (Walk in)

Jess: And that's why…

Ashley: Both of you have to go with Veronica to the Annual Shopping Fair.

Lisa and Melanie: (Sigh)

Melanie: (Sits down on Lisa's bed)

Ashley: Jess don't you want to go get an ice cream from JB'S?

Jess: Oh, I'd love to Ashley.

Melanie: What, happened I thought you two didn't like each other!

Ashley: Oh, we still don't, I still want Penny completely to myself.

Jess: Too bad you're not going to get her!

Ashley: Jess! (Runs after her)

Jess and Ashley: (Run out of the room)